mistakes that you often make when choosing an outfit

4 mistakes that you often make when choosing an outfit

In this article we help you to pick out the mistakes that you can make when choosing an outfit. We also tell you how to prevent them. Venus Do not miss these tips!

You can make all sorts of mistakes when you have to make the choice of an outfit. These choices do not help you and your appearance in any way.

No, we’re not talking about a fashion disaster here. We only mean that you have to follow the golden rule: balance and harmony.

In general, these mistakes in choosing an outfit are a direct consequence of the fact that you do not know your own body. There is always a solution for this.

Spend some time in front of the mirror. Decide what you like the most. That way you can emphasize these zones.

At the other extreme of the spectrum you determine the zones that you do not like. You can then try to hide them a bit. Or you can also learn to live better with it.

In this article we show you what mistakes you may make when you have to dress up. We also show you how to beat them.

Common mistakes when choosing an outfit

1# Be too strict for yourself

This is the first and most common mistake people make when choosing an outfit. We are always harder for ourselves. We often punish ourselves because we do not look like an Instagram model. We are always our own hardest critics.

This self-sabotage can actually even go so far that you constantly feel bad about yourself. You will never come up with constructive ideas.

Yet you can avoid this happening. It is very important that you emphasize what you like about yourself. If you still do not know what that might be, take the time to discover it.

You do not get a positive and realistic self-image from one day to the next. It will also not run in a straight line. However, we can say with certainty that it is worthwhile to take this route. Eventually and on the road you will enjoy a good feeling and radiant happiness.

2# Attach more value to the opinion of others than to your own opinion

We move on to the next point. Another mistake you can make when choosing an outfit is that you value the opinion of other people more than your own opinion.

So be careful! It is one thing to admit to everything that other people say about you. However, it is different when you never allow anyone to say anything. You do not have to go to extremes.

What you have to do, however, is to set healthy limits. Allow constructive criticism. Learn how to analyze it in a way so that you ultimately change the things that you find necessary.

The point is that you do not simply set aside your own opinions because of the vision of others. Being happy with yourself is ultimately the most important thing.

3# Apply all trends simultaneously

Yet another mistake that we often make when choosing an outfit is when we are a victim of fashion. Maybe you think you should go all the way with all the trends to get the approval of other people.

Your ability to make a selection through the trends then fails. You also fail to adapt them to your style and your body.

You may also exaggerate on a fashion level. It certainly will not make you look like a model.

How can you avoid falling into this pitfall? Let some trends pass you by. Not all trends work with you. Learn to distinguish between the trends that make you look good and give you a good feeling and which you do not.

We already mentioned it. It is a process of trying and failing. Moreover, it also requires patience.

4# ‘Save’ your favorite pieces for special occasions

It makes no sense to keep your favorite items of clothing or accessories for ‘special occasions’. Usually it is also those pieces that make you look fantastic and give a fantastic feeling. Often the time goes by and you never wear them.

Dress for yourself. Wear the clothes that make you happy every day and not just on certain days.

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