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5 x the best exercises for tight buttocks

The sun starts to shine quietly again and we count down impatiently until the days when we can chill out again with the buttocks on a sun-drenched beach. But after spending a few cold months in that lazy chair with your derriere, it is now high time again to get your best foot out. From these five exercises you will get tight buttocks in no time.

Try this exercises for tight buttocks

1. Donkey kick

Donkey Kicks exercices
Source : redefiningstrength.com

Sit on your knees and place your hands flat on the floor. Make sure your shoulders are directly above your hands. Then you kick up with one leg (with your knee bent) backwards. Tighten your abdominal, buttock and leg muscles well during the exercise.

2. Squat

Stand up straight with your back straight, chest forward and head up. Place your legs shoulder width. Then bend your legs but make sure that you do not stretch your knees and that they do not go forward.

3. Lunge

The lunge is also a super popular exercise for your buttocks. Step forward with one leg, keep your back straight and your chest forward. Then go down and come up again. Easy but effective!

4. Bridging

Lie down with your back on the floor and keep your knees bent. Your legs spread at shoulder width. Push your buttocks up while keeping your feet flat on the floor and lower back.

5. Standing back kick

Keep your back straight, keep your chest forward and your head up. Stand on one leg and move your other leg backwards. Move back to get your toes back on the floor. Repeat ten times and then switch legs. For a bit more balance you can lean against a chair or the wall.

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