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Everything you want to know about weight gain and hormones

You are doing great sports and eating healthily, but losing weight is not an issue. In fact, you expected that you would finally lose weight and certainly not that your weight would stay the same or increase. Your hormones may get in the way of weight loss.

Weight gain and hormones go hand in hand. The imbalance of your hormones or your hormone balance can ensure that you do not lose weight. And besides, it’s not just about our weight, fluctuating hormones can mean a bigger health problem. Our hormones control important functions in the body such as: metabolism, menopause and glucose uptake.

Check the list below to find out and resolve your hormonal imbalance.

Weight gain and hormones


When you eat a lot of sugar or processed food, your body releases a lot of leptin. This makes your body less sensitive to the hormone leptin and therefore you do not get a signal that you are actually full. And eating more often naturally means weight gain.


This is our stress hormone that is produced by our adrenals. We can use Cortisol for short-term stresses, but it is debilitating for our body when it is constantly in effect. If too much cortisol is produced, this leads to a large amount of insulin, and that triggers fat cells!


Hormones are produced in the thyroid gland that control your metabolism, heart rate, growth, sleep and more. If you have a slow thyroid gland, you retain fluid. Moisture is of course not greasy, but it can make you look ‘heavier’.


Estrogen is the most important female sex hormone. We can get extra estrogen by feeding on pesticides or growth hormones. If your estrogen level rises you become more resistant to insulin and that can cause you to arrive.


Melatonin comes from the pineal gland and it helps you with a good sleep rhythm. In the evening the production of this is higher so that you fall asleep more easily. Our body needs sleep to recover. If we sleep too little, this may cause us to arrive because we do not produce enough melatonin.

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