matching outfits with your colleague

Do you often want matching outfits with your colleague? That is not without reason!

You wear a skirt with zebra print, she is a zebra blouse. Or one step further: you have just bought a new dress and cannot wait to show it to work the next day. Is your colleague suddenly in the same dress at the coffee machine! How is that possible? Coincidence does not exist!

And we can only confirm that, because the longer you work with someone, the more you develop the same clothing style, it turns out.

Experience things the same

Not surprising when you think about it. You probably see your colleague every day. As a result, you can experience the same things and thereby develop in an equal way. In addition, you are also in the same (work) environment and you probably have a similar income. And that is reflected in your clothing style and the places where you prefer to go shopping.

In addition, there is also a psychological reason behind it: unconsciously you start dressing the same as your colleagues, because you have the feeling that you belong. It ensures a safe feeling, so you are at ease again faster and you can do your job better. Twinning is winning !

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