5 tips for more intense orgasms

If you know your body through and through and you know very well how to come to an orgasm, there are still ways to experiment. Do you long for more intense orgasms – who doesn’t? – and are you in for some tension between the sheets? Then these tips are especially for you!

1# Patience is a good thing

Cumshot is nice, but not a must. If you do not concentrate too much on it, the feeling will ‘overwhelm you’. You can also make your orgasm feel more intense by postponing the peak. At the moment it is super frustrating, but when the moment supreme is finally there you are grateful to yourself!

2# Use this panacea

Although most women assume that lubricant only comes in handy when penetration is rough, nothing is less true. Lubricant can provide that ‘bit extra’ and takes your orgasm to a higher level.

3# Toys are not just for kids

There are nothing sex toys on the market for nothing … The vibrations, air pressure and other sensations make you experience tingling like never before. Go on a voyage of discovery and find out if a toy is suitable for between your sheets.

4# Without your senses

If you cannot see, your hearing will improve and vice versa. This also works with feeling. A blindfold and / or earplugs can cause intense sensations. And it’s an exciting way to experiment in the bedroom!

5# Discover more places

You and your partner can now find your most sensitive spot. But what if you discover more erogenous zones and stimulate them simultaneously? Your toes will curve in pleasure!

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