DIY: 6 x the nicest easy craft you can make with paper

It’s time to tinker again! And this time with: paper. Everyone has paper, so no more excuses not to use your creativity.

Craft with paper

These craftworks are ideal for the little ones or for children who don’t feel like using a lot of things . With pens and paper, you already come a long way. Which are you going to make together with your child (ren)?

1# The easy puppies

easy craft for dog
easy craft

These little dogs are very easy to make. Ideal for the little hobbyists who don’t have much experience yet. Nice to practice with! All you need is white paper and markers. Maybe you yourself have a dog walking around at home that you can copy together? The video explains exactly how to fold the paper.

2# Colored heart

easy craft diy
For this colored artwork you only need glue and scissors, in addition to paper. Use a strip of paper as the central heart. Stick this on a white A4 sheet. Cut out enough papers in different colors and roll them the way you want. Make sure you roll them all in a different way so that it becomes an explosive heart. Stick this around the big heart and your artwork is ready!

3# Colored heart hedgehogs

Craft with paper
Colored heart hedgehogs

These love tiles are fun for young and old. Very nice if you can make this together with your brother or sister, everyone can make their own version. Give them a nice spot in front of the window or frame them and hang them up. But of course you can also give away your self-made hedgehog as a gift. Know for sure that he or she will be happy!

4# Newspaper unicorn

craft with paper
Newspapers are also paper! So get them out of the old paper bin quickly because you can make a lot of fun things out of it. This cozy unicorn for example. Use your own creativity for the moons. In addition to paper moons, you can also think of wool, glitter or shiny strands.

5# Sitting hedgehog

craft with paper
This sweet hedgehog can be made in a jiffy. Ideal for when you do not have too much time, but still want to do something nice with your child. You can also make it together the first time, after which he will try it for himself. Here you can see how to make this hedgehog step by step.

6# Paper rainbow

Craft with paper
Very nice for your child’s bedroom. A bit like a dream catcher, but slightly different. Use all colors of the rainbow and not these together. With cotton wool you make the clouds, you can stick them with normal glue. With transparent fishing wire you can make nice pendants. You can also attach small flowers, hearts or butterflies to the fishing line. Be creative!

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