How do you put on your bra

How to Put on a Bra? This says the method about your personality!

few days ago we shared the right way to put on a bra . But in practice it appears that every woman wraps her breasts in a different way in a bustier. Maybe you fasten the closure at the front and turn your bra over. Or maybe you put it on like a t-shirt. Nice and simple over your head.

Anyway, the way you put on your bra reveals something about your personality.

From behind

Do you attach your bra the way it should be? So do you put it on at the front (arms in the straps, breasts in the cups) and attach the closure to your back? A more loyal friend could not wish your environment. You are always there for everyone and don’t forget a single appointment. In addition, you attach great importance to traditions; there is no Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas that you skip. You can enjoy yourself very well, but you will really feel complete with your loved ones around you. You are a social butterfly who can chat for hours. And is someone down? Then you do everything to put a smile on his face. Caring, helpful and empathetic are words that describe your character.

Vice versa

Do you put your bra on backwards, turn it over and then pull the straps over your shoulders? Whether it concerns your wardrobe, interior, means of transport or desk; everything in your life looks perfect. In addition to the fact that you want to express your character through your looks , you have a thing for the finer things in life. You simply cannot do anything about it that – almost – everything that is in fashion fits your street. You are also a hard worker and at the same time a bon vivant. From festivals to dinners and city trips; you think your hard work can be richly promised! But you really find it best to receive support and appreciation from your environment.

Front closure

Do you find a closure at the back nothing at all and do you mainly have bras in your wardrobe with a closure at the front? Then you are super organized and practical. You can learn a lot from your tight agenda. You always listen to your mind, because why listen to your heart when you have a good brain? And your cleverness goes very well with your motivated attitude. If you have a goal in mind, go for it completely. After making a concise plan of course! And preferably you get everything done as quickly as possible. There is no time wasted in your dictionary. All in all, nothing or nobody can beat you up, talk about perseverance!

Over your head

With some bras – sports bras or bralletes) it is of course no different … But if you first attach the brackets to your bra and then put the bra on as a t-shirt over your head, you are a bit introverted. You do not like being in the spotlight and would rather have a good conversation with one girlfriend than a big party with 100 people. This makes you a good observer and does not overlook any detail. You are therefore a perfectionist and the designated person to manage a project. You view everything from a distance and you know exactly what it takes to make something a success!

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