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  • tips if you are shy!
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    6x tips if you are shy!

    Perhaps you recognize that you don’t talk or dare to talk to everyone. Certainly with your crush, because then you slam shut … We have six tips to get rid of your embarrassment! Reverse If you are shy, you soon tend to talk little to others. But guess what: if you try to talk to […] More

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    13 questions about separation!

    Separation: every girl has it, and sometimes it can be quite annoying. Secretion is the fluid that your body makes to keep your vagina moist and clean. But how much is normal now? And what color should it be? Read on to get all your questions answered! 1. How much discharge is normal? This is […] More

  • Last Longer in Bed
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    5 frequently asked questions about porn

    Almost all teenagers sometimes watch porn, but we can imagine that you have a few questions about it. check here five frequently asked questions! # 1. is it strange that i watch porn? for boys, watching porn may be ‘tough’, many girls are a little ashamed of doing it. yet a swedish study showed that […] More

  • How to remove ingrown hair ?
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    These 7 types of food confuse our hormones

    Every woman wants her hormones to be in balance, because then we simply feel at our best. There are a number of types of food that can mess up our hormones. If you remove this diet from your diet, or eat less, you will feel much better. Non-organic food There are people who think organic […] More

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    Pumpkin pie – Sweet Pumpkin Pie

    A pumpkin pie is a typical American recipe in which a specific American spice mix is ​​used: ‘pumpkin spices’. A spice mix that looks suspiciously like our Old Dutch gingerbread spices. So I did not make a fuss and used my own homemade gingerbread spices . I have limited the use of sugar in this […] More

  • How do you know you love someone?
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    How do you know you love someone?

    Did you know that if you are really in love, you will become friendlier and more generous? You start to become a better person, not only to please the other, but also because it makes you happier. How often have you been in love with your life? Some people can say multiple times. However, most […] More

  • Natural Substitutes for Sugar
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    Natural Substitutes for Sugar

    To sweeten your food in a healthy way, you can try different alternatives to sugar. In addition to preventing health complications, you can get other benefits if you eat them in moderation. Despite its delicious taste, sugar can cause many diseases if you consume it in large quantities. These include obesity, heart disease and diabetes, […] More

  • weird things that happen during your period
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    7 weird things that happen during your period

    Do you sometimes behave differently during the period of your period? do you get binge eating or are you moodier? check now 7 weird things that happen during your period (and that you recognize). # 1 You have huge binge showers Thanks hormones, now you fancy chocolate, hamburgers, candy and chips! # 2 Your hair […] More

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