Keto calculator

Keto calculator

Keto calculator tools give theoretical values, both the Keto calculator and the BMI calculator. That means that the values will work for most people, but not for a group of people. Every body, metabolism and food intake is unique, so it can react differently to the values from the calculator below.


How to deal with Keto calculator the results

These values are an indication. You do not have to get exactly these values every day. A little variation in calories or fats and proteins is better than every day the same. Obviously not too far above the ideal amount of carbohydrates.

This calculator therefore takes your own values into account and if you fill it in as completely and correctly as possible, you can use the given macros to work on the ketogenic diet in the best possible and responsible way, so that your body from glucose burning to fat burning.

Explanation values

You eat more fats, enough proteins and hardly any carbohydrates. Because of the fats, your calorie intake will not fall out very low so that there is enough fuel for the body. You can not only eat too much, but too little, and that does not promote weight loss because you can get into the low-energy mode and get too little nutrients. For more information read our KHARMA page.

The results of the tool vary per person. Your age, height and other factors such as your calorie consumption are taken into account.

This is also determined by the extent to which you are active or less active every day and how many grams of carbohydrates you want to eat. Of course you can not and do not have to fill in every day if the level of activity has changed, it is ultimately about the average in a week. We keep the carbohydrates at the start, between 20 and 30, the best in ketosis.

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