Flat stomach

15 Best Foods for a Flat Stomach

Abs are made in the kitchen. That’s how it is! You can get a proper stuffy belly of carbonated drinks, big plates of spaghetti and more unhealthy. You keep your belly nicely flat by eating the following food:

Flat Stomach food list

#1. Green tea

The antioxidants in green tea help prevent the absorption of fat. If you regularly drink green tea, it can also speed up your metabolism and speed up weight loss. A nice and nice drink!

#2. Lemon

Lemon juice is very healthy (and especially in hot water). It helps with the removal of waste, but also with the digestion. This is a fine twist to control your bloating.

#3. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, the dust that can excrete excess water from our body. The less moisture you hold, the lighter you will feel. A banana a day, keeps the belly okay =).

#4. Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in potassium, just like bananas. It is not intended that you richly buttered with butter or sour cream. But eating potatoes can be safe now and then. They are particularly good for digestion when you save the skin.

#5. Fibers

Fibers prevent constipation and ensure that bowel movements are maintained. When your bowel movement stays out, your stomach can expand considerably. Fibers in flaxseed, for example, speed up the process.

#6. Olive oil

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against high cholesterol levels. It is therefore advisable to richly decorate your salads here. Rather, so dip in bread!

#7. Kefir

Kefir is rich in protein but also in healthy bacteria. And let the latter be perfect for our digestion. Kefir looks a bit like yogurt and buttermilk in taste. You can easily replace your previous dairy products here.

#8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are mostly water and they work diuretic. Excess water weight can thus be lost by eating cucumbers very often. Your belly is very happy here.

#9. Quinoa

This is really the alternative for all those grains. Quinoa is gluten-free and also very rich in fiber, which greatly helps digestion. For example, you eat this instead of rice, pasta, bulgur and other cereals.

#10. Pure chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate is allowed! Obviously, you should not eat chunks of it, but a little delicious dark chocolate is good for metabolism. And in addition, you will of course be very happy, not unimportantly;).

11. Blue berries

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that counter belly fat. You can eat this delicious at breakfast, snack or serve as a dessert. This type of fruit is one of the best fruits because there are so many good things in it.

#12. Asparagus

What applies to the cucumber also applies to the asparagus. This vegetable acts as a diuretic and makes your stomach free of excess water weight. This applies to both green and white asparagus.

#13. Salmon

This oily fish works well, accelerates metabolism and also reduces inflammation in the body. More often a piece of salmon is not really a bad idea! And besides, it is of course very tasty.

#14. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are always a good idea, but spinach is already very healthy! There are a lot of antioxidants in it, and spinach is rich in various vitamins: A, C, E and K. Which all counteract belly fat!

#15. Avocado

This green fruit helps prevent inflammation in our body, and it ensures that our blood sugar level stays in balance. This can contribute to a nice flat stomach and no bloated stomach, because of a body that is out of balance.

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