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  • Lemon beauty hacks
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    10 Lemon beauty hacks every girl must know

    slice of lemon makes your drink a lot fresher. And some dishes also taste a touch of lemon juice. But did you know that lemons are also suitable outside the kitchen? When life gives you lemons you… When life gives you lemons: 10 x beauty hacks with Lemon 1# cleansing lotion Lemons have strong antibacterial […] More

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    7 Natural beauty tips that make you even more beautiful

    Reduce dark circles under your eyes with parsley? Remove bumps on your skin with sour cream? White teeth with turmeric? And who doesn’t want beautiful full eyelashes, obtained in a natural way? Everything is possible! Below are our 7 favorite beauty tips that will actually make you more beautiful: Whitish teeth through turmeric Turmeric, also […] More

  • healthy carnival
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    tips for a healthy carnival

    Carnival is imminent in the south of the country! For most, carnival means a big party! But how nice and nice would it be if you came through the carnival healthy and well? With our tips, “healthy parties” is possible! Did you know that Carnival used to be a food festival, just before the Lent […] More

  • Summer nails idea 2019
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    5 summer nails idea 2019

    What could be more fun than to experiment with the idea as a creative nail stylist? The following 10 ideas are predicted by international trend watchers. Which nails idea suit you which Summer nails trends are good for you? Summer nails Idea 1: MIRROR, MIRROR ON YOUR HAND Pinterest almost explodes with these mirroring trend […] More

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    Best St Patricks day gifts day

    Celebrate the luck of the Irish in 2019 with unique Irish gifts, customized St. Patrick’s apparel, and other gifts for Saint Patrick’s Day. For Saint Patrick’s gift inspiration, choose from a full selection of Irish presents, including Claddagh rings, Celtic Knot necklaces, and personalized St. Patrick’s Day frames. Don’t forget to select green clothes and […] More

  • Hottest Summer Nails Colors 2019
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    Hottest Summer Nails Colors 2019

    The Gothic style Suitable for ladies with a dramatic way. This black, aubergine, dark burgundy, green or plum colors. To give nogotochkami special charm stylists propose to add to this manicure design with gold or silver. Monochrome glitter nail polish If you want a little bling and glitter should try to patch a trendy manicure […] More

  • tips for beautiful breasts
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    Tips for beautiful breasts

    Do you want to improve the shape or size of your breasts in a natural way? Then try some of our tips to get beautiful breasts! Having strong, voluptuous and beautiful breasts is a wish many women have. It may seem impulsive, but behind this wish is often a profound need. The need to recover […] More

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    Home remedies against fungal nails

    In addition to being well-suited for treating fungal nails, baking soda also has an exfoliating effect. It can also serve as a whitener to counter the yellow color that your nails get through the infection. Fungal nails, also known as Onychomycosis, are one of the most common fungal infections in the world. Many people therefore […] More

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    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    The best day for express how do you really feel about your friends or boyfriends is valentine’s invite them or maybe send them some cute gifts to show them how they are special for you… sometimes you have a hart time to show them your feelings! to help you with funny way VenusMag collects […] More

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