Running Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

Error 4: A bad interest technique

Source : cross fit corydon

You may hardly believe it, but you may be wrong. A few quick tips: keep your arms relaxed next to your body and your elbows near your hips, swing your hands from your ears to your buttocks, and make this movement great. A good technique can be the difference between a successful workout and an injury.

Error 5: Too little to eat

You may be able to keep up with a small run without eating, but for a longer workout you really need enough fuel! Make sure you eat a meal two hours before your workout or a snack that is rich in carbohydrates and proteins up to half an hour before your workout. Drink water, but with moderation you can suffer from cramping.

Error 6: Not doing a full workout

Just as you cannot live on bread alone, you cannot become a boulder of a runner by running alone. Although running is a cardio and endurance workout, it is best to supplement it with some weights or some yoga. Do some squats and lunges to strengthen your leg muscles. Strong legs ensure a better running time, which makes it easier to walk that last kilometer.

Error 7: Cooling down and stretching skipping

Cooling down and stretching is just as important, perhaps more important, than running itself. Your muscles are tight and stiff after running, no matter how short your lap was. First: walk at a brisk pace for two minutes so that your heart rate goes down. Stretch after your workout to avoid muscle soreness.

Error 8: Irregular training

In your busy schedule it is sometimes difficult to find an hour for exercise. Try to run consistently three times a week if you want to build up fitness. You will see that you are walking those five kilometers on your slippers within a few months!

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