getting divorced?

Is your girlfriend getting divorced? You shouldn’t say this to her

If your girlfriend breaks her marriage , there are a number of sentences she is not waiting for. You probably mean only the very best, but it can turn out to be totally wrong.

Instead, play it safe and avoid the following sentences:

“I’ve always hated him”

If someone says this to you, it’s like that person says, “I’ve always known he’s a nasty guy, told you so .” And this is not exactly helping for the person with the broken relationship. Be there for the other. Talk about feelings and emotions, but rather keep these kinds of statements for you.

“You are so handsome, you have someone else in no time”

Almost nobody should immediately think of that after a break-up. Breaking a relationship hurts, you are not after all with that person. So think of someone else right away? No, thanks . For the time being, most of us are not yet doing that. And that has nothing to do with our looks.

“I saw … in the supermarket today”

Uh okay? Nice. What should you do with this information? He does his shopping, just like everyone else. Nobody is waiting for these kinds of unnecessary reminders. You have nothing, except that you have to think about him again ..

“Let me know if I can do something for you”

When people experience something, most are inclined to withdraw. They do not always indicate that they need something. So be the girlfriend who takes them in tow. Give them the extra set they need, because they themselves are often too vulnerable for this.

“Let’s go out and go to the hole”

Perhaps the other person does not feel like engaging and feeling even lonely the next day. Alcohol does not serve as medication for a relationship breakdown ..

“I know what you’re going through”

No break-up can be compared because no relationship can be compared. So you don’t know what the other person is going through. Maybe your girlfriend saw him as the love of her life, this is not a free-range as you know them. So be sparing with your well-meant words.

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