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    Eczema diet tips: Foods to eat and avoid

    One has a place that each sometimes and the other has an extremely dry skin all the time, the next has eczema. All very uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Did you know that nutrition can play an important role in this? Indeed, there are quite a lot of products that can contribute to the emergence of […] More

  • Black toothpaste

    Black toothpaste that whitens your teeth? Watch it out!

    Toothpaste that not only cleans your teeth, but also whiter it. And the color is black! Have you ever tried it? The black toothpaste is a whitener toothpaste , it makes your teeth a shade lighter – at least that’s promised. black toothpaste whitening The strange color and the whitener effect is caused by one […] More

  • take Cold Shower
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    6 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower

    You probably shouldn’t think about it, but showering with cold water is very healthy! In addition to the fact that a cold water splash immediately shakes you up, these are also good reasons to close your shower with a cold jet from now on. 1# After workout Have you had an intense workout and are […] More

  • intense orgasms
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    5 tips for more intense orgasms

    If you know your body through and through and you know very well how to come to an orgasm, there are still ways to experiment. Do you long for more intense orgasms – who doesn’t? – and are you in for some tension between the sheets? Then these tips are especially for you! 1# Patience […] More

  • strong woman
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    10 signals that you are a strong woman

    #1 You are brave If you are a strong woman, you can take on any challenge, no matter how difficult it is. Even if you think in advance that it is too heavy for you and you do not know how to proceed, you still continue. A strong woman also has the courage to walk […] More

  • narcissism
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    14 characteristics of narcissism

    Admittedly, with the invention of the selfie stick, we can no longer deny that there is a little narcissist in all of us. When mild self-glorification turns into self-obsession we call Narcissism. Now no narcissist will admit that he / she is a narcissist, but luckily you can easily pick them out. At least if […] More

  • drink coke
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    This happens to your body when you drink coke

    A bottle of cola has a sugar content of 27 sugar cubes and you can use it to clean old pennies. Handy, of course, but it can’t be really good for your health. Do you also often drink cola during the weekend? And do you know what exactly happens to your body when you drink […] More

  • How to remove ingrown hair ?
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    How to remove ingrown hair ?

    Ingrown hairs can be a huge torment for both women and men. They occur in most cases at the following locations: Legs + armpits Lies & pubic area Face (so beard hair in men) An ingrown hair can cause irritation, pain, inflammation, infections and scars. That is why we have listed everything about ingrown hairs […] More

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