A recognizable problem for many women is that they suffer from fragile nails. Not everyone has the time to schedule a treatment at the manicure once a week, but that is not necessary at all. There are a number of other factors that can help you maintain strong nails.

This way you ensure that they become strong and healthy again

Fragile nails ensure that they crack quickly or even break off completely. Your nails do not feel hard and healthy but flexible and you can also have white spots . These four tips will help you get your strong nails back.
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#1 Leave household tasks to your partner

rubber gloves for beautiful nails
And this is perhaps the best of all because your partner will really have to believe it. If something is bad for your nails, it is doing household chores. Especially the chores that come with water. Scrub the shower tiles with hot water? Bad. Do the dishes with warm water? Bad. Cleaning the toilet? Too bad.

Well that sounds very funny but good, that washing up does not happen automatically. Tip : put on rubber gloves while doing chores with warm water. What has to be done has to be done.