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8 Great things that happen when you practice yoga

Yoga is becoming increasingly hip and is for young and old. The form in which you execute it can also be very different and the intensity fluctuates enormously. Some people do it purely for mental health, while others consider it the ultimate workout.

Yoga has many benefits. These are the 8 great things that happen when you practice yoga:

1. You are more flexible

This is of course a bit obvious, but that does not make it any less true. During yoga we work on flexibility and increasing muscle strength. And at the same time the attitudes are aimed at relieving us of stress that has accumulated in the body.

2. Losing weight

The form of yoga you choose naturally says something about the intensity of the workout, but you can certainly lose weight. Some positions are very heavy and they demand a lot from your body. Your muscles are put to work hard and the fat burning starts.

3. You get better in other workouts

Yoga makes you more flexible and ensures more confidence in your own body. This makes you better able to practice other sports. For example, you can lower deeper when you do a squat exercise in the powerhouse.

4. Reduce chronic pain

Chronic pain is serious and often you can’t turn it off mentally. Yoga can help with this! For example, yoga can help enormously against chronic back pain. You can therefore serve your body well with this.


5. You can boost your mental health

There are many different poses (or attitudes) that release our body from depressive feelings and fears. Many people can finally switch off their everyday thoughts during the session and are therefore more resistant to what is to come.

6. Creativity increases

Many people are at a dead end at work. They can no longer think outside the box and yoga is the answer. Both the postures and the breathing technique can provide us with new insights.

7. You become more positive and happy

This is a result of a calmer pattern in your train of thought. You let yourself go crazy less quickly and you feel more connected to the life you are currently in. Concerns about what is to come remain more in the background.

8. Sleep better

Sleep is very important. It influences our hormones and therefore our condition. You can read more about this here . Yoga contributes to a good night’s sleep. You feel more zen and this has a positive effect on our night hours.

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