Health tips for weight loss

Health tips for weight loss for women over 40

Watch out for what you eat and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, while removing greasy and fried foods and refined sugars.

In older age it becomes harder to lose weight, even if you strictly follow your diet and do enough exercise. Discover everything you need to know about weight loss for women over 40 in this article. Soon you say goodbye to those extra pounds once and for all.

The fight against excess body fat is usually very difficult at any age. However, it is even more difficult for women who are older than 40 years. Your body responds differently to your diet and exercise. Burning calories is slower. After all, you need more energy or effort to carry out the same activities as before.

Try these weight loss tips for women over 40

Consider the following tips and tricks for weight loss for women over 40:

Believe in yourself

Of course, losing weight is difficult, but it is not impossible. One of the biggest barriers to weight loss for women is that they get frustrated when they see no results in the short or medium term. But there is no reason for despair. These results take time, but they will come.

Some women think that their diet or exercise routine makes no difference, but that is not true. When you can lose weight, you feel a lot better. A healthier diet also helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Do the right kind of movement

So you may think you have passed the age for super energetic spinning lessons or mountaineering? Do not worry. The good news is that there are many other forms of movement. The important thing is that you choose the person who meets your needs and fits both your body type and age.

be assured you choose an activity that you like and you enjoy. If you force yourself to carry out the movements you will not see any benefits. Start with a 30-minute session three times a week and gradually extend this time. Go cycling, jogging or simply walk with your dog.

Respect your meal times

As we know the most important meal of the day is Breakfast. Then you should eat smaller meals and the end of the day with a light evening meal.

It is a good idea to eat four primary meals and two snacks. One in the middle of the morning and one in the afternoon. That will help to satisfy your hunger and your body will burn calories during the digestive process.

Watch what you eat. You have to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables (raw when possible). You must avoid all those fried foods, refined sugars and unhealthy fats.

Remember that alcohol is not good for you either. A good way to find out how many calories you should eat per day is the following: Multiply your ideal weight in kilos by 22 if you do not exercise at all, with 28 if you move once or twice a week and with 33 if you moves more than three times a week.

So if you want to weigh 60 kilos and you’re pretty active, you should consume about 1,980 calories a day!

Choose natural supplements

You probably already know that your body produces far less collagen after the age of 40, almost 50%. This can affect more than just your skin. A lack of collagen weakens the bones and joints. Take natural supplements that will also help to fight stretch marks, cellulite and drooping skin.

Keep an eye on your basal metabolism

This refers to the amount of calories that your body needs to arrive, to maintain weight or to lose weight. The amount will vary according to your age, sex, hormone values and other factors. You can calculate your basal metabolism.

You can look up a website with the calculation or contact your doctor. This gives you the ideal amount of calories to optimize weight loss for women older than 40.

Eat good

Always consume foods that are healthy and good for your body, such as water with lemon, linseed, breakfast fibers, cinnamon, almonds, salmon, whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables and red fruit. keep a close eye on how much you eat and consume per day.

Sleep well enough

This is important at any age, but after four decades your body demands enough rest to recover from your daily activities. There is no exact amount of hours for everyone, but less than six hours and more than eight hours in a row per night should be avoided.

Both a lack of sleep and too much sleep can cause your body to store more fat. Why? In the first case, a larger amount of a hormone called cortisol is produced (the ‘stress hormone’), which causes you to eat more. In the second case, too much sleep without movement causes your body to store more of what you eat than fat.

Have yourself checked regularly

Do you lose weight despite healthy eating, exercise and the right amount of sleep? Then you may suffer from a problem with your metabolism, such as a thyroid gland.

Many women have hypothyroidism and do not know this. This condition causes the metabolism to slow down and not only prevent weight loss, but sometimes even cause a weight gain.

Other symptoms of a thyroid problem are chronic fatigue, circulatory problems or cold feeling in the hands and feet.

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