Learn best mental tricks and tips to lose weight

The use of mental tricks can be a good way to regulate your meals and how much you eat successfully. That’s why we want to share some mental tricks to help you lose weight effectively and healthily.

Using mental tricks can be a good way to successfully regulate your meals and control how much you eat. That’s why we want to share some mental tricks for weight loss that are both effective and healthy.

Mental tricks to lose weight

1. Use smaller plates and larger glasses

Mental tricks and tips to lose weight

If you use large plates, you unknowingly create more food on your plate. The human brain is quickly fooled by changes in perspective, when it comes to optical deception like this. By using this, you can make sure you eat less, without denying yourself things.

So size really does matter when it comes to your plate. Before you have found the right size board, however, you have to ask yourself something: what am I going to do on my plate? We often think about how much meat, chicken or fish you will serve. So we mainly focus on the proteins.

Salad with tomatoes
Here you can use the mental tricks to lose weight. If you start focusing on the vegetables, your meals will automatically become healthier.

Do not forget that your brain can easily be fooled. If you eat something that tastes sweet but does not contain sugar, such as dietary sweeteners, your brain will no longer crave something sweet and this will make it easier not to fall into the trap of sugar.

2. Count how often you chew

mental tricks and tips to lose weight
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The second of these mental tricks for weight loss is a kind of game to help you enjoy your food and pay more attention to what you eat. Count the number of times you chew and try to increase that number with each bite.

This way you avoid eating more than you need and feel more satisfied and fuller without feeling that you are about to burst. This also helps you to make healthier choices about your meals and lose weight.

Eat more slowly to appreciate what is on your plate. It is important to have real respect for your food and a way to do this is to enjoy it more carefully.

3. Measure your portions before serving the food

mental tricks and tips to lose weight
If you eat directly from the pack, you sometimes lose control of your portion size. You will probably eat more than you need. That is why it is always best to first measure the quantities and never eat directly from the pack.

Do you remember the trick of using smaller plates? Well, you can do the same thing when serving. Use a smaller spoon when serving. You serve yourself a smaller portion so unconsciously.

4. Divide large packages over smaller packages

When people eat from large packs, they generally consume 70% more of that food. That means they also get more calories. With smaller portions, however, we can feel as satisfied and full as with larger portions.

The fourth of our mental tricks for weight loss is to keep your food in smaller packages, such as plastic bags or Tupperware containers. This will help you to feel that you have eaten a whole pack and to satisfy your brain.

mental tricks and tips to lose weight
Pistachio nuts in a bowl – Credit: sothatscool.com

For example, divide a bag with mixed nuts into smaller bags. If you fancy something tasty or a snack, just pack a small bag. Do not forget that you do not have to eat straight from the package! Serve it in a small plate or bowl.

5. Put the most healthy food in the best view

Learn best mental tricks and tips to lose weight
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The brain will always choose the closest food within reach. If you ensure that healthy food is always clearly visible and easy to handle, you make better decisions.

Therefore, put fruit and vegetables clearly in sight where you can easily grab them and hide all the food that will not help you. You can also put them out of reach.

Finally, if you want to stop fighting yourself, try your willpower once in the supermarket. Do not try to buy ultra-processed food or ready-to-eat meals.

With all these tricks to lose weight you have a much healthier diet without giving in to the desire that prevents you from losing weight.

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