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6 Signs that you are in an unhealthy relationship

In the beginning, you were the ultimate couple just like Bonnie & Clyde. Everyone was jealous of your love, you seemed the perfect couple. In the meantime, there is not much to notice about this, it is not going as well as before and love no longer radiates from it.

There are many problems in the relationship. Is this normal or are you in an unhealthy relationship? These are the 6 signs that may indicate that the relationship is unhealthy:

#1 You give more than you take

We are not talking about material issues. It is about the little things, like: saying sweet things or doing for your partner. These are small signs of love. If this is not the case the other way around and if you only give and do not receive, this may be an alarm signal. This is certainly the case if you indicate that you would like to receive more love.

#2 You feel anxious when you are not together

As soon as you get away from your partner you feel restless. You wonder if everything is still ‘okay’ between you and you worry about the fight that will surely come. For this reason you would rather be together than separately, if you are together there is less chance of arguing, but as soon as your ways separate …

#3 You constantly have the same arguments

He never puts the garbage out and you’re always too tired to go out on Friday. These arguments continue to occur. This happens with more couples, but you argue to argue and that is not healthy. The core of the problem is not resolved, this is just the beginning of multiple quarrels that follow.

#4 Keep citing the past

You may have made some mistakes in the past and you have talked about this. But if your partner continuously goes back to this, you will not make any progress. If something is solved, it is unhealthy to name this again and again. Your relationship will naturally suffer from this.

#5 You no longer feel yourself

A healthy relationship brings out the best in you, an unhealthy relationship will do the opposite. If you feel that you are on your toes and cannot be yourself, something goes wrong. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and secure in that love, fearful feelings and sad feelings should not be discussed.

#6 The relationship has power over you

You are constantly working with him, you think of him and everything revolves around him. Chances are that you just want to be with him and neglect the other things. The relationship actually takes over a part of your identity and that is of course not the intention. For him you had a life and as soon as you lose sight of this, something goes wrong.

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