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6 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower

You probably shouldn’t think about it, but showering with cold water is very healthy! In addition to the fact that a cold water splash immediately shakes you up, these are also good reasons to close your shower with a cold jet from now on.

1# After workout

Have you had an intense workout and are you barely climbing the stairs? A cold shower reduces your muscle aches. It is even better to step into a cold shower immediately after your workout. Athletes don’t do this for nothing …

2# A healthy heart

Cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict for a moment and then dilate again. In this way you stimulate your blood circulation and thus the health of your cardiovascular system. Cellulite also prevents optimal blood circulation!

3# A radiant look

Hot water dries out your hair and skin, causing the natural oils to be lost. Therefore, wash your hair with cold water. Your locks will shine like never before! And your skin looks smooth and tight. Ideal!

4# Immune booster

Cold water provides more flexibility in your lymph vessels. These ensure the removal of waste in your body and protects you against ailments. Do you have a weak immune system? Then you know what to do.

5# Vet burner

You have white and brown fat. White fat makes for armbands, brown fat keeps your body warm. When you step into the cold shower, the brown fat is activated, giving you more energy and burning calories to keep your body warm. Kiss that gym goodbye!

6# Happy feelings

Cold showers train your nervous system, so that you can handle stressful situations better. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you have a cool deadline? Get under the cold shower!

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