lose weight without losing boobs

How to lose weight without losing boobs ?

Do you belong to one of those women who would like to lose some weight? With the right ratio between healthy food and exercise you often achieve the best results. Your favorite pair of jeans that can just close again, a more energetic feeling, and better in your skin. No matter how nice it may be to lose those few pounds, lose weight at the place of your bosom, nobody wants that. Curious how you can prevent that?

How do your breasts take shape?

Breasts are primarily composed of adipose tissue. There are of course also mammary glands that make breastfeeding possible. However, the amount of fat in a breast varies per woman. One woman has a bit more fat than the other woman and the place where the fat is can also differ.

As a result, breasts come in all shapes and sizes, from large breasts to flat breasts. As you gain weight, the fat cells in your breasts will expand. When you lose weight, fat cells will actually shrink.

Collagen and elastin

When you lose a good number of pounds, it is almost inevitable that your breasts will become slightly weaker. The skin around your breasts is shaped by certain proteins called collagen and elastin. Due to extreme weight loss, these proteins are put under considerable pressure. As a result, this causes the elasticity of the skin around your breasts to be confused. Yet there are a number of things you can do to minimize sagging breasts.

Lose a healthy weight

What you should absolutely avoid in the first place is crash diets and yo-yos. This greatly reduces the quality of collagen and elastin and makes your breasts hang. A better strategy is to do weight loss at a moderate pace. When you lose weight moderately, the proteins (collagen and elastin) have time to adjust to the new composition of your body. This means your breasts have less tendency to hang. For example, you can choose to lose a maximum of 1 to 2 kilos per week. In addition to protecting your breasts, it also offers benefits for the future. If you adjust your lifestyle at a leisurely pace, the chance is much greater that you will continue to do so in the long term. That way you also prevent yo-yo from going.

Most important tips for a healthy bosom

1. Nutrition

Starving yourself to lose weight? That often has the opposite effect. When you lose weight and your fat percentage drops, it happens everywhere, including in your breasts. Often that is at the ‘ends’ of our body the most and it becomes less towards your torso. That is why, for example, belly fat is so persistent. To maintain the percentage of fat in your breasts, it is very important to get enough calories. Starving yourself to lose weight is not wise.

As long as you continue to eat healthy and varied (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), your body will leave your breasts alone.

2. Movement

There is another way you can reduce the chance of sagging breasts. Your chest muscles are directly under your breasts. When you train these muscles, your chest muscles will become larger and will come a little further. That gives your breasts a lifting effect.

Although you can strengthen your chest muscles in this way, it is not possible to make your breast tissue more elastic again with strength training. A good tip is to always wear supporting sportswear or a sports bra during exercise.

Be happy with your boobs

Finally, perhaps the most important tip: don’t be too uncertain about your breasts. We are flooded with photos of ideal breasts by the media, but that is far from reality. Most women’s breasts are hanging, especially with larger cup sizes. But breastfeeding can also change your breasts.

Your breasts are firmer and more elastic at a young age. That is because the breast then mainly consists of connective tissue. As you get older, the connective tissue will increasingly be replaced by adipose tissue. It is therefore normal for your breasts to become weaker and to hang more. And feel free to give yourself a nice lingerie set as a gift. That can sometimes give you that extra bit of confidence!

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