How you treat Horror messages and ‘Momo Challenge’ as a parent?

How you treat Horror messages and ‘Momo Challenge’ as a parent?

The ‘Momo Challenge’ has been running on the internet since last year, but now the bizarre and dangerous trend is also making its appearance in Flanders. Young people and children receive spooky messages that threaten them and incite them to assignments.

In Russia, more than a hundred young people would have died after they had participated in the notorious ‘Momo Challenge’, but now the horror messages via the Netherlands are blowing to Flanders. Through WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat, young people, usually between 9 and 12 years old, get spooky messages that continue to circulate as a kind of chain letter.

The young people are sent scary images with ominous messages. For example, bad things would happen if the young people did not carry out certain tasks. And now the Momo Challenge would also infiltrate children’s films on YouTube and in Fortnite. In this way, the challenges would escape the control of parents more often.

Old children are usually playful with the messages, but especially for young children the assignments are dangerous. The Computer Crime Unit of the federal police is currently investigating some fifteen cases and Mediawijs, the Flemish Knowledge Center for Media Literacy, makes an appeal to parents to talk to their children.

This is how you deal with it as a parent

Parents of young children do well to ask their child if he / she has ever received such a message. Pressure them on the heart that they do not have to be afraid and that those messages mean nothing. Then explain to your children that they are not allowed to forward the messages, because otherwise they also scare other children.

It is also important to ensure a trust environment and tell them that you will not take the smartphone

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