dating tips for women

5 simple dating tips for women

We all know it, when we were 20 and attending school we had a packed social life. We meet men on the assembly line in the bar, at school and on vacation. Now that we work full time and are still single, it’s a lot harder to meet a nice guy. Like many women, I dating online using websites and I have a women seeking men ad in the newspaper, and now I have come to the true Jacob.

Now many years further and wiser I would like to give you the following tips:

1# Intuition

Always trust your intuition, even if it doesn’t make sense. If someone’s profile picture or voice sounds a little scary or suspicious, trust your instinct and blow off the date. You don’t have to explain your intuition to anyone, what you feel is your feeling and you only have to live with that. It is strange but true: your feeling is almost always right!

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