Dating on Facebook

Dating on Facebook: how it works and what you can expect!

The popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is unprecedented. The possibilities for dating through social media websites obviously also increase accordingly.

But how do you handle that, dating via social media? When you want to start dating on Facebook, the emphasis is mainly on making and maintaining social contacts. And through your social contacts you might meet someone who is also single like you.

Dating on Facebook

Building a social network via Facebook

Once you have created an account on Facebook, you can search for friends, acquaintances, colleagues, club members, etc. who also have a Facebook account. Through a friendship request you can then make your friends on Facebook.

But also someone who meets you somewhere and clicks with it, you can now ask if he or she has a Facebook account, so that your Facebook can become friends and stay in touch with each other.

On Facebook you can search for things that interest you. Imagine, you like to drive a motorcycle and you are crazy about a certain brand of motorcycle, then you will undoubtedly find people and groups on Facebook who have the same interests as you. And by talking to these people about your common interest in actively participating in discussions in various groups, you will also get to know a lot of people and make a lot of friendships on Facebook.

The great thing about working on your social network via Facebook is that with every friendship you make, you also have direct access to the social network of the person with whom you make that friendship. The conclusion of one friendship, you can therefore just dozens of other potential contacts.

Dating through your social network has its advantages

So when you are actively working on Facebook, your social network can expand rapidly. And as you may know, most love relationships still occur most often between two people who have come to know each other through mutual friends.

And precisely from that fact you can make optimal use when you want to date via Facebook. When you meet someone you like via the social network of one of your Facebook friends, you might ask your friend to introduce her to you. Or you could send a message to the person you like with the question of how she got to know your friend and how she could get in touch with her. And if it clicks, a proposal to go dating is obviously done quickly.

Facebook offers excellent opportunities for dating. And when dating via Facebook, the emphasis will also be less on dating. This is in contrast to dating via traditional dating sites, on which people register with usually only one goal: dating and finding a friend.

As a result, the emphasis is more than once on the hope of finding a relationship, instead of making acquaintance with each other, spending time together and seeing where it ends.

This is an important advantage and can actually increase the chance of success. Because just ask around your family and friends about how they got to know each other. In nine out of ten it would not have been love at first sight, but something would automatically arise as they saw and spoke to each other more often.

And it is precisely this fact that you should always keep in mind when networking and dating via Facebook.

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