vaginal infection

7 signs of a vaginal infection

there are several signs that may indicate that you have a vaginal infection. no worries, this can happen to anyone! read the most common complaints here.

your vaginal discharge smells stronger

it is not surprising that there is a smell in your discharge, but if you have a vaginal infection, it is possible that this smell is stronger and smells bad.

pain in your lower abdomen

you can feel a nasty pain in your lower abdomen, this is because the ovaries and uterus are just below the abdomen. do not be shocked if you ever have pain in your stomach, this is very normal.

more separation

at a later age every girl will suffer from separation, with one this being more than with the other. however, if you notice that the pattern has changed out of the blue, this may indicate an infection.

pain during sex

pain during sex is more common, but if you still feel a lot of pain after having sex a few times, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor. please note, do you have pain during sex? then state this to your boyfriend. sex should be nice and not hurt!

feeling while urinating

a burning sensation while urinating can have various causes. does the pain last longer than two days? then make an appointment with your doctor immediately.


small swellings near the vagina can be caused by an infection. it is therefore important to know what your vagina looks like, so that you notice if it looks ‘down there’ differently than normal. you can check this with a mirror.


if you have nodules on your buttocks, this may indicate an inflammation. it is also possible that there are nodules on your vagina.

do you suffer from one or more of these complaints for a long time? then we recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor. this may seem a bit uncomfortable, but the doctor is used to this and for him / her, checking for infections is the most normal thing in the world. the doctor knows exactly which aids can ensure that the symptoms disappear within a few days. no shame!

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