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30 things you can do with your children when it rains

In our cold little country it sometimes rains with trays from heaven. These are the kind of days you like to stay inside with the little ones. Are you looking for some inspiration for these rainy days? Then read on.

These are the 30 things you can do with your children when it rains:

  1. Make your own mucus . Because the little ones love this!
  2. Camping inside. Set up a tent, add flashlights, and tell some exciting stories.
  3. Make your own marshmallows. These also do great during the indoor camping session!
  4. Create a play paradise (such as: a climbing paradise) at home. Try to copy the Ballorig park!
  5. Bake cookies . Because baking cookies is always a good idea. For example, make these gluten-free chocolate coconut cookies , because they are delicious.
  6. Make a paper machine dish. Nice crea bea with the kids;).
  7. Hold a film marathon.Cozy cozy and warm on couch. Read also: From Frozen to Alladin: from this date you can stream Disney movies with the kids via Disney + in the Netherlands .
  8. Make a fidget spinner yourself. Because they themselves are also very interesting.
  9. Go to a museum. Educational and fun at the same time.
  10. Go treasure hunt indoors. You would have loved this yourself in your youth.
  11. Performing a play. From Romeo & Juliet to Shrek, everything is possible!
  12. Make mini pizzas. This is a fun and cozy job with the kids. For example, make these small mini pizzas from eggplant .
  13. Go to an indoor skate park.For the tough little men (and girls).
  14. Craft a DIY thing. We have enough fun DIY things in our archive! Such as: DIY Squishy: 4 easy and fast ways to make a squishy yourself .
  15. Bullying (the card game). This makes people happy.
  16. Go out for lunch. And in particular to places where you normally do not come.
  17. Make your own moon sand. Children still find this fantastic.
  18. Organize a tea party. Combined with tasty snacks and pastries of course. These delicious chocolate brownie bites will taste great.
  19. 19. Get started with play dough. This never bores.
  20. Organize a dance party. The children from the neighborhood can also participate nicely in this.
  21. Have a (board) games afternoon. Cozy as always. Also read: Family evening! The best board games for children of all ages .
  22. Go bowling. If your child is old enough for this, of course.
  23. Read a book. This is wonderfully cozy while it rains.
  24. Make Oreos yourself. Because these cookies are even tastier than normal cookies. Make: Recipe: Oreo cheesecake truffles (2 ingredients, so delicious) .
  25. String the bracelets. Girls in particular are fans.
  26. Give a fancy dress party. Collect as many outfits as possible and make your effort.
  27. Making paper planes. And let the whole room fly through.
  28. Play hide and seek. An old but fun game!
  29. Create a unicorn recipe. Because everyone is a fan of unicorns.
  30. Go badminton with inflated balloons. You can do this for hours.

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