7x facts about skin care

Are you feeling uncomfortable? You immediately see it in your skin. Think of spots or irritations. Proper care is therefore very important! Hereby 7 facts about skin care.

Aluminum Salts

Many aluminum salts are in deodorant products to prevent sweating. This is bad for your skin, because sweating is natural. It is better to use deodorant without aluminum salts, which only ensures that the sweat smell is masked.

Greasy Night Cream

When you sleep, your skin is repairing and renewing its cells. That goes a lot faster with fat-free care!


Many care products contain alcohol and that is not good for your skin. Unless there is only a small amount in it, then it ensures that the product works better.


Your skin already consists of 70% water. How can you hydrate your skin? That’s not what you’re going to put on it. The best thing to do is drink more water. Creams only support the process, but do not provide better hydration.


Eating carrots protects your skin from the sun.

Testing on your hands

It makes no sense to test makeup on your hands. You wash your hands much more often than your face, so the skin of your hands has a different color.

Makeup And Pimples

It has never been scientifically proven that makeup causes pimples. The only thing that can happen is that your skin irritates itself with a certain ingredient, but that can be very

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