Bad advice that you get as a single girl

12 Bad advice that you get as a single girl

“Have you met a lover?” Do you also hate that question? Friends and family often mean well, but talking about love can be pretty tiring, especially if they share their advice with you … Check now 12 bad advice you get as a single girl.

# 1 Hey, you can start dating online!

Uhm… no, if you needed it, you were already on a dating site!

# 2 Maybe you should go out more!

As if you have to go fishing with a fishing rod for lovers at a fun event …

# 3 You are much too picky.

Hmm … Maybe you don’t want a lover at all ?! And who says it’s up to you?

# 4 It will be okay, you will find someone by yourself when you do not expect it.

Wow! Good advice. At the moment it just doesn’t help you so much …

# 5 Oh dude! Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea .

Thank you… In other words: will somebody ever come my way?

# 6 A lid fits each jar, so someone is walking around for you.

Bleggh … is this remark puking?

# 7 ‘You can have whatever we have! You just have to … “

Please stop! You did not ask for personal love advice.

# 8 “Agree with …”

Very nice all that help, but no thanks! As if you cannot fix your own dates.

# 9 “You also have to give those people at school a chance!”

Hmm … they must have never been to your school 😉

# 10 “You don’t need a relationship right away, you can also have fun dating?”

GAAP … you already came up with it yourself …

# 11 “It’s important that you don’t stay alone”

Cuckoo? You’re a teenager, shall we save that text for when you are 50?

# 12 “You must love yourself first before anyone else can do it”

Nice cliché. What nonsense!

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