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8 surprising reasons for learning a foreign language

When you walk through the romantic alleys of the French capital with your beret and a baguette in your hand, you feel like a real Parisienne. The only thing missing is the language . You can just order a red wine without the waiter looking at you in a weird way, but it stays there. Well, you shouldn’t have dropped Frans once you had the opportunity to do so.

You have been dreaming for years now to speak this language fluently. But hey! It is never too late to learn something new. So why don’t you venture into a foreign language ? In addition to the fact that it is great fun to familiarize yourself in a foreign country, learning a foreign language has surprising benefits!

1. Brain

Research shows that learning a foreign language can improve your thinking ability. Being bilingual has a positive effect on your cognitive functions – perception, thinking, awareness, memory, attention, recording and processing knowledge. Studying is the perfect way to train your brain!

2. Multitask

Although it is often assumed that women can do two things at the same time, this does not apply to every woman. If you have trouble having a conversation while the television is on, learning a foreign language can change this. Research shows that multilingual people are better multitaskers!

3. Focus

A study shows that people who have more languages ​​are better at observing their environment. This means that multilingual people are better at focusing on relevant information and filtering out irrelevant things. Do you speak more languages? Then you recognize misleading information in no time!

4. Native language

Studying a foreign language helps you to master your own language even better. It is precisely because you analyze and compare both languages ​​that you are constantly working on your mother tongue. Handy!

5. No choice stress

Studies show that people who speak two (or more) languages ​​can make more rational decisions. Each language contains different complications in its vocabulary that unconsciously influence your final choice. Bilingual speakers are also more likely to reconsider their choice in a second language, which ensures confidence in their final choice.

6. Career

Within our international society it is not wrong to speak two languages. It can even give your career a huge boost! Maybe you have always dreamed of opening a café in France, traveling a lot for work or studying in another continent. The world – in terms of work – is open to you!

7. Traveling

Your holidays are guaranteed to be more fun, because the threshold to speak the language of the country is becoming blurred. You discover the authentic side of the country or continent and you experience the adventure of your life!

8. Self-confidence

As soon as you master a new language, your self-confidence grows enormously. You can have a chat with more people, understand films and series without subtitles and you can help tourists when they ask you the way. All compliments and the admiration for your new skill naturally also lend a hand.

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