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3 Things to deal with if you are married to a scorpio man

If your partner was born at the end of October or the beginning of November, you probably have hooked up an intense and emotional person. The scorpio man is known for their gravity, they are quiet but very powerful. It can be a challenge to gain and maintain their confidence.

Here are some tips on how you can best deal with your scorpio man:

1# Be introverted together

The scorpio man is often introverted, he has to charge after parties and parties, while you can continue as usual. Your partner likes to do things one on one with you. Therefore, do not expect him to jump when you propose all kinds of friends meetings. Scorpions prefer contact with one person at a time. Maybe that is why he is particularly happy to be alone with you.

2# Write love letters

Scorpions often have difficulty trusting people, the partner does not have to be an exception. It therefore often takes a little longer to win the love of this person. They are somewhat reserved and therefore you may have to do some extra sweet things. Consider, for example, a love letter (or sweet post-it’s ), these kind of sweet gestures make him more certain of his case.

3# Angry sleep

The moodiness that the scorpion can have is sometimes tiring. The only thing you can say to yourself in this case is “be patient and don’t care.” Give them time and let them cool. You will probably go to bed angry because the scorpio man is good at sustaining. But when you are awake, it has cooled down sufficiently to clear up and resolve the situation.

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