How to lose weight without working out?

VenusMag : Lose weight without exercising, is it possible to lose weight without exercise ?

Sports is not for everyone. Sometimes you don’t have time or you suffer from a long-term injury. This allows you to arrive again. For people who can not work due to circumstances and people who do not want to exercise, I therefore have this best tips to lose weight without exercising or working out.

The advantage is that only exercise is often not enough to lose weight, so you do not have to feel guilty. It is even said that sports is only 20 percent of the process to lose weight and that for 80 percent nutrition is decisive in the success of losing weight. Nutrition is about clean food and fewer calories. By eating clean you almost automatically have fewer calories in your diet and you will lose weight.

Lose weight without working out

To help you with lose weight without working out I’ll give these top women tips for losing wight. First I will discuss what you can drink and how to make sure you lose weight, then I’ll go into nutrition and then our behavior, which has nothing to do with sports or exercise.

Lose weight by drinking differently

By drinking you often get unnoticed many calories. A lump of sugar in the coffee or tea, a glass of cola or a glass of wine at a party. Delicious fruit juice from a pack in the supermarket and you just have all sorts of annoying sugars, glucose syrup and other added sugars worked inside. Usually your body does not know what to do about it and so it becomes fat.

Tip 1: Drink more water

Drink more water
When are you actually going to eat? Most people get a signal from their bodies that they are thirsty, but interpret this as hunger or hunger. Actually, you first have to drink a large glass of water. This prevents dehydration because water has no calories, you do not get fat. Moreover, it helps your bowel movements.

To drink enough water, I always have a one and a half liter bottle on my desk. I then set myself the goal that I must have before my workday is over. That way I also prevent extra cups of coffee that I do not need.

Tip 2: Let soda stand

Cola, Sinas, Sprite all soft drinks are wonderfully refreshing, but there is so much sugar in it. And not even the right sugar, but often a kind of fructose corn syrup. This is a substance that your body can not do anything with and therefore it is stored as fat. By leaving the soda or replacing it for something that does not have all those harmful substances you prevent that fat storage continues and you get fewer calories, so your body in resting position is also due to fat burning.

Tip 3: Only drink fresh fruit juice

Diet without exercise
Fruit juice from the supermarket is delicious, but often also misleading. Note the ingredients and added sugars. All those anti-oxidants in the juice can not withstand manufactured sugars. Then you better drink a glass of water.

What you can also do is drink fresh orange juice or any other fruit juice that you see is freshly prepared. In some supermarkets you can squeeze your orange juice yourself. Pay attention, even in fresh fruit juice, sugars are no more than three glasses a day!

Tip 4: Green tea

is it possible to lose weight without exercise
Green tea is known to help you lose weight. This is because green tea speeds up your metabolism so that your body burns all the fresh sugars faster and is more likely to burn fat. This of course only works if you do not suddenly start to eat more because your body indicates to start burning fat.

Thai research has shown that you lose green tea if you drink at least three cups a day. With more than 5 cups green tea can cause kidney stones, so keep it at up to five cups a day.

Tip 5: Let alcohol stand

is it possible to lose weight without exercise
Alcohol is a major culprit when it comes to arriving. There are calories in alcohol that you can not do anything with. Vodka, for example, is made from sugar, potatoes and alcohol. Beer is also a big culprit, the term ‘beer belly’ does not exist for nothing. This is because alcohol consists of fat and acetate a kind of acetic acid. As soon as this comes into your system, the fat is stored and the acetic acid is burnt, even with wine. For people who still drink a glass of extra: keep it with two glasses and stop drinking on weekdays.

Lose weight by eating differently

Nutrition is one of the most important influences on your body besides drinking. You get important ingredients from your diet for the proper functioning of your body, nerves and bowel movements. If you eat too much of this, the excess energy is stored as fat. Therefore tips on food that you can leave better and which snacks you can replace for a healthy version.

Tip 6: No bread

is it possible to lose weight without exercise
One way to get fewer carbohydrates, which are converted into sugars or fat, is by eating less or no more bread. I told a friend of mine that this was a good way to lose weight and she lost 8 kilos with that tip, and other tips, without intensive exercise in half a year. Because you replace this bread with something else, such as proteins. You get less sugar inside. Proteins are used by your body as a combustion substance and are necessary for building your cells. Super useful!

Tip 7: No gluten

is it possible to lose weight without exercise
A tip that connects with no to less bread is to leave gluten. Gluten are nutrients that have been in our system for only a few thousand years. As a result, our body finds it difficult to process gluten. Research shows that 5 to 10 percent of people have a form of gluten intolerance. In one this is also more serious than in the other.

You fall off by avoiding gluten because gluten are often contained in processed nutrients. There are usually many calories in processed nutrients. These include, for example, salad dressings, ready meals and sauces. By allowing it to stand up you get fewer calories.

Tip 8: No meat

Do you eat a piece of meat every day? Try this once every day or even go for a full vegetarian diet. You will see that you are going to lose weight. This is because meat often has a lot of fats and a high number of calories. Meat is sometimes seen as supporting weight loss, but that is always in combination with sport. That’s because meat helps restore your muscles after an intense sports session. If you do not sport you can leave it better.

Tip 9: No dairy

Once I was zapping and stayed with Phil docter because there was a man who was suffering from morbid overweight despite his vegetarian diet. What turned out? He ate many and far too many dairy products. Dairy products are especially necessary when you are in growth, after that you can finish with a glass of milk or a portion of cheese per day. So are you a real cheese head and can not you stay away from it? Then that may be the reason why you do not have the body you want. By letting milk and cheese stand, you can mark off those calories from your list.

Tip 10: No paste

In the extension of no bread is also an advice to delete pasta from your diet. Pastes have a lot of carbohydrates that you really only need if you do intensive workouts and do a lot of endurance sports, such as 50 kilometers of cycling or running for an hour. In the case of losing weight without exercising, this is far too much of a good thing. When you read a book you really do not burn as much as when running.

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