9 signs that you urgently need to go on vacation

3. You have the idea that time cannot go slower

When you are happy and enthusiastic time flies, but when you are bored it seems that every second lasts an hour. Maybe you know it: that it is Monday and you have no idea how you will drag yourself through a new week. High time to charge your battery!

4. You feel uninspired

Go to Italy and taste the best food, visit Zanzibar beach or let the art of Paris believe you in real love again. Find something that inspires you and hold on to it until you find a new source of inspiration.

5. You feel constantly restless

Restlessness can only be prevented with change. Find peace somewhere else and eventually you will long for your own bed again. Once at home you will see that you feel a lot better about yourself.

6. Your head is rarely at work

You smell something being baked and the rest of the morning you can only think of crepes, nutella and French bistros. Do your boss a favor and take a break so that you can really concentrate again when you get back.

7. You sleep poorly

Insomnia is often a sign that you have restless head. The best way to get back to sleep is to make your brain tired. Get an overload of new things until you fall asleep like a baby.

8. You no longer see the beauty in your favorite things

You can no longer enjoy the little things in life. The beauty of your favorite things (for example your hobbies) has faded and everything seems boring. Go away, find something else that inspires you or gets your attention and see if you have missed your old favorites the time you were gone.

9. You find your own life less and less important

The children demand attention, your partner, work and so on. You actually forget what you want with your life and do not consider the choices you make. You just do something. Go on a journey and meet new people, see places and discover new things about yourself. The only way to give more value to your life is by gaining experience. Feel free!

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