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5 makeup mistakes that women with small eyes often make

Each of us has unique physical characteristics. If you have small eyes, check out these makeup mistakes that are often made. That way you can prevent them.

Makeup is a way in which people emphasize their best qualities. In this article we are going to talk about the makeup mistakes that women with small eyes make the most.

Each person has his own physical characteristics: small eyes, big eyes, thin lips, thick lips, protruding cheekbones, round cheeks … We can continue to supplement this list. You may be looking for a way to use eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. You want to ensure that your eyes look bigger.

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However, it may happen that you do not know how to use these tools in the right way. Then you can make make-up mistakes and not get the desired effect.

Do you want your eyes to look incredible? Then be sure to read on and discover some useful tips.

5 Makeup mistake that people with small eyes often make

You think you have small eyes. Then you try to use make-up to make them look bigger. So look at these tips. The specific shape of your eye plays a big role.

You need good technique and skills to apply make-up in the right way. Online manuals often give the idea that it is easy. However, you should not get frustrated if the result is not good the first time.

It requires time, patience and quality cosmetics to achieve good results.

Makeup mistake N°1: use eyeliner on the inner edge of your eye

Aligning the inner edges of your eyes actually makes the eyes look smaller. It also gives your eyes a ‘harder’ appearance. However, if you only draw a line on the outer edge, you will immediately make your eyes look bigger.

Also do not use colors that are too dark. You better use lighter colors. That way you let your eyes shine (which also helps to make the eyes look bigger).

Makeup mistakes N°2: give your eyebrows a too thin shape

Your eyebrows frame your eyes. So if you have small eyes, then you should pay attention to the appearance of your eyebrows. After all, you want thicker and well-defined eyebrows.

Do not overdo it with epilation or waxing. Thin eyebrows will not make your eyes look bigger. Moreover, they also do not focus on the eyes.

If necessary, you can supplement the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Choose a pencil with the same color as your hair. In this way you create the illusion of fatness.

Makeup mistake N°3: using camouflage creams

You better use a liquid concealer (cosmetic agent to camouflage). It spreads evenly over your face. In addition, it reduces fine lines.

Makeup mistake N°4: Using eyeshadow in a wrong way

Eyeshadow is a double-edged sword. It can help or destroy your make-up. If you use dark eyeshadow, you will make your eyes look smaller.

We suggest that you also use more than one color. Ideally, you use the best complementary colors. Always apply a lighter color to the inside of your eyelid, close to the tear ducts. On the outside you use a dark color to create depth and dimension.

Makeup mistake N°5: use mascara of an inferior quality

It is frustrating to apply mascara and then see chunks and notice how the eyelashes stick together. That is why you choose best cosmetics for good quality. Chunks and overly thick eyelashes make your eyes look smaller.

makeup Tips and other makeup mistakes that we often make

Finally, we have compiled a list of some other make-up errors.

  • Use too much eyeshadow and exaggerate with the smokey eyes. The result will be that the eyes will look even smaller.
  • Generally apply too much makeup. Do not overdo with foundation, eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick, false eyelashes, and so on. ‘Less is more’ is still the current rule that is best followed.
  • Pull lines down. Make sure that all lines go up to a certain extent. If you do not do this, you can look sad.
  • Apply eyeliner too thick. This can even be counter-productive. Try to apply it as thinly and elegantly as possible.
  • Use light colors without combining them with darker colors. Additional colors are better and that applies not only to your out-fit, but also to your make-up.

So remember these tips on make-up mistakes. Your eye makeup will then be perfect. Do not forget to look for make-up of a high quality. The health of your skin and your eyes depends on this quality.

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However, it may happen that you do not know how to use these tools in the right way. Then you can make make-up mistakes and not get the desired effect.

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