beautiful lips

5 Tips For Beautiful Lips

Do you also suffer from dry lips? We were looking for useful tips for you to make your lips pretty and kissable. Nice lips, here we come!


Apply a moisturizer or a nourishing lip balm. If you let it in for a moment, the sheets on your lips let go. So you have very soft, beautiful lips.


If you gently scrub your lips with a toothbrush, you will immediately get a fuller look. This is because the circulation in your lips goes faster, but be careful! Your lips are super sensitive.


If you want your lipstick to stay in place better, it is best to also apply your foundation over your lips. This way your lips are smooth and it is a better basis for your lipstick.


If you have applied lipstick, it is best to press a tissue or napkin against your lips. This way, your lipstick cannot run out or end up on your teeth and you will have beautiful lips all night long! #loveit


If you apply some highlighter above the middle of your upper lip, you get a kind of 3D effect that makes your lips look fuller. But not too much! Of course you don’t want to get a sweat lip look, hihi.

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