relationship values

7 Green flags to go for this relationship – relationship values

So much is written about red flags in love. Listen carefully to your alarm bells before entering into a relationship! But what about the green flags ? If you can check these 7 dots, it might still be worthwhile to go all the way together.

Relationship values

#1 You can be authentic

Everything about a relationship is easier if you can be 100% yourself and receive all the appreciation from your partner. Without apologizing, without having to fake something or work on yourself. With all your fears, all your sorrows and uncertainties. If someone thinks you should be or act differently, that person might need someone else by his side …

#2 Trust is not an issue

You just know that this person is behind you. You can count on each other and you don’t have the feeling that you have to be on your guard. You feel safe with the other person. Incidentally, the ‘not trusting’ may also be in you, due to a previous experience or uncertainty. It is also important that you feel safe enough to make it negotiable.

#3 Communicating is smooth

It’s so nice that everything you tell is heard by the other person. Everything is negotiable, you feel safe enough to touch on any topic that is close to your heart. Without effort you can express what you feel for the other. Even if those are less pleasant feelings, feelings for someone else or other things that you find difficult to tell.

4# You share the same values

We all grow up in different circumstances, with different norms and values. If someone shares the same values, you avoid conflicts about deep-rooted beliefs. Quarrels that you will never come out of, because you simply believe in other things. Shared values ​​are actually the basis of a pleasant relationship. It’s nice if you think the same about health, sexuality, friendships, upbringing and financial matters.

5# Compromise without conflict

You can never agree on anything. A relationship without conflict does not exist. Fortunately, because how much else can you be yourself? However, it is nice if compromise goes smoothly, without resentment. You like to adapt to the other person, because you know that he does the same for you. Moreover, you see it as a challenge to go along with the other person’s plan.

6# Laughter and lightness

You can be nice and stupid with each other, make jokes that only you understand. You have to laugh at the same videos, articles and stories from friends. If one of the two tells a weak story, luckily there is always one person in the room who has to laugh … Moreover, you are good at small bullying at each other and joking about the flaws of the other, without ending in a fight.

7# Embrace dark sides

Everyone has a dark side . Pain, fear, uncertainty. Some people stay with you even though you go through such a difficult period. Or if something bad happens in your life, such as a death or a setback. Even if an ugly side comes up or you need distance to process things on your own. The person who can give you all the space you need is a keeper.

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