How to clean a smelly drain naturally

Do you suffer from a smelly sink? With these 3 tips it is fixed in no time

It sometimes seems like a mystery where that stink in your sink comes from. You keep brushing. What can help is to make your sink as clean as possible (and to keep it) so that the smell does not get worse.

These 3 tips can help you (and it doesn’t have to be that difficult):

1. Boiled water

Number one is perhaps the cheapest option against a stinking sink: boiled water. You will be surprised how quickly boiled water can have an effect on the smell from your sink. Boiled a little too much water for your pasta or some water left over after drinking a tea? No problem, just pour it down the sink. Does it not help? Then the following tips might be the solution.

2. Baking soda, vinegar and boiled water

Does boiled water only help against the smell? Then a combination of baking soda, cleaning vinegar and boiled water may be the solution. First, pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink, then carefully add a dash of cleaning vinegar. Important to know: this combination creates a lot of foam and it starts to bubble, so do not hang above the sink. After about fifteen minutes you must rinse the bubbling bitch with boiled water. Tada, your dirty sink is clean again in no time.

3. Baking soda, lemon juice and boiled water

No cleaning vinegar in the house or do you not like that smell? Then you can also use lemon juice. You follow all steps such as tip two, but use lemon juice instead of vinegar. Easy does it !

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