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5x moving tips to think about

5x moving tips. Moving, by definition, results in a stressful period. But you can ensure that you move to your new home as stress-free as possible. It is nice if your head is as empty as possible because you are sure that you have arranged everything correctly. How do you do that? With the 5 moving tips from this article you know what you can do practically and what exactly financially involves a move. That largely determines
how the move will ultimately go. Use it to your advantage!


Of course you can also move everything yourself with your family and friends. That may be slightly cheaper, because you only need to rent a moving van. But is it worth all the stress that comes with it? People therefore expect something in return and you cannot really tell them exactly what to do. I say investing once in paid aid. I also did both relocations.


It sounds crazy, but often people know less about their own finances than they should. Financial concerns are disastrous for anyone who wants to avoid stress. Do you know what your mortgage monthly payments are compared to your previous one? Do you have a cheaper mortgage or a more expensive one? This is quite important to know so that you also know what you can spend on the interiorof your new home.

Many people know the word cost buyer, for example. But do you also know exactly what you pay to the kk? As a buyer of a house you have to pay the transfer tax and the costs of the transport deed, but that again depends on your total sum. Are you moving to a rental property? In that case, you may have to deal with a deposit in advance. If all goes well, you will also get it back when you leave the house. But in advance you must actually have the money available for it.


Many people are happy if they can devise the design of their new home from scratch. You too? Then find some inspiration for a unique interior and give it your own twist! Unfortunately there is a price tag … If you have enough money and you are ordering well, keep in mind that it can sometimes take a long time before your bank or kitchen is in. Trust me I can tell I’ve had to wait months for both.

If you don’t have that much money, take as many old things as possible to your new home. Often old things with a nicely painted wall and new curtains look completely good again.


You are the one who largely determines how expensive the actual move will be. Therefore, request quotes from several moving companies to make a good choice. Do not try to buy new moving boxes.

But look at marketplace for second hand boxes. This is better for the environment and cheaper. Also consider whether you might need a high staircase or other moving equipment in addition to a moving van. Does your bed fit through the stairs? Or should it go through the window?


Very important when you are going to buy a house is to check in advance whether everything is in order. A building inspection is an excellent tool for this. This gives you a good idea of ​​the architectural condition of the house. In addition, you know exactly what it costs to bring the house in good condition, if that is not yet the case. This way you avoid being faced with annoying financial surprises.

By tackling these pitfalls as well as possible in advance, you will move as stress-free as possible.

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5 tips for whiter teeth

A radiant white smile: who doesn’t want that? Treatments for whiter teeth can be quite expensive. But did you know it can be done differently? We have listed a few simple tips for you.

# 1: banana

The peel of a banana works wonders! You can rub the inside of a banana peel over your teeth for two minutes. Then you can brush your teeth as you normally do. The result will not be immediately visible, but eventually it will help.

# 2: strawberries

Take one strawberry and half a teaspoon with baking soda. Mix these two ingredients together well until it forms a paste. Spread a little paste on your toothbrush and apply it to your teeth. Leave it on for five minutes and then rinse your mouth. Afterwards you can just brush your teeth.

# 3: baking soda

This is known as a means for whiter teeth. All you have to do is sprinkle a little baking soda over your toothpaste that is already on your toothbrush. This stuff has no nice taste, but the result will be visible.

# 4: straws

This tip is perhaps one of the simplest. Drink from now on with a straw! Soft drinks, coffee and tea can cause dental plaque. To avoid this as much as possible, you can drink with a straw. This will not cause your teeth to become whiter, but this will certainly prevent it.

# 5: flossing

And last but not least: flossing! If you brush your teeth daily, they will eventually become whiter. This is because it helps remove plaque that your toothbrush cannot reach.

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12 Bad advice that you get as a single girl

“Have you met a lover?” Do you also hate that question? Friends and family often mean well, but talking about love can be pretty tiring, especially if they share their advice with you … Check now 12 bad advice you get as a single girl.

# 1 Hey, you can start dating online!

Uhm… no, if you needed it, you were already on a dating site!

# 2 Maybe you should go out more!

As if you have to go fishing with a fishing rod for lovers at a fun event …

# 3 You are much too picky.

Hmm … Maybe you don’t want a lover at all ?! And who says it’s up to you?

# 4 It will be okay, you will find someone by yourself when you do not expect it.

Wow! Good advice. At the moment it just doesn’t help you so much …

# 5 Oh dude! Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea .

Thank you… In other words: will somebody ever come my way?

# 6 A lid fits each jar, so someone is walking around for you.

Bleggh … is this remark puking?

# 7 ‘You can have whatever we have! You just have to … “

Please stop! You did not ask for personal love advice.

# 8 “Agree with …”

Very nice all that help, but no thanks! As if you cannot fix your own dates.

# 9 “You also have to give those people at school a chance!”

Hmm … they must have never been to your school 😉

# 10 “You don’t need a relationship right away, you can also have fun dating?”

GAAP … you already came up with it yourself …

# 11 “It’s important that you don’t stay alone”

Cuckoo? You’re a teenager, shall we save that text for when you are 50?

# 12 “You must love yourself first before anyone else can do it”

Nice cliché. What nonsense!

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6x tips if you are shy!

Perhaps you recognize that you don’t talk or dare to talk to everyone. Certainly with your crush, because then you slam shut … We have six tips to get rid of your embarrassment!


If you are shy, you soon tend to talk little to others. But guess what: if you try to talk to others and overcome your fear, you will naturally be less shy. You got this, babe.

Keep calm

If you are in conversation with someone, they will probably not realize that you are shy. Except when he or she sees that you are concerned about what you are going to say afterwards, for example because you pay close attention to how you are going to say something. Keep calm and try not to worry.


Body language is often the first thing that others look at. Do you always walk with your head bowed or do you look straight at everyone? Changing your posture already makes a difference. So: chest forwards, chin up and go!

Don’t blame yourself

If you are shy, you may have the tendency to blame yourself for the embarrassment. But you know what? Everyone is sometimes shy. It is human and you can get over it. Remember that you should never blame yourself for the embarrassment.


Do you find it scary to talk to someone? Then go there with your bestie. So you know that you have someone with whom you feel comfortable and so you do not have to be afraid!

Talk about it

If you know you’re shy, you can also talk to someone you trust about it. Maybe it’s your parents, your friends or your mentor. They can also help you get rid of your embarrassment.

Never be shy again! 🙂

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Everything you want to know about weight gain and hormones

You are doing great sports and eating healthily, but losing weight is not an issue. In fact, you expected that you would finally lose weight and certainly not that your weight would stay the same or increase. Your hormones may get in the way of weight loss.

Weight gain and hormones go hand in hand. The imbalance of your hormones or your hormone balance can ensure that you do not lose weight. And besides, it’s not just about our weight, fluctuating hormones can mean a bigger health problem. Our hormones control important functions in the body such as: metabolism, menopause and glucose uptake.

Check the list below to find out and resolve your hormonal imbalance.

Weight gain and hormones


When you eat a lot of sugar or processed food, your body releases a lot of leptin. This makes your body less sensitive to the hormone leptin and therefore you do not get a signal that you are actually full. And eating more often naturally means weight gain.


This is our stress hormone that is produced by our adrenals. We can use Cortisol for short-term stresses, but it is debilitating for our body when it is constantly in effect. If too much cortisol is produced, this leads to a large amount of insulin, and that triggers fat cells!


Hormones are produced in the thyroid gland that control your metabolism, heart rate, growth, sleep and more. If you have a slow thyroid gland, you retain fluid. Moisture is of course not greasy, but it can make you look ‘heavier’.


Estrogen is the most important female sex hormone. We can get extra estrogen by feeding on pesticides or growth hormones. If your estrogen level rises you become more resistant to insulin and that can cause you to arrive.


Melatonin comes from the pineal gland and it helps you with a good sleep rhythm. In the evening the production of this is higher so that you fall asleep more easily. Our body needs sleep to recover. If we sleep too little, this may cause us to arrive because we do not produce enough melatonin.

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Pumpkin pie – Sweet Pumpkin Pie

A pumpkin pie is a typical American recipe in which a specific American spice mix is ​​used: ‘pumpkin spices’. A spice mix that looks suspiciously like our Old Dutch gingerbread spices. So I did not make a fuss and used my own homemade gingerbread spices .

I have limited the use of sugar in this recipe, because pumpkin naturally has a sweet taste to it. The crème fraiche tops off the sweet and spicy whole with a fresh touch. Incredibly tasty this cake! Did I mention that? So make it real.

You need this

  • 1x shortbread pastry recipe
  • 500 – 600 grams (bottle) of pumpkin
  • 500 milliliters of milk
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of gingerbread spices
  • 3 eggs
  • 200 milliliters of crème fraiche

And that’s how you do it

  1. Make the shortbread base according to the recipe and bake it lightly (the edges must not be too dark yet).
  2. While the bottom is baking, you can start filling: remove the peel and seeds from the pumpkin and cut into pieces.
  3. Put a pan on the fire with the milk, the vanilla bean (cut open and scraped), the sugar and the pumpkin cubes. Let this simmer for at least 20 minutes. When the pumpkin has become super soft you can puree it with a hand blender to a velvety soft mixture. Let cool now.
  4. When it has cooled down sufficiently, pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees and you can stir three eggs and two teaspoons (homemade!) Of gingerbread spices into the pumpkin mixture. Now pour the mixture on your short crust and bake the sweet pumpkin pie in about 45 minutes.
  5. Delicious when the cake is still warm and serve with a dollop of fresh crème fraiche.

ENJOY SWEETS! Have you made this “Sweet pumpkin pie”? Let me know what you thought

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Flat belly-tip: pea-coriander soup

Do you suffer from a bloated stomach and need some balance? Try this soup of green peas and moisturizing coriander.

You need this

  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • 1 green pepper, without seed list and sliced
  • 1 kilo of peas from the freezer
  • 30 g fresh coriander, chopped
  • 800-900 ml vegetable or chicken broth (just from the boil)
  • pinch of sugar (can also be omitted)
  • freshly ground pepper and sea salt

That’s how you make it

  1. garlic and pepper and put the lid on the pan. Leave to fry for 5 minutes.
  2. Add the peas and let it simmer for 10 minutes with the lid on the pan.
  3. Add the stock and coriander and let the soup reduce. Then add (optional) the sugar and mix everything with a hand blender until smooth.
  4. Divide the soup over the bowls, add pepper and salt to taste and finish with some coriander leaves.

Good for 4 portions. Per serving: 229 kcal, 8 g fat (of which 1 g saturated), 105 mg sodium, 25 g carbohydrates, 8 g fiber, 11 g protein

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How do you know you love someone?

Did you know that if you are really in love, you will become friendlier and more generous? You start to become a better person, not only to please the other, but also because it makes you happier.

How often have you been in love with your life? Some people can say multiple times. However, most people tend to confuse love with a simple whim.

When we talk about love, we talk about that sensation that fills you with interest in and involvement with that other person. This goes much further than just finding someone who is attractive or interesting or just a desire for sex .

Are you aware of the signs that show you have really fallen in love with someone? If not, read on!

Have you really fallen in love?

Let’s look at the obvious signs that show if you’ve really fallen in love.

1. You become really interested in the welfare and interests of the other

The first symptom will be that your attention is focused on that person. You want to know what he or she does, what he or she likes, how he or she is. This is because love arouses an interest in the other person that goes beyond appearance . You want to know more about that person and help him or her achieve his or her goals .

It is also at this point that the conversations you have with this person will enable you to get to know him or her at a deeper level . You, in turn, also want to share your own interests and concerns with your new partner.

Give yourself the opportunity to do this because it will enable you to deepen and strengthen your bond with this person.

2. You want your family to like your partner

Another symptom of falling in love is that you start talking to everyone about the person you are in love with. This is normal when you realize that your friends and family largely determine or reflect what you think is good and desirable.

If you are one of those people who likes to keep personal things private, you can surprise people with this new attitude. However, don’t worry: this is a good sign in your relationship.

You must also pay attention to the opinions of people you value, love and respect . They generally have a more objective perspective and their opinion can help you understand if this is the right person for you.

It is also very important to learn whether these opinions are genuine or whether they are influenced by other factors such as jealousy .

3. You stop flirting when you are really in love

Once you have really fallen in love, you lose all interest in other people. Even if you are someone who has never had a real relationship, you will find that you are only focused on that one person. You may even compare other people with your new partner . Of course, your new partner will win from everyone.

If your relationship with this person started as something casual and you are not sure if the other person feels the same as you, talk to him or her and explain how you feel. It is important to always be on the same wavelength in a relationship.

4. You think about plans for the future

It is inevitable that you think about a future with someone you are really in love with. These can be simple plans, such as a vacation to a warm country or exercising together every morning. It can also be about life-changing plans, such as living together or having a child.

It can sometimes cause uncertainty to think about our future with someone. However, if you feel completely safe and at ease with a person, it seems natural. So let things go their natural course , but make sure you have realistic limits that help you maintain your confidence and certainty.

If you feel free and confident, follow your feelings. Continue to make future plans as long as you have fun and trust in your relationship.

5. You try to be the best version of yourself

The next indication that you’ve really fallen in love with someone is that you pay more attention to what you do and who you are. This does not mean that you used to be a bad person , only that being in love brings out the best version of yourself.

This is very good for you because you will be more open to changing things that you have postponed. However, it is also important that you always stand with both feet on the ground: you must never change who you are as a person for someone else.

Also remember that you cannot change everything. This means that you will have to accept certain shortcomings in yourself and in your new partner.

6. You become more generous and friendly

Another indication is that you become a friendlier person. You not only want that person to feel at ease, but you will also be better able to tolerate the people around you.

You may also want to support the interests and goals of the person you love. However, this is not because you want to feel validated by that person, but because it comes from the heart because you really love someone .

Have you determined whether you really fell in love or not? Which of these signs have you noticed yourself?

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Natural Substitutes for Sugar

To sweeten your food in a healthy way, you can try different alternatives to sugar. In addition to preventing health complications, you can get other benefits if you eat them in moderation.

Despite its delicious taste, sugar can cause many diseases if you consume it in large quantities. These include obesity, heart disease and diabetes, among other things. Fortunately, there are many natural alternatives to sugar that you can use in foods and drinks.

The most natural way to sweeten your food is by using stevia, honey or xylitol. Read the following article for more information about this topic.

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Eight natural alternatives to sugar

1. Stevia

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is often used as a substitute for sugar, especially by people on a diet to lose weight. This is because it contains fewer calories and does not promote weight gain. It is extracted from the leaves of a stevia rebudiana shrub .

Stevia increases blood glucose levels less rapidly than white sugar. In this way it can help fight the usual problems with diabetes.

It can be used as a powder or liquid. The taste and sweetness can vary. These variations are linked to the presence and amount of sweeteners that they contain. That is the reason that some variants are better known than others.

2. Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar contains a small amount of fiber and nutrients. Although it is considered to be healthier than regular sugar, it is high in fructose and must be consumed in moderation.
This can be a good option to replace sugar naturally. However, you must be careful. Remember that everything that is too much is bad. Only use it in small quantities to sweeten:

  • juices
  • tea
  • certain dishes

3. Erythritol

Erythritol is an option with fewer calories that sugar can replace. It is essentially sugar alcohol, but it only contains 6% of the amount of calories. This makes it a good choice as a replacement if you want to sweeten food or drinks without arriving.

It is also safe for diabetics to consume. It does not increase the levels of insulin and glucose in the blood. This also applies to the cholesterol and triglyceride levels . People with cardiovascular risk factors can therefore consume it without affecting their health.

4. Yacon syrup

Yacon syrup is extracted from a plant of the same name. It is sweet, dark and has a thick consistency similar to molasses.

It contains between 40% and 50% fructo-oligosaccharides, a type of sugar molecule that the human body cannot digest. For this reason, like erythritol, they do not produce any effects that are harmful to the body.

Although consuming it is considered safe, taking this syrup too much can cause some digestive discomfort. The most common effects are gas formation and diarrhea .

5. Xylitol

Xylitol is extracted from natural sources. It is a good alternative to refined sugar. This is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness that is very similar.
However, it does not raise blood sugar. Consuming regular sugar will increase these levels due to the fact that it contains fructose. Xylitol, on the other hand, does not contain this component.

Xylitol also has the ability to reduce the risk of cavities and increase bone density. This is mainly due to the fact that it increases the absorption of calcium in the body.

6. Honey

This superfood cannot be forgotten as a natural alternative to sugar! Honey contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. It is also often used to treat respiratory problems and strengthen the immune system.

Sugar and all substitutes should not be consumed too much. So don’t be fooled by the delicious taste. Use it to sweeten coffee and other drinks, but do not use more than one teaspoon.

7. Molasses for replacing sugar

Molasses has a consistency similar to honey. However, it is darker in color. It is one of the natural alternatives to refined sugar. You just have to add a teaspoon of molasses to what you want to sweeten.

Believe it or not, it contains nutrients that improve the health of your bones and heart. Molasses can also help regulate blood sugar levels. For this reason, it is a very suitable option for diabetics to sweeten their food and drink.

8. Maple syrup

Maple syrup contains minerals and a large number of antioxidants. In addition, it has various effects on the human body including:

  • strengthening the immune system.
  • helps to restore the muscles.
  • maintaining normal blood sugar levels, provided it is not consumed for the rest.

It also helps to reduce anxiety, so using it can help prevent possible “binge eating” or overeating. This in turn will reduce the risk of obesity.

Nature can offer you many options that can help you enjoy a balanced diet rich in nutrients. So forget about the use of processed sugar and improve your health.

If you are in the group of people who are at risk for diabetes, choose natural alternatives to sugar by choosing a natural product. You can then possibly prevent you from becoming a victim of this disease.

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7 weird things that happen during your period

Do you sometimes behave differently during the period of your period? do you get binge eating or are you moodier? check now 7 weird things that happen during your period (and that you recognize).

# 1 You have huge binge showers

Thanks hormones, now you fancy chocolate, hamburgers, candy and chips!

# 2 Your hair is a little fatter

Blegh … do you hate this too? that week you become friends again with the dry shampoo.

# 3 You wait for ‘the moment’

The moment you really have your period is always exciting. is it going to happen now or tonight?

# 4 You feel fat and bloated

Blegh, sometimes you have a somewhat thicker belly and you are slightly heavier. annoying! but that is because hormones are released that retain your fluid. after that bad week everything is back to normal, so don’t worry!

# 5 You have more shans during your period

Quite strange, but if you have your period you attract more attention. this is due to a hormonal change in your body that boys are apparently sensitive to.

# 6 You are super sensitive

Your pain threshold is low during your period and you respond emotionally faster. emotions such as crying, angry or happy will always be in the extreme. quite sad for the people who then live with you in a house!

# 7 You are super tired

Your body works overtime. you would like to stay in your bed for a few more hours in the morning.

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7 signs of a vaginal infection

there are several signs that may indicate that you have a vaginal infection. no worries, this can happen to anyone! read the most common complaints here.

your vaginal discharge smells stronger

it is not surprising that there is a smell in your discharge, but if you have a vaginal infection, it is possible that this smell is stronger and smells bad.

pain in your lower abdomen

you can feel a nasty pain in your lower abdomen, this is because the ovaries and uterus are just below the abdomen. do not be shocked if you ever have pain in your stomach, this is very normal.

more separation

at a later age every girl will suffer from separation, with one this being more than with the other. however, if you notice that the pattern has changed out of the blue, this may indicate an infection.

pain during sex

pain during sex is more common, but if you still feel a lot of pain after having sex a few times, it is wise to make an appointment with your doctor. please note, do you have pain during sex? then state this to your boyfriend. sex should be nice and not hurt!

feeling while urinating

a burning sensation while urinating can have various causes. does the pain last longer than two days? then make an appointment with your doctor immediately.


small swellings near the vagina can be caused by an infection. it is therefore important to know what your vagina looks like, so that you notice if it looks ‘down there’ differently than normal. you can check this with a mirror.


if you have nodules on your buttocks, this may indicate an inflammation. it is also possible that there are nodules on your vagina.

do you suffer from one or more of these complaints for a long time? then we recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor. this may seem a bit uncomfortable, but the doctor is used to this and for him / her, checking for infections is the most normal thing in the world. the doctor knows exactly which aids can ensure that the symptoms disappear within a few days. no shame!

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This bracelet ensures that you get rid of your addictions in no time

One is addicted to smoking, the other has an adolescent son who cannot be put away behind his game computer, maybe your nails are biting or you are ‘bothered’ by a completely different addiction. With a slight addiction to shopping yourself, this news is certainly called: there is a bracelet that can help you get rid of every addiction!

The only thing you have to do is wear it consistently. Easy !

Get rid of your addictions with this bracelet

Pavlok 2, as the bracelet is called, works in the same way as a collar for dogs that generates electricity. Every time you show unwanted behavior, you get a shock through the bracelet. Good to know: you control the bracelet yourself. It is not that the bracelet recognizes it when you are back in H&M with a handful of dresses or when you light the next cigarette. And no, that does not mean that you can cheat: others can also operate the app of the bracelet. Do you want to sneak into the store ? Then your partner can quickly grab the app to give you a nice boost.

bracelet ensures that you get rid of your addictions

Now the only question is whether it hurts. The amount of pain seems to be better than expected, but let’s be honest : it is of course ‘the intention’ that you feel the shock. Think of it as the shock you sometimes get in the winter when you touch a statically charged object – such as a door handle.

Are you convinced and do you want to try it out? You can score the bracelet here . Of course there is a price tag on it, Look at it this way: you have to do something to say goodbye to your addiction.

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Do you suffer from a smelly sink? With these 3 tips it is fixed in no time

It sometimes seems like a mystery where that stink in your sink comes from. You keep brushing. What can help is to make your sink as clean as possible (and to keep it) so that the smell does not get worse.

These 3 tips can help you (and it doesn’t have to be that difficult):

1. Boiled water

Number one is perhaps the cheapest option against a stinking sink: boiled water. You will be surprised how quickly boiled water can have an effect on the smell from your sink. Boiled a little too much water for your pasta or some water left over after drinking a tea? No problem, just pour it down the sink. Does it not help? Then the following tips might be the solution.

2. Baking soda, vinegar and boiled water

Does boiled water only help against the smell? Then a combination of baking soda, cleaning vinegar and boiled water may be the solution. First, pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink, then carefully add a dash of cleaning vinegar. Important to know: this combination creates a lot of foam and it starts to bubble, so do not hang above the sink. After about fifteen minutes you must rinse the bubbling bitch with boiled water. Tada, your dirty sink is clean again in no time.

3. Baking soda, lemon juice and boiled water

No cleaning vinegar in the house or do you not like that smell? Then you can also use lemon juice. You follow all steps such as tip two, but use lemon juice instead of vinegar. Easy does it !

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Do you often want matching outfits with your colleague? That is not without reason!

You wear a skirt with zebra print, she is a zebra blouse. Or one step further: you have just bought a new dress and cannot wait to show it to work the next day. Is your colleague suddenly in the same dress at the coffee machine! How is that possible? Coincidence does not exist!

And we can only confirm that, because the longer you work with someone, the more you develop the same clothing style, it turns out.

Experience things the same

Not surprising when you think about it. You probably see your colleague every day. As a result, you can experience the same things and thereby develop in an equal way. In addition, you are also in the same (work) environment and you probably have a similar income. And that is reflected in your clothing style and the places where you prefer to go shopping.

In addition, there is also a psychological reason behind it: unconsciously you start dressing the same as your colleagues, because you have the feeling that you belong. It ensures a safe feeling, so you are at ease again faster and you can do your job better. Twinning is winning !

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7 x Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment

Living greener, we can no longer escape – luckily! Yet it is quite a challenge for many families. Because we are already so busy! These 7 tips make the world a little greener, and really don’t cause any extra work – promised!

easy tips for a better environment

Zero washed in the shower

The main ingredient of shampoo and soap is water. Quite strange, because you might as well add that water yourself when you are in the shower, right? In addition, the water in the shampoo and soap ensures that a (plastic) package is needed to store it. Fortunately, there is a very easy solution: buy soap bars. Most blocks of soap and shampoo are completely packaging-free! In addition, a soap bar also lasts much longer than a bottle of liquid soap or shampoo.

Washable handkerchiefs with nice print

How much is spotted in the winter? An average family uses a lot of paper tissues and tissues. A waste of money and the environment. Go back to days long gone when Grandpa always had a red handkerchief in his pocket, and buy nice little cotton handkerchiefs for your children. At the end of the day you throw them in the wash, and you’re done! With the small wipes you can also easily clean your faces. Wash the handkerchiefs in a small laundry bag in order not to lose them in the washing machine.

Reusable cotton pads for your makeup

You can easily remove your make-up from your face with cotton cotton pads. They are soft, easy to use and naturally washable. They can easily be put in the laundry bag with the aforementioned tissues!

Wet wax patches instead of pruning polishers

A well-prepared mother always has a pack of snuff polishers in her bag. But there is an easier and environmentally conscious solution to immediately reduce the large amount of waste: wet washing pads. Not only is it better for the environment, but you can also handle larger disasters – read: chocolate cords – with wet wipes. The perfect size are the IKEA washcloths. You can also cut an old towel into pieces and reuse it.

Fabric bread, fruit and vegetable bag

Do you buy your bread at the bakery? Then bring your own bread bag and ask if the baker puts the freshly cut bread in it. This way you reduce the use of plastic. You can do the same with the greengrocer!

Wetbags as a bag of bread

Do you want to bring something tasty for the trip? Then use wet bags. Wetbags are actually made for storing washable diapers, but these small printed bags also work great as a sandwich bag or for storing your wet wash cloths. Ideal!

Refillable and bulk packaging

Buy as many bulk packages as possible. A large package often has less packaging material than smaller packages. In addition, you can purchase as many refillable items as possible. Think of a pepper mill, a salt cellar, or a glass bottle of olive oil that you can refill.

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Start Doing These Things for Yourself, especially if you are a (young) mother

Making time for yourself is always important (because: #selfcare), but perhaps that is even more important if you are a mother. We explain why it is so important to keep doing things for yourself and of course: a few handy tips on how to do that.

Life – especially with toddlers running around – can sometimes be quite overwhelming. If you free up little or no time for yourself, you will run out at a certain point.

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Why it is important to do things for yourself


It is not for nothing that many psychologists and scientists argue in favor of always doing something for yourself. Right as a mother. After all, you need time to recharge.

It makes you happy

Do you like to read books ? Schedule a moment for it every day ( tip : not just before you go to sleep so that you fall asleep after one minute). Do you enjoy cycling, discovering new cities or just enjoying a day at the sauna ?

Continue to make this a priority. An exhausted you makes no one happy. We bet that after such a wonderful activity for yourself you can go full of energy again?

Great for you and for your children.

An example for your children
In the busy life with poop diapers , school, work, washing, cooking, eating and putting children to bed it is quite easy (read: almost inevitable) that you occasionally forget yourself. After all, you want to do well for your children. But are you really doing it in the best way by running past yourself completely and giving up everything for your children?

A mother who does not make time for herself and gives up everything for her children may not reflect the image you want to give to your child. It is healthy to keep doing things for yourself. You are more than a mother. You are also a woman. You can tell your children what you want, but studies show that they copy 80% of their parents’ behavior and 20% listen to ‘upbringing’.

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Time to reflect

A moment of peace is a moment to reflect and reflect on what you have. When you are in the middle of the whirlwind, it is sometimes difficult to realize what you actually have and may be grateful for. By looking at life occasionally from a distance, you create space to see what you already have.

Remember that you are still you and not just a mother, wife or employee. That you keep doing things for yourself does not make you a bad mother. In fact: you set a good example for your children, you can never teach them about Enough early enough . You do you!

You can do these things

Of course, everyone will be happy with other things, but these are at least our favorite activities so that we can catch our breath and recharge ourselves.

  • walk : take an afternoon to walk through the woods, park or on the beach. The fresh wind and the sloshing waves always do us good.
  • Reading : whether it is a book or a magazine, reading ensures that you are completely in the moment and forget about external stimuli.
  • Go on the road and discover : did you know that our brain is happy with new events? Seeing a new landscape (from the waters in Friesland to the hills in Limburg or a museum in The Hague to a new coffee shop near you).
  • Wellness : no matter how you get used to it: practically doing little on a day and being pampered with steam baths, saunas, a pedicure or perhaps a massage almost everyone will be happy. There are few things that work as effectively as this quick fix .

Do not plan things that make you happy unless you run exhausted behind the facts. Preferably schedule them at least once a week.

Happy mom, happy children!

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Slept badly? With these tips you will still get through your day

If you have not slept well, you prefer to stay in your bed all day to make up for lost hours of sleep. If only it were such a party. Often you fall asleep just in front of your alarm clock and you wake up in a different universe, while you just have to be on time at work or get to college. You can of course sit close to a coffee machine and hope it will be 5 p.m. or you can use these tips to make you feel better.

Slept badly? These tips will drag you through the day


You may think that showering wakes you up, but there is a trick that really gets your body in the on mode. Bussinessinsider writes that a hot shower can even make you sleepier because your body temperature goes up. Not that you have to skip your shower now, there is a solution for that. After you have washed your hair and yourself, it helps to turn your shower on its coldest for 30 seconds. Screaming is allowed. Then you turn the tap on again as warm as you can – watch out: you shouldn’t overdo this – and you do it again for 30 seconds. Then you get out of the shower. This trick stimulates your blood circulation and you wake up sincerely.


The only thing you think if you slept badly is: COFFEE. I understand like no other, but it’s not smart. If you drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning, you will certainly get a boost from it, so drink that coffee in particular. But the effect of all the coffee you drink afterwards is so small that it is not worth it, researchers say . In addition, you can get huge energy dips when the caffeine has run out and that’s exactly what you don’t need today. It is best to only drink water after midday, which also gives you a boost.


Good, you slept badly. Unless you have a time machine to redo the night, you can’t do much about it. You are less able to make choices when you are tired, so when you show up at work, the first thing you are going to do is make a to-do list. Make sure you do difficult tasks first and have easy tasks scheduled at the end of the day. If you don’t have to think about what to do, that will save a lot. And another bonus tip: make sure you sit up straight. An experiment from 2012 shows that you have less energy if you sit down.


Sometimes you need to help your body wake up. If you can go to work by bike or on foot: do it. If you get off the bus or tram two stops earlier, that already works wonders. Your body needs sunlight to activate your biorhythm and light causes your alertness to be activated. A study from 2012 shows that a lack of sunlight is linked to sleepiness and is less able to think. A short morning walk can therefore do wonders if you have not slept well .


Another way to wake up your body: food. If you eat within an hour after you get up , you energize your body. If you wait a long time with food, your body has to work very hard and as a result, you keep eating all day. And of course you can push a sprinkle of buns in, but if you have slept badly, it is especially good to get healthy fats, fibers and proteins. So think of oatmeal with apple or chicken fillet, avocado or an egg. A lot of food or a lot of sugar only makes you more tired, so try to avoid it.

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5 x variations on the classic deadlift

Chances are that you are already familiar with the classic deadlift: fantastic exercises for strengthening your back, core and legs. Do you have a specific weakness or do you just want to be able to vary in your training? These are the best 5 variations on the ‘standard’ deadlift that you can do.

1. Classic deadlift

Back to the basics. You can do the classic deadlift like this:
Grab an Olympic barbell. Spread your feet hip-width apart and grab the barbell with a ‘mixed grip’ (one hand overhand, one hand underhand). Your grip is just a bit wider than hip width. Bend your knees, push your chest forward, keep your shoulders low, chin up, your buttocks back and let the barbell slide down your legs and flat along your shins as it drops to the ground. Tighten your abdominal, hip and back muscles and stretch your legs again.

2. Sumo deadlift

The sumo deadlift is most suitable for people with mobility problems, but you do need a wider posture that demands more from the quads (in contrast to the standard deadlift, which demands more from the gluteal muscles and hamstrings). The narrow grip puts more strain on the shoulders, which means that less pressure is placed on the lower back.

This is how you perform the sumo deadlift:

Stand with your feet slightly wider than the hip width apart, turn your toes slightly outwards. Make sure your shins touch the bar before you bend. Then lift up on the bar until you are upright in one quick movement. Lower it back down again and make sure your back stays straight.

3. Stiff leg deadlift

Because you don’t bend your knees with this deadlift variant, your hamstrings have to work extra hard. But beware: it is not movement for people with low back pain.

This is how you perform the stiff leg deadlift:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, your shins touch the bar. Bend down and hold your back straight as you grasp the bar.

Tighten your shoulder muscles, feel the weight of the bar in your heels. Pull the bar up in one movement and at the same time stretch your legs. Hold on for a moment and then lower the bar again while keeping your knees slightly bent.

4. Single-leg deadlift

This deadlift is ideal for improving balance and stability. Dead lifts with one leg also ensure strong hip muscles and better mobility. Make sure that you do not bend your hind leg while lifting.

This is how you perform the single-leg deadlift:

Grab a kettlebell with an overhand grip in your left hand. Keep your knees slightly bent and bend your hips. Lower your upper body with your weight on your left leg until you are almost parallel to the floor. Your right leg must stay in line with your body. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

5. Suitcase deadlift

This deadlift variation is ideal for beginners and for those who are not yet experienced enough to handle heavy weights. It is great for strengthening your hind legs and improving your stability.

This is how you perform the deadlift suitcase:

Stand a straight back, lean back slightly and bend your knees, in line with your ankles. Take the kettlebell from the ground with an overhand grip and stand up straight. Make sure you get full hip extension by contracting your glutes. With control and your core tightened, you return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

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With these holiday activities you burn the most calories

On holiday you might go swimming or badminton and you use up some energy with that. But with which holiday activity do you burn the most calories?
Ice cream is part of the holiday. Preferably one (or two) every day. But you probably prefer to skip those extra pounds, right? So for those who do not want to come out of the sea like a washed up whale, you will find here fourteen typical holiday activities and how many scoops of ice you burn per activity.

Burn More Calories During the Holidays

  1. Abseiling – 596 kcal / hour – 5.6 ice cream scoops / hour
  2. Scuba diving – 520 kcal / hour – 4.9 ice balls / hour
  3. Hiking – 446 kcal / hour – 4.2 ice cream scoops / hour
  4. Swimming – 446 kcal / hour – 4.2 ice balls / hour
  5. Water skiing – 446 kcal / hour – 4.2 ice balls / hour
  6. Dancing – 410 kcal / hour – 3.9 ice cream scoops / hour
  7. Snorkeling – 372 kcal / hour – 3.5 ice cream balls / hour
  8. White water rafting – 372 kcal / hour – 3.5 ice cream balls / hour
  9. Kayaking – 372 kcal / hour – 3.5 ice cream scoops / hour
  10. Badminton – 334 kcal / hour – 3.2 ice cream scoops / hour
  11. Horse riding – 298 kcal / hour – 2.8 ice cream scoops / hour
  12. Recreational volleyball – 224 kcal / hour – 2.1 ice cream balls / hour
  13. Frisbeeën – 224 kcal / hour – 2.1 ice cream scoops / hour
  14. Sleep – 46 kcal / hour – 0.4 ice cream scoops / hour

The numbers apply to someone with a body weight of 70 kg. If you are lighter, moving takes less energy. A scoop of ice cream is 50 grams and 106 kcal.

How much energy does a tent set up?

It is well known how much energy they cost for many summer activities. But what about the mother of all vacation activities: setting up the tent? Movement scientist Matthijs Hesselink from Maastricht University estimates that it corresponds to feeding and bathing children. That is about 260 kilocalories per hour.

“I assume a large De Waard tent, which you first have to lift out of the trunk. For the rest, setting up a tent mainly consists of fiddling and, if you are unlucky, arguing. You burn little energy with that. ”

Moving on vacation

The latter also applies to most holiday activities. And even if we do have an afternoon of water skiing or scuba diving, that does not necessarily do wonders for the line. We massively overestimate how many calories we burn with something and we underestimate how much we get with food.

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Kettlebell swing: you need to know about this fantastic exercise

Sometimes you need a good workout and sometimes you need a fast workout. But what if you can actually use both? Then it’s best to choose exercises that train your entire body. The textbook example of such an exercise? The kettlebell swing!

How to Do the Perfect Kettlebell Swing

According to gym owner and CSCS ( certified strength and conditioning specialist ) Jacquelyn Baston, swings are good for almost all major muscles in the body. Jup, including your buttocks, legs, core, shoulders and chest muscles. More than five birds with one stone. Oh yeah !

How do you perform a kettlebell swing?

How : Separate your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and hold the kettlebell in front of your body with two hands. Keep your arms straight and move your hips back, bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight. Swing the kettlebell backwards through your legs. Then extend your legs and swing the kettlebell forward to shoulder height. Push your hips forward and tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles when you stand upright. When the kettlebell is at shoulder height, your knees are straight, your buttock muscles tightened and your hips pushed forward. Then swing the kettlebell back through your legs. That is one repetition.

Repeats / sets for best results : Start with three sets of five repetitions, with pauses of up to twenty seconds between each set.

Pay attention!

The kettlebell swing has a few points of interest. Note that the emphasis in this exercise is on the hip movement. You don’t do squat. Practice the good morning to master this movement. In addition, it is important that you tighten your core properly throughout the exercise. Also : keep your back straight, not convex, and do not bend your knees too much. Finally choose the right weight. Grab a heavy kettlebell (8, 10 or 12 kg) so that you have enough weight for the explosive movement.

The benefits of kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are a very good full-body exercise. Your buttock and leg muscles create strength, while your core, shoulders and chest muscles stabilize movement. The benefits: more strength, better core stability, better endurance and the prevention of muscle imbalance (such as short hamstrings or lazy glutes).

Variations on the kettlebell swing

Have you ever seen it with the classic swing? You can also vary! For example, you have the American kettlebell swing, where you squat when you go down. There is also a version where you swing the kettlebell all the way above your head, instead of up to shoulder height. With this variant you only run the risk of crossing your lower back. You also need flexible shoulder joints.

The classic kettlebell swing is a safer option, because it does not burden your shoulders with it. Do you want more challenge? Then try doing the single-arm swings, the double kettlebell swings (with a kettlebell in each hand) or try to get on your toes when the kettlebell is at the height of your shoulders during the ‘normal’ kettlebell swing. Also nice: the intensity of the exercise allows you to combine it well with pushups, planks and squats in a HIIT workout. Good luck!

How do you add a kettlebell swing to your workout?

Make no mistake in this simple-looking and flowing movement. Kettlebell swings – and all kettlebell exercises, for that matter – are intense. “This is because you need so many muscles for it and it is dynamic. You have to pay attention to your recovery to prevent injuries. ‘ says Baston. She advises at least a day of rest after a kettlebell training. Schedule your kettlebell exercises and training sessions a maximum of two or three times a week. Muscular body, here we come !

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6x Shopping Mistakes that every girl makes

Do you also love shopping? Then you must have made some mistakes. We have listed six errors that every shopaddict must recognize, hihi.


Of course we often look at the price tag, but if you are really crazy about a piece of clothing, you just pretend you haven’t seen the price. You pay as quickly as possible, come out and immediately dare not look at your account for six months. #oops


Your gaze falls on a gigantic bikini of $ 50. Well, that is expensive … Ah, dude, everyone sometimes spends that on a bikini , right? Or not? It doesn’t really matter to you, you are already at the checkout, hihi.


Phew, those are really nice shoes! But what about returns? That must be fine. Ehm, maybe smart to check in advance?


A fight, insult, or just a breakdown … It all leads to shopping. Because admit it does ease the pain a bit (until you look at your bill).


A day of shopping is of course nothing without really shopping. Even if you don’t like anything in the store, you have to come home with something. New stuff is just fun, whether or not it helps you.


Of course we always participate in 1 + 1 promotions, but after that it becomes more difficult. The second product for half the price and three for the price of one ?! Is that all that cheap? The promotion says yes, so we agree. Sigh …

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Top 10 best fruits to eat daily

The American fitness fanatic Bryan DiSanto has designed a ranking system. The target? Measure the nutritional values ​​of a piece of fruit. After all, DiSanto had been possessed for years by the question of what exactly is the healthiest piece of fruit on earth. And with his scale, he has finally found the answer – or then an answer.

Best fruits to eat daily

To gain insight into this complex matter in a simple and direct way, DiSanto has taken into account twelve different ‘dimensions’ in the nutritional value of a piece of fruit. These dimensions are: calories, sugar, fiber, antioxidants, glycemic load (which measures the effect of the fruit on blood sugar levels), vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and potassium. The top ten of his ranking can be found below.

10# Blueberries

The American ‘blueberry’ is related to the plant genus ‘Vaccinium’, a genus that also includes the cranberry and the European blueberry or ‘Billberry’. Such a blueberry quickly contains 57 calories, 10 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fiber. He scores a total value of 44 on the DiSanto scale. The blueberry is originally a typical North American phenomenon. The berries come in two large varieties: small and large. The small specimens grow on low bushes in the wild.

The large specimens grow on cultivated tall shrubs. The berry has not been known in Europe for very long. The first commercial tall bushes were only imported here in the 1930s.

9# Wild cherries

With a total score of 46 on the DiSanto scale, the sour cherries do even better than the blueberries. The 50 calories per cherry, including eight grams of sugar, are particularly impressive, as are the presence of 26% vitamin A and 5% potassium. Wild cherry is also known as ‘sour cherry’ or ‘Prunus cerasus’ by scientists. It can be found in most European and Southwest Asian countries.

Of course, the sour cherry is closely related to the sweet cherry or the ‘Prunus avium’, but – like all more acidic fruits – the wild cherry has a greater nutritional value than its sweet counterpart.

8# Cantaloupe

The ‘rock melon’, the ‘muskmelon’, the ‘sweet melon’, the ‘Persian melon’ or even ‘bacon’: these are just a few names for what is understood by (the different varieties of) ‘cantaloupe’ or the fruit genus “Cucumis melo”.

The cantaloupe can weigh between 500 grams and 5 kilograms. Originally, the term specifically referred to the European, non-curing melon with orange flesh. Over the years, however, the term has also been extended and ‘cantaloupe’ means every melon with orange flesh. Today, cantaloupe is America’s most popular melon, but originally the fruit comes from Iran, India and Africa. The name comes from French and indicates the city ‘Cantalupo’, a former papal seat near Rome. It is there that the first European canteen was cultivated.

7# Papaya

The papaya comes into our vocabulary through the Spanish language. It is the fruit of the ‘Carica papaya’, the only plant in the genus of the ‘Carica’ in the ‘Caricaceae’ family. The fruit was originally a phenomenon from Tropical America, possibly Mexican and Central American. The papaya was in any case cultivated for the first time in Mexico. On the DiSanto scale, the papaya scores mainly due to an abundance of 103% vitamin C. Interesting fact: the papaya is the first transgenic fruit of which the entire genome was ever deciphered.

6# Kiwi

The ‘kiwi fruit’ or the ‘Chinese gooseberry’ is known outside New Zealand mainly under its abbreviation ‘kiwi’. It is the edible fruit of a wooden pointing stick of the genus ‘Actinidia’. The most common kiwi species (the ‘Hayward’) is oval and about the size of a chicken egg. The fruit is originally North Chinese. Other species of the Actinidia genus can also be found in India, Japan and Southeast Siberia. The cultivation of the fruit also spread from this area. The first commercial planting of kiwis thus finally took place in New Zealand. The kiwi is so healthy because it contains a shocking amount of vitamins, including an excess of vitamin C and a whopping 50% vitamin K.

5# Cranberries

The cranberry, also known as the cranberry, is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and owes its high place in the DiSanto scale mainly to this fact. The cranberry itself owes this rich value primarily to the rich, acidic marsh soils on which it thrives best and is cultivated.

These grounds are mainly found in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. Cranberry is an important harvest and export product in a number of US states and Canadian provinces.

The popular berries are also often used in sauces, jams or juice. For example, ‘cranberry sauce’ is an indispensable part of the traditional ‘Thanksgiving’ celebrations in America and Canada.

4# Strawberries

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the strawberry deserves its place on the DiSanto scale. The ‘garden strawberry’ or ‘simple strawberry’ is a widely cultivated hybrid fruit formed by a cross between the genera ‘Fragagria’ and ‘Ananassa’. It is a surprisingly popular fruit that is widely praised for its beautiful, red color, its juicy texture and sweet taste.

The strawberry is therefore exceptionally consumed and processed in all kinds of productions such as fruit juice, cakes, ice cream, milkshakes and chocolate.

3# Psidium

Our top three gets a slightly exotic touch thanks to this fruit, the psidium, which is probably better known under its English name ‘guava’. Psidiums are plants from the ‘Myrtaceae’ family and from the genus of the same name, which comprises around a hundred different tropical shrubs and small trees. The psidium is native to Mexico, Central America and North-South America.

Meanwhile, the fruit is cultivated almost throughout the tropical region, from Africa and South Asia to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean Islands and the subtropical regions of North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. On the DiSanto scale, the fruit owes its place to its richness in natural fibers and vitamin C.

2# Raspberries

The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species from the genus ‘Rubus’, part of the rose plant family. Most raspberries are part of the subgenus ‘Idaeobatus’. The name of the fruit is immediately the same as that of the plant. Raspberries grow all year round and have a wooden trunk. They are widely cultivated in all temperate climate zones in the world. A raspberry contains 52 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fiber. But the high number of omega 3 fatty acids is particularly striking: 126.0 milligrams.

1# Burr

Here he is, the number one of DiSanto, with 64 points on the scale: the (culture) burr. In particular in terms of the presence of antioxidants, few fruits score better than 4.77 mmol present in these berries. The blackberry is the edible fruit produced by many species of the genus ‘Rubus’ from the ‘Rosaceae’ family.

This usually black fruit is not really a ‘berry’ or ‘blackberry’ in the strict, botanical sense of the word. Officially it is a so-called ‘collector stone fruit’, composed of a ‘bunch’ of smaller ‘stones’. The blackberry is widespread and often occurs in temperate climates throughout Europe, Northwest Africa, Central Asia, and North and South America.

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DIY: 6 x the nicest easy craft you can make with paper

It’s time to tinker again! And this time with: paper. Everyone has paper, so no more excuses not to use your creativity.

Craft with paper

These craftworks are ideal for the little ones or for children who don’t feel like using a lot of things . With pens and paper, you already come a long way. Which are you going to make together with your child (ren)?

1# The easy puppies

easy craft for dog
easy craft

These little dogs are very easy to make. Ideal for the little hobbyists who don’t have much experience yet. Nice to practice with! All you need is white paper and markers. Maybe you yourself have a dog walking around at home that you can copy together? The video explains exactly how to fold the paper.

2# Colored heart

easy craft diy
For this colored artwork you only need glue and scissors, in addition to paper. Use a strip of paper as the central heart. Stick this on a white A4 sheet. Cut out enough papers in different colors and roll them the way you want. Make sure you roll them all in a different way so that it becomes an explosive heart. Stick this around the big heart and your artwork is ready!

3# Colored heart hedgehogs

Craft with paper
Colored heart hedgehogs

These love tiles are fun for young and old. Very nice if you can make this together with your brother or sister, everyone can make their own version. Give them a nice spot in front of the window or frame them and hang them up. But of course you can also give away your self-made hedgehog as a gift. Know for sure that he or she will be happy!

4# Newspaper unicorn

craft with paper
Newspapers are also paper! So get them out of the old paper bin quickly because you can make a lot of fun things out of it. This cozy unicorn for example. Use your own creativity for the moons. In addition to paper moons, you can also think of wool, glitter or shiny strands.

5# Sitting hedgehog

craft with paper
This sweet hedgehog can be made in a jiffy. Ideal for when you do not have too much time, but still want to do something nice with your child. You can also make it together the first time, after which he will try it for himself. Here you can see how to make this hedgehog step by step.

6# Paper rainbow

Craft with paper
Very nice for your child’s bedroom. A bit like a dream catcher, but slightly different. Use all colors of the rainbow and not these together. With cotton wool you make the clouds, you can stick them with normal glue. With transparent fishing wire you can make nice pendants. You can also attach small flowers, hearts or butterflies to the fishing line. Be creative!

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This inflatable wine bottle is perfect for the summer

The summer still leaves some time before in our cold little country. But we have found something that will completely put you in the summer mood. The best of both worlds comes together: wine and water fun!

pool float inflatable
Air mattresses with which you can float on the water are immensely popular. There are already versions such as flamingos, unicorns and donuts. But this is special for all wine lovers.

Airbed in the shape of a wine bottle

To have! This inflatable wine bottle is #summergoals. During the hot summer days there is nothing more fun than spending time in the water. And that doesn’t have to be boring relaxing if you have a cool air mattress in your possession. With this we will undoubtedly make the flash in the pool or on the beach this summer vacation.

Inflatable wine bottle

The inflatable wine bottle is now for sale via Amazon . In the flavors Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Floating around on red while you actually prefer white wine is of course not done . As far as we are concerned, there will also be a version in Dutch stores very quickly. One thing is missing: a holder for your glass of wine.

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8 x why growing up with pets is important! the benefits of pets

In addition to the fact that growing up with pets is super fun, pets also have a positive impact on your child’s upbringing.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, but even ladybugs and walking branches, just try to remember how much fascination you used to have as a child . There are a number of advantages to growing up with pets.

1. Children with pets are less anxious and withdrawn

When children cry or feel overwhelmed, pets often lie with them. Children who receive support from their pets seem to be less anxious and withdrawn.

2. They teach children to be responsible

If you have a pet, children actually learn how to handle responsibility for more than just themselves. This way you can give tasks to your children who are dealing with your pet. Giving positive feedback on completed tasks provides a boost in self-confidence.

3. Pets are good for your health

Various studies into the effect of pets on people with mental and / or physical problems have shown that people with pets feel happier and healthier. It also appears that children with animals are less sensitive to indoor allergens such as dust mites.

4. They help develop social skills

Just like humans, animals need attention and affection. By learning to deal with pets, children can learn to deal with strangers and other children.

5. They help children to be patient

Pets can demand a lot from your patience. Scratching, chewing, and destroying pets can teach children to restrain themselves and not punish the dog for something the beast does not realize how bad it is.

6. Motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Walking pets does not only teach your child leadership qualities, but also ensures a healthy lifestyle. For example, people with a dog walk an average of 300 minutes a week, while people without a dog walk only 168 minutes a week.

7. They ensure binding

A pet is often the focus of families doing activities together. For example, everyone takes the dog for a walk, lays down on the floor and plays and takes care of the pet too.

8. Pets are your best friend

Pets are always there for you, loyal, enthusiastic and offer unconditional love where you always want to come home.

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Why stopping social media is not such a crazy idea?

Social media are all nice and nice, but meanwhile extremely addictive. You can probably no longer imagine a life without your favorite apps, but the post-smartphone period was perhaps a lot more pleasant.

What does a life without social media look like?

You work faster and better

If you are not distracted by vibrating cell phones and tablets around you, your productivity suddenly jumps out. Social media disturb us; even when we put our smartphone away, we often still think about the apps. We take a break (too) often to check for missed messages and are constantly working on the devices. We are actually multitasking non-stop. Exhausting.

You are more creative

If you feel like you are getting stuck in terms of creativity and new ideas, it may be that all of this has to do with your social media usage. According to experts, the key to creativity is taking breaks while you are busy with something other than social media. Even if you keep social media in the background, they remain disastrous for your creativity.

At the start you feel stressed

In the long run it is good to stop using social media, but in the short run you probably feel anxious and stressed. These feelings are caused by the fact that you are suddenly no longer connected to the rest of the world. If you normally are, you need some sort of withdrawal. Usually this rehab period lasts only a few days and then starts the rest of your life.

You feel less stressed

Because you can use social media almost always and everywhere, you often unconsciously feel the need to monitor EVERYTHING; 24/7. By being constantly online, your body produces extra cortisol. This stress hormone makes you feel restless and stressed, and even increases the chance of a depression. Your cortisol level drops as you distance yourself from social media. You become calmer and you can focus more easily.

You feel more confident

You will probably only show your best side on social media. You unconsciously show what others want to see; we only put the interesting, happy and almost perfect parts of our lives online. This may seem harmless at first glance, but because you only see everyone at its best, it soon feels like you’re falling short. Why are others always happy, always beautiful and always happy? If you compare yourself in a negative way with others, you probably do nothing but a big dent in your self-confidence. Stopping social media makes you feel much happier and more confident in the long term. Something to think about.

You sleep more

You think that you only check that one message before going to bed, but before you know it you will spend hours scrolling, liking and tagging. You probably feel it coming: if you stop using social media, you will avoid this problem. Think about it: an hour online every night before you go to sleep: that’s nice seven hours a week. Almost an entire working day! A waste of time, right?

Your real life relationships are getting closer

Social media can be an ideal way to stay in touch with old friends and acquaintances, but stopping online makes your tangible friendships ten times stronger. Face-to-face relationships are already much more powerful than online friendships, but by taking a break from social media you automatically focus more on these people. And that is bearing fruit.

You get bored less quickly

What do we do if we have to wait somewhere or stand in line? Yes, we are conjuring up our smartphones. Strangely enough, this actually doesn’t work at all; scrolling thoughtlessly past messages that we have seen ten times that day, makes us more bored than grabbing a magazine or book. An activity that makes our brains work really kills time.

You sit less

Sitting all day can be just as harmful as smoking, researchers claim. And say yourself, when we finally have free time after a long working day, we check our social media. By logging out you save a lot of time for other, healthier activities. Sure, you can go Netflix, but you can also take a walk with the dog or take a spinning class. It’s up to you.

You learn more about yourself

When you stop scrolling through the opinions of others, you will gradually find out what drives YOU, instead of them. Distancing yourself from social media means that you do not constantly need more confirmation, feedback and attention from others; direct or indirect. That wanting to be relevant in the eyes of someone else decreases, so you get to know yourself better. Sounds good right?

You become more decisive

The norms and values ​​of the majority of people are influenced by what they read on social media. Many decisions are not even really considered, it is a kind of collective consciousness. By stopping social media you learn to think for yourself and to make decisions independently and make choices. Quite pleasant in itself.

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13 things all men need to know about pregnant woman

If the moment is there and you are expecting your first child, then it is nice to keep this story under your nose. Because maybe you don’t know it yet, but from experience we can say that quite a lot has changed as a pregnant woman. And every phase has its challenges. Pass it on to your husband, friend, brother or any man …

The 13 most important things to remember as a man near a pregnant woman:

1. Give her enough food continuously

Everyone knows that eating is important for pregnant women. But what the uninitiated may not know is that the timing is important. Bottom line: if she says she’s hungry, she means it. Feed that woman immediately or she will eat your face. Know that “I’m hungry” doesn’t mean she’s looking forward to dinner in an hour. It means that you have to give her a snack before you leave for the restaurant.

If you fail and don’t give her something straight away, it can result in extreme bitchiness in the best case, or injuries in the worst. Change yourself for nine months in a running, talking food machine and there is nothing wrong.

2. Food: What is yours is hers, and what is hers is what you keep away from

There is a good chance that you have been together for a few years, so you know everything about sharing things in life. After all, you share your life with each other. And although that still applies, this does not apply to food. If you eat her food (or your food that she has somehow claimed), she will do something to you. Maybe not physically, but once it’s done, it’s your turn. I had eaten the chocolate once. When she found out during a hunger attack, she became extremely angry. That was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Just stay away from the food.

“Whatever her comfort food is, one of the side effects is that YOU arrive”

3. You will arrive

Have you noticed that all the text above is about food? That is not a mistake. Eventually every pregnant woman or a certain point gets mega cravings. When my wife was pregnant with the first, she only wanted pizza, Kit Kat and grapefruit. The second time it was just fruit salad. But whatever her comfort food is, one of the side effects is that YOU arrive. Yes, the men also arrive. This is mainly because we participate in our partner’s food kicks and all that junk food also counts with us. I gained 12 kilos during pregnancy five years ago, a shadow of what she arrived (WITH the baby)! So pay attention!

4. Don’t say she’s going to be HUGE

I knew that my wife was pregnant and that pregnant women are arriving. That’s why I really thought there was nothing wrong with saying that my wife had such a cute swollen belly. In my mind this was just nature as it should be, and that there is nothing better. But something broke after the first two or three times. “STOP SAYING THAT I AM THICK! I KNOW I AM THICK! YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY! ”It didn’t matter that in my eyes she had never looked so beautiful, or that it was THE GOAL that she arrived. Which brings me to the next point.

5. Mamnesia (or ‘pregnancy brain’) is real

I know, it sounds like a term coined by the media. But that’s not it. Pregnancy dementia is real. It starts with small things, for example, that she looks for her glasses on top of her head, which is still cute. But in no time things happen like she left the basement door open while it freezes and now the floor is freezing everywhere in the house. And how ironic, I once asked my wife if she could give me more examples of pregnancy dementia, but she couldn’t. She simply couldn’t remember.

6. Goodbye, sense of humor

The good news is: she is having a baby. The bad news? There was not enough room for the baby AND her sense of humor. If you are quite a witty person like me, then this will cause problems. Unfortunately my pregnant wife no longer finds my unique view of humor funny now that she carries our little parasite around her belly. The result is that I am firing a great joke (in my view) that is not only aimed at deaf ears. No, there’s a good chance you’ll fire them at murderous ears. You have been warned.

“Unfortunately there was not enough room for the baby AND her sense of humor”

7. Say goodbye to sex

Listen carefully to me, you will soon be sexually frustrated. The first trimester is by far the worst. That is the period that she goes through most of the changes and feels the craziest. The only thing she can do is try to prevent her having to vomit every morning, so it doesn’t matter that you don’t feel loved. So turn on the porn and give yourself a hand, because from now on you are a camel or sex area, my friend. The only bright spot is that you will have sex twice during pregnancy. You have a period of one to two weeks in the beginning of the second trimester in which her appetite is back. Enjoy it, because it’s not going to happen until late in the pregnancy. At the very end, she desperately wants the baby to come out, that she uses you in the hope that she will gogave birth . Yes, that sounds awkward, but after the drought it’s relief – as long as her water doesn’t really break.

8. Yes, her breasts are larger. No, you can’t sit on it all the time

If we are talking about sex anyway, let me tell you about the most cruel trick of mother nature. If a woman carries a child, that is a wonderful thing. That maternity glow that you always hear about is real, and it works wonders for her hair, her nails and … her breasts. A becomes C, B becomes D and C becomes Hallelujah Thank you, Jesus! They swell to huge proportions, literally until her bra bursts at the seams. The only problem is you can’t touch it. It feels like you are going to a pet store, seeing all sweet puppies behind glass and you are not allowed to pet them. They are cuddly, you want to take them home and keep them forever, but if you try to motor her puppies, you will most likely have a blow. Believe me.

9. Your penis cannot hurt the baby

Okay, let’s get rid of this right away. Your penis has no effect on the baby in your wife’s belly. Clearly? I don’t care if you are Ron Jeremy’s size, your penis won’t scare your child or poke his forehead. There is nothing daunting but a conversation for sex over your penis and with your wife’s hysterical laughter. I was told …

“Your dick really isn’t going to poke your child’s forehead”

10. You will be replaced by pillows

Have you spent a ridiculous amount of money on a mattress? Such a kind of foam case with several toppers which gives you the idea that every evening 1000 little angels massage you when you fall asleep? Well, I hope you have also spent money on a comfortable couch, because you will certainly spend a few nights there during pregnancy. And that is not because your wife needs more room for the baby. It’s the pillows. Yep, that’s right.

You become increasingly irrelevant during pregnancy. The 37 pillows – including the stupid big ones – are vital for your wife’s night’s sleep. And once she starts playing, there’s a good chance you can get on the couch.

11. Don’t treat her like she’s sugar

Many men, including myself, feel very responsible and protective towards their wives. But once a baby grows in her, it becomes protective ten times as bad. I try to spare her and not let her open doors, carry groceries, lift heavy objects and so on. It’s not that I think she can’t take care of herself, it just feels like it’s more important than ever that I have to keep her safe. And that she lifts as few heavy things as possible. Exactly the moment when I hear: “I AM NOT SUGAR, STOP TREATING ME TO ME AS PRINCESS!” .

12. A pregnant woman is lazy

This point is VERY sensitive. Despite everything, they do carry new life. Her body grows, stretches and changes for that life. But the fact remains: a pregnant woman is LUI. To say something, I came across some very disturbing facts in my Daddy Files during the second pregnancy. She had not only stopped doing the dishes, but she also stopped even trying to put the dirty dishes in the sink. Instead, she brings it to the kitchen and puts it on the table. Even worse: all coffee cups are half full and each dish contains half dried out yogurt cake with cruesli. I don’t mind doing the dishes, but I do mind a kitchen full of junk. How hard is it to empty your plate and put it ONE METER FURTHER in the sink? But you can’t say anything about this, because …

13. You cannot complain

All the things I mentioned above? You cannot discuss one with your pregnant wife. Because even if she is lazy, she doesn’t want to sleep with you, you can’t sit on her breasts, can’t remember anything, she sleeps with the pillow people, she lets you sleep on the couch, arrives a lot and eats everything she sees, it does not matter. She is pregnant. She carries your child. Which means that she has the trump card and so all your complains no longer matter. Seriously, think about your complaints and how she is likely to respond to them. Something like ‘De Afwas’? You complain about washing dishes? A watermelon the size of a watermelon grows in my belly and eventually has to come out through a lemon-sized opening. NOU, WHAT WAS IT AGAIN FOR WHAT YOU COMPLAINED ABOUT ?!

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This is how you survive gift purchases during the festive season

he best time of the year? O yes! Those cozy Christmas lights everywhere are of course already beautiful, but the holidays also mean: think about the best gift you will ever give to your loved one and of course the kids. Before you get stressed, that is not necessary at all. Because coming up with something original and wrapping in gifts will make you succeed with these tips.

Pay securely with your Mastercard

Online shopping has, apart from no queues at the cash registers, another advantage: nowadays you can pay almost anywhere with your Mastercard. That is nice, because this way you are insured against theft, loss and damage and you can get your money back if your order is incorrect *. Very nice if the gift looks very different in real life than on the picture.

Use this verse

You can of course overload the kids, your family and friends with gifts, but there is a good chance that most will disappear in the closet. Sin. To prevent this, you can keep this rhyme in your head while shopping. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read .

By giving gifts to your children and friends that they want to have, which they really want, what they need and something that they can use for longer (something to read), their wishes will be fulfilled in one fell swoop. And you can search for gifts in a very organized way, without getting overwhelmed with all the fun things you come across.

Give something to do

Don’t know what to give? Skip the stores and dive into the hobbies of the person you are buying gifts for. Does your father-in-law love animals? Give an alpaca walk as a gift. Did your mother have a lot of stress at work? Spend a day at the spa together. And do you love to put nothing else on his wish list again this year than a pair of socks? Give him a high beer tasting, because he loves special beers so much. Take a good look at the person’s hobbies and you will always be happy with the experience you want to give as a gift.

And you can also be creative yourself with a homemade coupon for the personal touch. Making something small yourself is also more relaxing than braving the shopping crowd. This brings us to the next tip.

Make something yourself

You may already have the nicest gifts at home yourself. Or at least the supplies to make an original gift. Yes, you read that right: make your own gifts. From an old candle and a teacup you can make a very beautiful candle for your mother-in-law, check the DIY below .

Or pimp white, boring service that you score at the thrift store with a waterproof marker and personalize your gift. Talking about personalization, you can also make tea bags completely your own by putting your own quotes, questions or sweet messages on paper and stapling them on a string.

Everything in one place

If you do decide to dive into the stores, make sure you can buy everything in one place. The large department stores have many brands under one roof and you save yourself a lot of dabbling and doubt if you limit your shopping session to 1 or 2 stores. You can make a choice faster and you only have to go through one cash register. This also applies if you shop online. Which also have extra benefits, because if you pay . Do the gifts not arrive, are they broken or does the product not match what you saw online? Then you just get your money back.

Check discount codes

Collect all discount codes from magazines, or search for them online, and check at the stores where you plan to store gifts when there are promotions. Especially around Sinterklaas and Christmas, stores often stare with their prices, so keep an eye on the stores’ leaflets. You can care less about a few tens. Keep them in your wallet or phone so that you always have them to hand when you suddenly come across a cool gift.

It is “not expensive”

So many presents, so many wishes and so much money that suddenly goes through. You would think so, but original gifts don’t have to be expensive. In addition to a gift for themselves, give your children something they can play with. The latest board game that everyone is talking about, for example, that you can easily look up online and then pay securely with . And do not give your parents-in-law a separate gift, but give them a night away together or something nice for the home.

You can invite friends that you don’t see often for a nice dinner at your home (at your expense of course), and your partner? Make a big pot with all kinds of fun date ideas that he can unpack every month. From an evening of films to a one-hour foot massage. With these gifts you spread the costs, which is great if you are short of cash during these months.