Losing weight after pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy – everything you want to know about it

Your body changes a lot during your pregnancy. Depending on your BMI you will probably gain between 5 and 20 pounds during your pregnancy. You automatically lose a large part of this weight during the first 9 months after the birth .

If you want to speed up this process at some point, these are the things you need to know.

Before you start reading it is important to know that there is also a high chance that your pregnancy will leave permanent marks and your body will look different. You may have to get used to this but try to see it positively: be proud of the top performance that your body has delivered and look at beautiful baby that your pregnancy has delivered.

Changed body

Abdominal muscles and skin stretch during pregnancy to make room for the growing baby. In addition, your body stores extra fluid and fat to be able to feed your baby after giving birth. It is therefore not strange that the body looks different after the birth of the baby. Yet for women it takes some getting used to seeing this changed body in the mirror and new mothers often want their own body back as quickly as possible. Realize that your pregnancy lasted nine months and therefore it also takes about nine months for your body to become deprived. So getting back into shape is very gradual and happens through a combination of a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and a good dose of patience.

Sports after delivery

The first time after the birthwill mainly focus on recovery after delivery and getting used to your life with the baby. However, you will often lose a lot of pounds in these first days because after the weight of the baby, the placenta and amniotic fluid, the excess fluid that your body retained is slowly drained away. It is important to gradually resume your daily activities without forcing the body. Especially when pelvic instability is (or has been) there, healing is easier if movement is built up very calmly.

Once the daily activities have been resumed and you have had your checkup with the midwife, you can also start exercising quietly after four to six weeks. You can build up cardio and strength training slowly, only abdominal exercises and running are best left out.

Pick up abdominal exercises

Approximately six weeks after a vaginal delivery and eight weeks after a caesarean section, abdominal exercises can be included in the training program again. The reason that the abdominal muscles need rest during the first few weeks after giving birth is to give the stretched muscles time to grow back together. During pregnancy there is space between the straight abdominal muscles, this is called diastasis.

If the exercises are built up too quickly or intensively, there is a great risk that the diastasis will be strengthened instead of decreasing. If you start abdominal exercises again after six to eight weeks, it is therefore important to build it up again.

Be careful with losing weight

If you are bottle-feeding, you can easily adjust the diet to lose excess kilos. The most responsible and effective way is to eat healthy products from the five-by-five slice and reduce a maximum of 500 kcal per day. On average you lose half a kilo a week. Make sure you have enough energy to take care of your baby. If you are breastfeeding, a diet can have an impact on milk production and waste products can end up in the milk.

It is advisable not to follow a diet during the breastfeeding period but to maintain a healthy diet. It is generally assumed that you need an extra 300-500 kcal per day if you are breast-feeding. Once the production is well underway and you know how much you should eat to stay on weight, you can slowly start exercising more and eating healthily. In this way you lose the excess weight slowly and responsibly.

Back in shape

So it’s good to know that being back in shape doesn’t always mean that your body is the same as before pregnancy. It is normal if you hold some fat in other places than before, your belly is less flat and your skin is a bit weaker here and there. Fortunately, you can also feel comfortable in yourself and be a great partner and mother in your changed body. You can be proud of yourself and your body!

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