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  • tighter stomach

    These are the 6 best workouts for a tight stomach

    Getting such a tight stomach is no easy task. Not only do you have to do exactly the right exercises, nutrition has an even greater share in a tight stomach. You don’t see a six-pack if there is still a layer of fat on top. Although we consider the fun factor of exercise and the […] More

  • beautiful lips

    5 Tips For Beautiful Lips

    Do you also suffer from dry lips? We were looking for useful tips for you to make your lips pretty and kissable. Nice lips, here we come! MOISTURIZEN Apply a moisturizer or a nourishing lip balm. If you let it in for a moment, the sheets on your lips let go. So you have very […] More

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    6x Shopping Mistakes that every girl makes

    Do you also love shopping? Then you must have made some mistakes. We have listed six errors that every shopaddict must recognize, hihi. DON’T LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG Of course we often look at the price tag, but if you are really crazy about a piece of clothing, you just pretend you haven’t seen […] More

  • woman-skin-care

    7x facts about skin care

    Are you feeling uncomfortable? You immediately see it in your skin. Think of spots or irritations. Proper care is therefore very important! Hereby 7 facts about skin care. Aluminum Salts Many aluminum salts are in deodorant products to prevent sweating. This is bad for your skin, because sweating is natural. It is better to use […] More

  • fruits to eat daily
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    Top 10 best fruits to eat daily

    The American fitness fanatic Bryan DiSanto has designed a ranking system. The target? Measure the nutritional values ​​of a piece of fruit. After all, DiSanto had been possessed for years by the question of what exactly is the healthiest piece of fruit on earth. And with his scale, he has finally found the answer – […] More

  • easy-craft-with-paper-diy
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    DIY: 6 x the nicest easy craft you can make with paper

    It’s time to tinker again! And this time with: paper. Everyone has paper, so no more excuses not to use your creativity. Craft with paper These craftworks are ideal for the little ones or for children who don’t feel like using a lot of things . With pens and paper, you already come a long […] More

  • pool float inflatable
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    This inflatable wine bottle is perfect for the summer

    The summer still leaves some time before in our cold little country. But we have found something that will completely put you in the summer mood. The best of both worlds comes together: wine and water fun! Air mattresses with which you can float on the water are immensely popular. There are already versions such […] More

  • benefits of pets
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    8 x why growing up with pets is important! the benefits of pets

    In addition to the fact that growing up with pets is super fun, pets also have a positive impact on your child’s upbringing. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, but even ladybugs and walking branches, just try to remember how much fascination you used to have as a child . There are a number of advantages […] More

  • stopping social media
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    Why stopping social media is not such a crazy idea?

    Social media are all nice and nice, but meanwhile extremely addictive. You can probably no longer imagine a life without your favorite apps, but the post-smartphone period was perhaps a lot more pleasant. What does a life without social media look like? You work faster and better If you are not distracted by vibrating cell […] More

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