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6 bizarre things that happen to your body when you watch a horror movie

Whether you prefer a horror movie or a romcom , there are certain things that happen to your body when you watch a horror movie. And this one.

1. Your body is prepared to flee

Watching a horror movie ensures that your body is in a fight-or-flight mode. The stress hormones in your brain automatically ensure that your body is ready to take action at any time. Fortunately the creeps are only on the silver screen. But it’s a nice thought that your body responds well in scary situations.

2. You burn calories

The stress hormones ensure that you are ready to fight for your life. Because of this your body sends blood and oxygen to your muscles, so you start pumping faster. Sometimes the heart rate can increase to such an extent that it looks like you’re doing a light workout. For example, one horror film can ensure that you burn no less than 113 calories. If you dare to take it off!

3. Your senses become sharper

When a creepy clown is the main character, your body can react as if that clown is actually in the room. And not just on the screen. You feel like a prey, so that your senses are in focus. You are startled by the smallest sounds and the film suddenly becomes a lot more colorful. Your mind focuses on all sensory details within your environment and, as it were, prepares itself to recognize threat. Freaky!

4. You become nauseous

Do you ever have problems with your intestines and / or stomach while watching a horror movie? This is actually an aid from nature. Centuries ago, when our ancestors were threatened by predators, vomiting was a resort. Once your body gets rid of excess waste you can run away more easily and quickly. Thanks to the vomiting, they were able to escape faster. Dirty , but handy!

5. Your immune system runs overtime

Watching horror movies causes your body to produce more white blood cells, suggesting that your immune system works extremely hard to protect your body against anxiety and stress.

6. Dopamine is released

After all that anxiety, stress and adrenaline, dopamine is released automatically, so you can feel blurred for a while. But in addition to a blurred feeling, there is also a psychological benefit to extra dopamine. Everything that you normally experience as ‘scary’ or ‘risky’ now fails. Have you always wanted to bungee jump or do you want to ask your boss for a salary increase? This is your ultimate opportunity!

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