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    Miracle Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

    Do vitamins and minerals help you lose weight? And even more good news: you do not even need a vitamin infusion or supplement, because these nutrients are simply found in healthy food. Why vitamins and minerals are important if you want to lose weight Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to put enzymes to […] More

  • The Killer body diet: sample one day diet recipes
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    The Killer body diet: sample one day diet recipes

    The Killer body diet is a book that was published in 2016 by fitness guru Fajah Lourens. The purpose of the diet is to lower the fat percentage and increase muscle mass. You can achieve this by following the diet for 12 weeks and structurally taking in fewer carbohydrates and calories than your body needs. […] More

  • swimming workout
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    Why do you get so tired of swimming?

    Are you going for recreational swimming with the whole family every so often? Or do you occasionally dive into the water with your bestie to swim laps? Swimming can be a wonderful form of relaxation. Literally and figuratively, that is. Because whether you’ve been swimming for half an hour or an entire afternoon, you are […] More

  • food for flat belly

    10 Best food for flat belly

    You can work up a sweat every week or even daily in the gym, usually that is not enough to really get that tight stomach you want. Nutrition also plays a major role in this and also ensures that you feel comfortable. Because such a bloated feeling is not pleasant and is often caused by […] More

  • burning fat for women
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    20 easy ways to burning fat for women

    This way you stimulate your fat burning so that it goes faster. 1. Mustard One teaspoon of mustard can increase your metabolism by 20%, according to the Oxford Polytechnic Institute . 2. Row your rotten Research from Duke University showed that test subjects who did cardio exercise 30% less, but dropped as much as those […] More

  • need to go on vacation

    9 signs that you urgently need to go on vacation

    Sometimes you fall victim to the routine. Stress at work, at home and in your relationship does not really help. You may live in the nicest city or the most beautiful village, but you simply don’t see it anymore. You are uninspired and bored by the same car ride every day. In short: you need […] More

  • Running Mistakes to Avoid

    8 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

    Running is ideal: you only need a good pair of shoes and a lost half-hour in between. Do you want to start this spring, so that you will be completely bikini proof in the summer and can run five kilometers? Eight blunders that almost every novice runner makes. Take notes, these tips can save you […] More

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