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Top 10 best fruits to eat daily

The American fitness fanatic Bryan DiSanto has designed a ranking system. The target? Measure the nutritional values ​​of a piece of fruit. After all, DiSanto had been possessed for years by the question of what exactly is the healthiest piece of fruit on earth. And with his scale, he has finally found the answer – or then an answer.

Best fruits to eat daily

To gain insight into this complex matter in a simple and direct way, DiSanto has taken into account twelve different ‘dimensions’ in the nutritional value of a piece of fruit. These dimensions are: calories, sugar, fiber, antioxidants, glycemic load (which measures the effect of the fruit on blood sugar levels), vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K and potassium. The top ten of his ranking can be found below.

10# Blueberries

The American ‘blueberry’ is related to the plant genus ‘Vaccinium’, a genus that also includes the cranberry and the European blueberry or ‘Billberry’. Such a blueberry quickly contains 57 calories, 10 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fiber. He scores a total value of 44 on the DiSanto scale. The blueberry is originally a typical North American phenomenon. The berries come in two large varieties: small and large. The small specimens grow on low bushes in the wild.

The large specimens grow on cultivated tall shrubs. The berry has not been known in Europe for very long. The first commercial tall bushes were only imported here in the 1930s.

9# Wild cherries

With a total score of 46 on the DiSanto scale, the sour cherries do even better than the blueberries. The 50 calories per cherry, including eight grams of sugar, are particularly impressive, as are the presence of 26% vitamin A and 5% potassium. Wild cherry is also known as ‘sour cherry’ or ‘Prunus cerasus’ by scientists. It can be found in most European and Southwest Asian countries.

Of course, the sour cherry is closely related to the sweet cherry or the ‘Prunus avium’, but – like all more acidic fruits – the wild cherry has a greater nutritional value than its sweet counterpart.

8# Cantaloupe

The ‘rock melon’, the ‘muskmelon’, the ‘sweet melon’, the ‘Persian melon’ or even ‘bacon’: these are just a few names for what is understood by (the different varieties of) ‘cantaloupe’ or the fruit genus “Cucumis melo”.

The cantaloupe can weigh between 500 grams and 5 kilograms. Originally, the term specifically referred to the European, non-curing melon with orange flesh. Over the years, however, the term has also been extended and ‘cantaloupe’ means every melon with orange flesh. Today, cantaloupe is America’s most popular melon, but originally the fruit comes from Iran, India and Africa. The name comes from French and indicates the city ‘Cantalupo’, a former papal seat near Rome. It is there that the first European canteen was cultivated.

7# Papaya

The papaya comes into our vocabulary through the Spanish language. It is the fruit of the ‘Carica papaya’, the only plant in the genus of the ‘Carica’ in the ‘Caricaceae’ family. The fruit was originally a phenomenon from Tropical America, possibly Mexican and Central American. The papaya was in any case cultivated for the first time in Mexico. On the DiSanto scale, the papaya scores mainly due to an abundance of 103% vitamin C. Interesting fact: the papaya is the first transgenic fruit of which the entire genome was ever deciphered.

6# Kiwi

The ‘kiwi fruit’ or the ‘Chinese gooseberry’ is known outside New Zealand mainly under its abbreviation ‘kiwi’. It is the edible fruit of a wooden pointing stick of the genus ‘Actinidia’. The most common kiwi species (the ‘Hayward’) is oval and about the size of a chicken egg. The fruit is originally North Chinese. Other species of the Actinidia genus can also be found in India, Japan and Southeast Siberia. The cultivation of the fruit also spread from this area. The first commercial planting of kiwis thus finally took place in New Zealand. The kiwi is so healthy because it contains a shocking amount of vitamins, including an excess of vitamin C and a whopping 50% vitamin K.

5# Cranberries

The cranberry, also known as the cranberry, is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and owes its high place in the DiSanto scale mainly to this fact. The cranberry itself owes this rich value primarily to the rich, acidic marsh soils on which it thrives best and is cultivated.

These grounds are mainly found in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere. Cranberry is an important harvest and export product in a number of US states and Canadian provinces.

The popular berries are also often used in sauces, jams or juice. For example, ‘cranberry sauce’ is an indispensable part of the traditional ‘Thanksgiving’ celebrations in America and Canada.

4# Strawberries

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the strawberry deserves its place on the DiSanto scale. The ‘garden strawberry’ or ‘simple strawberry’ is a widely cultivated hybrid fruit formed by a cross between the genera ‘Fragagria’ and ‘Ananassa’. It is a surprisingly popular fruit that is widely praised for its beautiful, red color, its juicy texture and sweet taste.

The strawberry is therefore exceptionally consumed and processed in all kinds of productions such as fruit juice, cakes, ice cream, milkshakes and chocolate.

3# Psidium

Our top three gets a slightly exotic touch thanks to this fruit, the psidium, which is probably better known under its English name ‘guava’. Psidiums are plants from the ‘Myrtaceae’ family and from the genus of the same name, which comprises around a hundred different tropical shrubs and small trees. The psidium is native to Mexico, Central America and North-South America.

Meanwhile, the fruit is cultivated almost throughout the tropical region, from Africa and South Asia to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean Islands and the subtropical regions of North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. On the DiSanto scale, the fruit owes its place to its richness in natural fibers and vitamin C.

2# Raspberries

The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species from the genus ‘Rubus’, part of the rose plant family. Most raspberries are part of the subgenus ‘Idaeobatus’. The name of the fruit is immediately the same as that of the plant. Raspberries grow all year round and have a wooden trunk. They are widely cultivated in all temperate climate zones in the world. A raspberry contains 52 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fiber. But the high number of omega 3 fatty acids is particularly striking: 126.0 milligrams.

1# Burr

Here he is, the number one of DiSanto, with 64 points on the scale: the (culture) burr. In particular in terms of the presence of antioxidants, few fruits score better than 4.77 mmol present in these berries. The blackberry is the edible fruit produced by many species of the genus ‘Rubus’ from the ‘Rosaceae’ family.

This usually black fruit is not really a ‘berry’ or ‘blackberry’ in the strict, botanical sense of the word. Officially it is a so-called ‘collector stone fruit’, composed of a ‘bunch’ of smaller ‘stones’. The blackberry is widespread and often occurs in temperate climates throughout Europe, Northwest Africa, Central Asia, and North and South America.

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DIY: 6 x the nicest easy craft you can make with paper

It’s time to tinker again! And this time with: paper. Everyone has paper, so no more excuses not to use your creativity.

Craft with paper

These craftworks are ideal for the little ones or for children who don’t feel like using a lot of things . With pens and paper, you already come a long way. Which are you going to make together with your child (ren)?

1# The easy puppies

easy craft for dog
easy craft

These little dogs are very easy to make. Ideal for the little hobbyists who don’t have much experience yet. Nice to practice with! All you need is white paper and markers. Maybe you yourself have a dog walking around at home that you can copy together? The video explains exactly how to fold the paper.

2# Colored heart

easy craft diy
For this colored artwork you only need glue and scissors, in addition to paper. Use a strip of paper as the central heart. Stick this on a white A4 sheet. Cut out enough papers in different colors and roll them the way you want. Make sure you roll them all in a different way so that it becomes an explosive heart. Stick this around the big heart and your artwork is ready!

3# Colored heart hedgehogs

Craft with paper
Colored heart hedgehogs

These love tiles are fun for young and old. Very nice if you can make this together with your brother or sister, everyone can make their own version. Give them a nice spot in front of the window or frame them and hang them up. But of course you can also give away your self-made hedgehog as a gift. Know for sure that he or she will be happy!

4# Newspaper unicorn

craft with paper
Newspapers are also paper! So get them out of the old paper bin quickly because you can make a lot of fun things out of it. This cozy unicorn for example. Use your own creativity for the moons. In addition to paper moons, you can also think of wool, glitter or shiny strands.

5# Sitting hedgehog

craft with paper
This sweet hedgehog can be made in a jiffy. Ideal for when you do not have too much time, but still want to do something nice with your child. You can also make it together the first time, after which he will try it for himself. Here you can see how to make this hedgehog step by step.

6# Paper rainbow

Craft with paper
Very nice for your child’s bedroom. A bit like a dream catcher, but slightly different. Use all colors of the rainbow and not these together. With cotton wool you make the clouds, you can stick them with normal glue. With transparent fishing wire you can make nice pendants. You can also attach small flowers, hearts or butterflies to the fishing line. Be creative!

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This inflatable wine bottle is perfect for the summer

The summer still leaves some time before in our cold little country. But we have found something that will completely put you in the summer mood. The best of both worlds comes together: wine and water fun!

pool float inflatable
Air mattresses with which you can float on the water are immensely popular. There are already versions such as flamingos, unicorns and donuts. But this is special for all wine lovers.

Airbed in the shape of a wine bottle

To have! This inflatable wine bottle is #summergoals. During the hot summer days there is nothing more fun than spending time in the water. And that doesn’t have to be boring relaxing if you have a cool air mattress in your possession. With this we will undoubtedly make the flash in the pool or on the beach this summer vacation.

Inflatable wine bottle

The inflatable wine bottle is now for sale via Amazon . In the flavors Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Floating around on red while you actually prefer white wine is of course not done . As far as we are concerned, there will also be a version in Dutch stores very quickly. One thing is missing: a holder for your glass of wine.

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8 x why growing up with pets is important! the benefits of pets

In addition to the fact that growing up with pets is super fun, pets also have a positive impact on your child’s upbringing.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, but even ladybugs and walking branches, just try to remember how much fascination you used to have as a child . There are a number of advantages to growing up with pets.

1. Children with pets are less anxious and withdrawn

When children cry or feel overwhelmed, pets often lie with them. Children who receive support from their pets seem to be less anxious and withdrawn.

2. They teach children to be responsible

If you have a pet, children actually learn how to handle responsibility for more than just themselves. This way you can give tasks to your children who are dealing with your pet. Giving positive feedback on completed tasks provides a boost in self-confidence.

3. Pets are good for your health

Various studies into the effect of pets on people with mental and / or physical problems have shown that people with pets feel happier and healthier. It also appears that children with animals are less sensitive to indoor allergens such as dust mites.

4. They help develop social skills

Just like humans, animals need attention and affection. By learning to deal with pets, children can learn to deal with strangers and other children.

5. They help children to be patient

Pets can demand a lot from your patience. Scratching, chewing, and destroying pets can teach children to restrain themselves and not punish the dog for something the beast does not realize how bad it is.

6. Motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Walking pets does not only teach your child leadership qualities, but also ensures a healthy lifestyle. For example, people with a dog walk an average of 300 minutes a week, while people without a dog walk only 168 minutes a week.

7. They ensure binding

A pet is often the focus of families doing activities together. For example, everyone takes the dog for a walk, lays down on the floor and plays and takes care of the pet too.

8. Pets are your best friend

Pets are always there for you, loyal, enthusiastic and offer unconditional love where you always want to come home.

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Why stopping social media is not such a crazy idea?

Social media are all nice and nice, but meanwhile extremely addictive. You can probably no longer imagine a life without your favorite apps, but the post-smartphone period was perhaps a lot more pleasant.

What does a life without social media look like?

You work faster and better

If you are not distracted by vibrating cell phones and tablets around you, your productivity suddenly jumps out. Social media disturb us; even when we put our smartphone away, we often still think about the apps. We take a break (too) often to check for missed messages and are constantly working on the devices. We are actually multitasking non-stop. Exhausting.

You are more creative

If you feel like you are getting stuck in terms of creativity and new ideas, it may be that all of this has to do with your social media usage. According to experts, the key to creativity is taking breaks while you are busy with something other than social media. Even if you keep social media in the background, they remain disastrous for your creativity.

At the start you feel stressed

In the long run it is good to stop using social media, but in the short run you probably feel anxious and stressed. These feelings are caused by the fact that you are suddenly no longer connected to the rest of the world. If you normally are, you need some sort of withdrawal. Usually this rehab period lasts only a few days and then starts the rest of your life.

You feel less stressed

Because you can use social media almost always and everywhere, you often unconsciously feel the need to monitor EVERYTHING; 24/7. By being constantly online, your body produces extra cortisol. This stress hormone makes you feel restless and stressed, and even increases the chance of a depression. Your cortisol level drops as you distance yourself from social media. You become calmer and you can focus more easily.

You feel more confident

You will probably only show your best side on social media. You unconsciously show what others want to see; we only put the interesting, happy and almost perfect parts of our lives online. This may seem harmless at first glance, but because you only see everyone at its best, it soon feels like you’re falling short. Why are others always happy, always beautiful and always happy? If you compare yourself in a negative way with others, you probably do nothing but a big dent in your self-confidence. Stopping social media makes you feel much happier and more confident in the long term. Something to think about.

You sleep more

You think that you only check that one message before going to bed, but before you know it you will spend hours scrolling, liking and tagging. You probably feel it coming: if you stop using social media, you will avoid this problem. Think about it: an hour online every night before you go to sleep: that’s nice seven hours a week. Almost an entire working day! A waste of time, right?

Your real life relationships are getting closer

Social media can be an ideal way to stay in touch with old friends and acquaintances, but stopping online makes your tangible friendships ten times stronger. Face-to-face relationships are already much more powerful than online friendships, but by taking a break from social media you automatically focus more on these people. And that is bearing fruit.

You get bored less quickly

What do we do if we have to wait somewhere or stand in line? Yes, we are conjuring up our smartphones. Strangely enough, this actually doesn’t work at all; scrolling thoughtlessly past messages that we have seen ten times that day, makes us more bored than grabbing a magazine or book. An activity that makes our brains work really kills time.

You sit less

Sitting all day can be just as harmful as smoking, researchers claim. And say yourself, when we finally have free time after a long working day, we check our social media. By logging out you save a lot of time for other, healthier activities. Sure, you can go Netflix, but you can also take a walk with the dog or take a spinning class. It’s up to you.

You learn more about yourself

When you stop scrolling through the opinions of others, you will gradually find out what drives YOU, instead of them. Distancing yourself from social media means that you do not constantly need more confirmation, feedback and attention from others; direct or indirect. That wanting to be relevant in the eyes of someone else decreases, so you get to know yourself better. Sounds good right?

You become more decisive

The norms and values ​​of the majority of people are influenced by what they read on social media. Many decisions are not even really considered, it is a kind of collective consciousness. By stopping social media you learn to think for yourself and to make decisions independently and make choices. Quite pleasant in itself.

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13 things all men need to know about pregnant woman

If the moment is there and you are expecting your first child, then it is nice to keep this story under your nose. Because maybe you don’t know it yet, but from experience we can say that quite a lot has changed as a pregnant woman. And every phase has its challenges. Pass it on to your husband, friend, brother or any man …

The 13 most important things to remember as a man near a pregnant woman:

1. Give her enough food continuously

Everyone knows that eating is important for pregnant women. But what the uninitiated may not know is that the timing is important. Bottom line: if she says she’s hungry, she means it. Feed that woman immediately or she will eat your face. Know that “I’m hungry” doesn’t mean she’s looking forward to dinner in an hour. It means that you have to give her a snack before you leave for the restaurant.

If you fail and don’t give her something straight away, it can result in extreme bitchiness in the best case, or injuries in the worst. Change yourself for nine months in a running, talking food machine and there is nothing wrong.

2. Food: What is yours is hers, and what is hers is what you keep away from

There is a good chance that you have been together for a few years, so you know everything about sharing things in life. After all, you share your life with each other. And although that still applies, this does not apply to food. If you eat her food (or your food that she has somehow claimed), she will do something to you. Maybe not physically, but once it’s done, it’s your turn. I had eaten the chocolate once. When she found out during a hunger attack, she became extremely angry. That was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Just stay away from the food.

“Whatever her comfort food is, one of the side effects is that YOU arrive”

3. You will arrive

Have you noticed that all the text above is about food? That is not a mistake. Eventually every pregnant woman or a certain point gets mega cravings. When my wife was pregnant with the first, she only wanted pizza, Kit Kat and grapefruit. The second time it was just fruit salad. But whatever her comfort food is, one of the side effects is that YOU arrive. Yes, the men also arrive. This is mainly because we participate in our partner’s food kicks and all that junk food also counts with us. I gained 12 kilos during pregnancy five years ago, a shadow of what she arrived (WITH the baby)! So pay attention!

4. Don’t say she’s going to be HUGE

I knew that my wife was pregnant and that pregnant women are arriving. That’s why I really thought there was nothing wrong with saying that my wife had such a cute swollen belly. In my mind this was just nature as it should be, and that there is nothing better. But something broke after the first two or three times. “STOP SAYING THAT I AM THICK! I KNOW I AM THICK! YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY! ”It didn’t matter that in my eyes she had never looked so beautiful, or that it was THE GOAL that she arrived. Which brings me to the next point.

5. Mamnesia (or ‘pregnancy brain’) is real

I know, it sounds like a term coined by the media. But that’s not it. Pregnancy dementia is real. It starts with small things, for example, that she looks for her glasses on top of her head, which is still cute. But in no time things happen like she left the basement door open while it freezes and now the floor is freezing everywhere in the house. And how ironic, I once asked my wife if she could give me more examples of pregnancy dementia, but she couldn’t. She simply couldn’t remember.

6. Goodbye, sense of humor

The good news is: she is having a baby. The bad news? There was not enough room for the baby AND her sense of humor. If you are quite a witty person like me, then this will cause problems. Unfortunately my pregnant wife no longer finds my unique view of humor funny now that she carries our little parasite around her belly. The result is that I am firing a great joke (in my view) that is not only aimed at deaf ears. No, there’s a good chance you’ll fire them at murderous ears. You have been warned.

“Unfortunately there was not enough room for the baby AND her sense of humor”

7. Say goodbye to sex

Listen carefully to me, you will soon be sexually frustrated. The first trimester is by far the worst. That is the period that she goes through most of the changes and feels the craziest. The only thing she can do is try to prevent her having to vomit every morning, so it doesn’t matter that you don’t feel loved. So turn on the porn and give yourself a hand, because from now on you are a camel or sex area, my friend. The only bright spot is that you will have sex twice during pregnancy. You have a period of one to two weeks in the beginning of the second trimester in which her appetite is back. Enjoy it, because it’s not going to happen until late in the pregnancy. At the very end, she desperately wants the baby to come out, that she uses you in the hope that she will gogave birth . Yes, that sounds awkward, but after the drought it’s relief – as long as her water doesn’t really break.

8. Yes, her breasts are larger. No, you can’t sit on it all the time

If we are talking about sex anyway, let me tell you about the most cruel trick of mother nature. If a woman carries a child, that is a wonderful thing. That maternity glow that you always hear about is real, and it works wonders for her hair, her nails and … her breasts. A becomes C, B becomes D and C becomes Hallelujah Thank you, Jesus! They swell to huge proportions, literally until her bra bursts at the seams. The only problem is you can’t touch it. It feels like you are going to a pet store, seeing all sweet puppies behind glass and you are not allowed to pet them. They are cuddly, you want to take them home and keep them forever, but if you try to motor her puppies, you will most likely have a blow. Believe me.

9. Your penis cannot hurt the baby

Okay, let’s get rid of this right away. Your penis has no effect on the baby in your wife’s belly. Clearly? I don’t care if you are Ron Jeremy’s size, your penis won’t scare your child or poke his forehead. There is nothing daunting but a conversation for sex over your penis and with your wife’s hysterical laughter. I was told …

“Your dick really isn’t going to poke your child’s forehead”

10. You will be replaced by pillows

Have you spent a ridiculous amount of money on a mattress? Such a kind of foam case with several toppers which gives you the idea that every evening 1000 little angels massage you when you fall asleep? Well, I hope you have also spent money on a comfortable couch, because you will certainly spend a few nights there during pregnancy. And that is not because your wife needs more room for the baby. It’s the pillows. Yep, that’s right.

You become increasingly irrelevant during pregnancy. The 37 pillows – including the stupid big ones – are vital for your wife’s night’s sleep. And once she starts playing, there’s a good chance you can get on the couch.

11. Don’t treat her like she’s sugar

Many men, including myself, feel very responsible and protective towards their wives. But once a baby grows in her, it becomes protective ten times as bad. I try to spare her and not let her open doors, carry groceries, lift heavy objects and so on. It’s not that I think she can’t take care of herself, it just feels like it’s more important than ever that I have to keep her safe. And that she lifts as few heavy things as possible. Exactly the moment when I hear: “I AM NOT SUGAR, STOP TREATING ME TO ME AS PRINCESS!” .

12. A pregnant woman is lazy

This point is VERY sensitive. Despite everything, they do carry new life. Her body grows, stretches and changes for that life. But the fact remains: a pregnant woman is LUI. To say something, I came across some very disturbing facts in my Daddy Files during the second pregnancy. She had not only stopped doing the dishes, but she also stopped even trying to put the dirty dishes in the sink. Instead, she brings it to the kitchen and puts it on the table. Even worse: all coffee cups are half full and each dish contains half dried out yogurt cake with cruesli. I don’t mind doing the dishes, but I do mind a kitchen full of junk. How hard is it to empty your plate and put it ONE METER FURTHER in the sink? But you can’t say anything about this, because …

13. You cannot complain

All the things I mentioned above? You cannot discuss one with your pregnant wife. Because even if she is lazy, she doesn’t want to sleep with you, you can’t sit on her breasts, can’t remember anything, she sleeps with the pillow people, she lets you sleep on the couch, arrives a lot and eats everything she sees, it does not matter. She is pregnant. She carries your child. Which means that she has the trump card and so all your complains no longer matter. Seriously, think about your complaints and how she is likely to respond to them. Something like ‘De Afwas’? You complain about washing dishes? A watermelon the size of a watermelon grows in my belly and eventually has to come out through a lemon-sized opening. NOU, WHAT WAS IT AGAIN FOR WHAT YOU COMPLAINED ABOUT ?!

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This is how you survive gift purchases during the festive season

he best time of the year? O yes! Those cozy Christmas lights everywhere are of course already beautiful, but the holidays also mean: think about the best gift you will ever give to your loved one and of course the kids. Before you get stressed, that is not necessary at all. Because coming up with something original and wrapping in gifts will make you succeed with these tips.

Pay securely with your Mastercard

Online shopping has, apart from no queues at the cash registers, another advantage: nowadays you can pay almost anywhere with your Mastercard. That is nice, because this way you are insured against theft, loss and damage and you can get your money back if your order is incorrect *. Very nice if the gift looks very different in real life than on the picture.

Use this verse

You can of course overload the kids, your family and friends with gifts, but there is a good chance that most will disappear in the closet. Sin. To prevent this, you can keep this rhyme in your head while shopping. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read .

By giving gifts to your children and friends that they want to have, which they really want, what they need and something that they can use for longer (something to read), their wishes will be fulfilled in one fell swoop. And you can search for gifts in a very organized way, without getting overwhelmed with all the fun things you come across.

Give something to do

Don’t know what to give? Skip the stores and dive into the hobbies of the person you are buying gifts for. Does your father-in-law love animals? Give an alpaca walk as a gift. Did your mother have a lot of stress at work? Spend a day at the spa together. And do you love to put nothing else on his wish list again this year than a pair of socks? Give him a high beer tasting, because he loves special beers so much. Take a good look at the person’s hobbies and you will always be happy with the experience you want to give as a gift.

And you can also be creative yourself with a homemade coupon for the personal touch. Making something small yourself is also more relaxing than braving the shopping crowd. This brings us to the next tip.

Make something yourself

You may already have the nicest gifts at home yourself. Or at least the supplies to make an original gift. Yes, you read that right: make your own gifts. From an old candle and a teacup you can make a very beautiful candle for your mother-in-law, check the DIY below .

Or pimp white, boring service that you score at the thrift store with a waterproof marker and personalize your gift. Talking about personalization, you can also make tea bags completely your own by putting your own quotes, questions or sweet messages on paper and stapling them on a string.

Everything in one place

If you do decide to dive into the stores, make sure you can buy everything in one place. The large department stores have many brands under one roof and you save yourself a lot of dabbling and doubt if you limit your shopping session to 1 or 2 stores. You can make a choice faster and you only have to go through one cash register. This also applies if you shop online. Which also have extra benefits, because if you pay . Do the gifts not arrive, are they broken or does the product not match what you saw online? Then you just get your money back.

Check discount codes

Collect all discount codes from magazines, or search for them online, and check at the stores where you plan to store gifts when there are promotions. Especially around Sinterklaas and Christmas, stores often stare with their prices, so keep an eye on the stores’ leaflets. You can care less about a few tens. Keep them in your wallet or phone so that you always have them to hand when you suddenly come across a cool gift.

It is “not expensive”

So many presents, so many wishes and so much money that suddenly goes through. You would think so, but original gifts don’t have to be expensive. In addition to a gift for themselves, give your children something they can play with. The latest board game that everyone is talking about, for example, that you can easily look up online and then pay securely with . And do not give your parents-in-law a separate gift, but give them a night away together or something nice for the home.

You can invite friends that you don’t see often for a nice dinner at your home (at your expense of course), and your partner? Make a big pot with all kinds of fun date ideas that he can unpack every month. From an evening of films to a one-hour foot massage. With these gifts you spread the costs, which is great if you are short of cash during these months.

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5 Ways to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

Some men don’t last long in bed. This cannot always be fun for us women. The fun lasts only a short time and when it really is very short, it doesn’t do much. If you want to extend your bed sessions, you can do this with the following tips:

How to last longer in bed

1. Take it easy

If you want your partner to last longer, let him start quieter. He does not go straight for the profit but builds it up quietly. When he feels that he should come already, you take a short break, or you slow down the pace a bit. Take your time and do it quietly when in a hurry.

2. Practice makes perfect

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away. Practice makes perfect and, on the other hand, your friend can ‘help himself’ in advance. When he has already come once, he will come to you less quickly. For most men it applies that they have to charge, and you can make good use of it.

3. Pelvic floor exercises

We women are familiar with this. Because when you do exercises for the pelvic floor you make sure that your orgasms are more powerful. And it turns out: men who do pelvic floor training can often postpone their orgasm longer. When you do this exercise together, sex will be great.

4. Use a condom

Men are often not too enthusiastic about condoms and that is because they feel less because of this. This can work well to prolong sex. They have less feeling and so the peak lasts longer. He may not be so enthusiastic about the idea in the beginning, but he would also like to have longer sex – so he does work.

5. Change position

Change positions more often and faster. In this way it doesn’t stay with a feeling for too long, it is interrupted by the alternation and it is almost as if you always start over a little. Tip: when you are on top of the man, you often postpone the orgasm the longest.

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7 Benefits of quinoa, the ‘super grain’

Quinoa is not a cereal, but because it looks like it is also called a pseudo grain. It comes from the quinoa plant and what you eat are the seeds. These can be white, red or black and they are extremely healthy. These are the 7 benefits of quinoa:

Benefits of quinoa

1# Quinoa is one of the most protein-rich foods we can eat.

It is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids.

2# It contains almost twice as much fiber compared to other ‘grains’

Eating fiber helps prevent constipation, and it also helps to prevent heart disease. Fiber lowers cholesterol and glucose levels, they can contribute to weight loss and they provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

3# Quinoa contains iron

Iron helps keep our red blood cells healthy, it transports oxygen from one cell to another and it supplies oxygen to the muscles. In addition, iron also promotes brain function because the brain takes up around 20% of our blood oxygen.

4# It contains lysine

Lysine is especially important for the growth and repair of our tissues.

5# Quinoa is rich in magnesium

Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels and it can reduce diabetes by promoting healthy blood sugar levels. Other health benefits of magnesium are: good regulation of body temperature, detoxification, energy production and the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

6# It has a lot of Riboflavin (B2)

B2 improves energy metabolism in our brains and in muscle cells.

7# Quinoa has a high content of manganese

Manganese is an antioxidant that helps prevent damage to mitochondria (cell organelles) during energy production. In addition, it protects red blood cells and other cells against free radical injury.

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Miracle Supplements and Vitamins for Weight Loss

Do vitamins and minerals help you lose weight? And even more good news: you do not even need a vitamin infusion or supplement, because these nutrients are simply found in healthy food.

Why vitamins and minerals are important if you want to lose weight

Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals to put enzymes to work that burn stored body fat. If you do not have enough of these vitamins and minerals in your body , losing weight will not work .

How your body uses vitamins and minerals during weight loss

The process of fat burning proceeds in a number of steps. Each step requires an active enzyme that triggers combustion and keeps it going. Simply put: a vitamin or mineral presses the ‘switch’ of a certain enzyme, so that it can do its job.

If an enzyme is ‘on’, it becomes active and your body can start burning fat to use as energy. Your liver is particularly involved in this process. In this organ, fatty acids are broken down and converted into energy. Vitamins and minerals thus unlock the energy that is stored in your body.

By always providing sufficient vitamins in your diet, you actually kill two birds with one stone: your body becomes slimmer and you have more energy.

Which vitamins are involved in fat burning?

No less than eleven different types of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are active in fat burning:

Vitamin B

Different types of B vitamins not only help convert fat into energy, but also ensure that your body can get energy from carbohydrates and proteins. To be precise, it involves no fewer than six B vitamins.

You can find these B vitamins mainly in sunflower seeds, linseed, liver, chicken and nori. So put this on your shopping list if you want to lose weight. Here you will find a tasty recipe with nori.

Vitamin A and D

Vitamin A and D have a direct influence on our DNA and, as it were, activate genes that are involved in fat metabolism. Egg yolk is a good source of these fat-soluble vitamins. You can also find vitamin D in liver and fatty fish. Carrots are also a good source of provitamin A.

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps to break down a fat particle further, so that your fat burning continues. You might not expect it soon, but vitamin C is found mainly in bell peppers, black currants, Brussels sprouts, parsley and kale. Look here for a surprising recipe with this healthy vegetable.


Various studies have shown that calcium can help with weight loss. The mineral increases the temperature of your body, so your metabolism goes up a gear and you burn more fat. In fact, the more calcium your fat cells contain, the more fat you burn. Calcium is mainly found in cheese, sesame seeds, chia seeds and sardines.

Omega 3 fatty acid ALA

The omega 3 fatty acid ALA can help you to lose extra weight if you are losing weight. According to research among overweight or obese women. The women who took ALA lost more weight than women who took another omega-3 fatty acid.

You can find ALA in small quantities in different types of food, such as Brussels sprouts and spinach. So put this on your menu if you want to lose weight.

I hope this article helps you to lose excess pounds naturally. What are your experiences? Share them in the comments below!

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How to lose weight without losing boobs ?

Do you belong to one of those women who would like to lose some weight? With the right ratio between healthy food and exercise you often achieve the best results. Your favorite pair of jeans that can just close again, a more energetic feeling, and better in your skin. No matter how nice it may be to lose those few pounds, lose weight at the place of your bosom, nobody wants that. Curious how you can prevent that?

How do your breasts take shape?

Breasts are primarily composed of adipose tissue. There are of course also mammary glands that make breastfeeding possible. However, the amount of fat in a breast varies per woman. One woman has a bit more fat than the other woman and the place where the fat is can also differ.

As a result, breasts come in all shapes and sizes, from large breasts to flat breasts. As you gain weight, the fat cells in your breasts will expand. When you lose weight, fat cells will actually shrink.

Collagen and elastin

When you lose a good number of pounds, it is almost inevitable that your breasts will become slightly weaker. The skin around your breasts is shaped by certain proteins called collagen and elastin. Due to extreme weight loss, these proteins are put under considerable pressure. As a result, this causes the elasticity of the skin around your breasts to be confused. Yet there are a number of things you can do to minimize sagging breasts.

Lose a healthy weight

What you should absolutely avoid in the first place is crash diets and yo-yos. This greatly reduces the quality of collagen and elastin and makes your breasts hang. A better strategy is to do weight loss at a moderate pace. When you lose weight moderately, the proteins (collagen and elastin) have time to adjust to the new composition of your body. This means your breasts have less tendency to hang. For example, you can choose to lose a maximum of 1 to 2 kilos per week. In addition to protecting your breasts, it also offers benefits for the future. If you adjust your lifestyle at a leisurely pace, the chance is much greater that you will continue to do so in the long term. That way you also prevent yo-yo from going.

Most important tips for a healthy bosom

1. Nutrition

Starving yourself to lose weight? That often has the opposite effect. When you lose weight and your fat percentage drops, it happens everywhere, including in your breasts. Often that is at the ‘ends’ of our body the most and it becomes less towards your torso. That is why, for example, belly fat is so persistent. To maintain the percentage of fat in your breasts, it is very important to get enough calories. Starving yourself to lose weight is not wise.

As long as you continue to eat healthy and varied (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), your body will leave your breasts alone.

2. Movement

There is another way you can reduce the chance of sagging breasts. Your chest muscles are directly under your breasts. When you train these muscles, your chest muscles will become larger and will come a little further. That gives your breasts a lifting effect.

Although you can strengthen your chest muscles in this way, it is not possible to make your breast tissue more elastic again with strength training. A good tip is to always wear supporting sportswear or a sports bra during exercise.

Be happy with your boobs

Finally, perhaps the most important tip: don’t be too uncertain about your breasts. We are flooded with photos of ideal breasts by the media, but that is far from reality. Most women’s breasts are hanging, especially with larger cup sizes. But breastfeeding can also change your breasts.

Your breasts are firmer and more elastic at a young age. That is because the breast then mainly consists of connective tissue. As you get older, the connective tissue will increasingly be replaced by adipose tissue. It is therefore normal for your breasts to become weaker and to hang more. And feel free to give yourself a nice lingerie set as a gift. That can sometimes give you that extra bit of confidence!

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Eczema diet tips: Foods to eat and avoid

One has a place that each sometimes and the other has an extremely dry skin all the time, the next has eczema. All very uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Did you know that nutrition can play an important role in this?

Indeed, there are quite a lot of products that can contribute to the emergence of this. A cow’s milk allergy or intolerance , for example, often goes hand in hand with having eczema.

You can eat this best when treating eczema

Fortunately, there are also many foods that help to treat them. Below I have listed these foods for you.

Try to limit or avoid the following foods

  • Cow’s milk and cow’s milk products
  • Gluten
  • Spelled
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Maize
  • Glucose syrups made from corn
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Refined products
  • E numbers

Biogenic amines

Biogenic amines are compounds in food which, among other things, can trigger hypersensitivity reactions. These biogenic amines can be found in many foods.

Try to avoid these foods as much as possible. Raw fish, shrimp, mussels, oysters, lobster, crab, tuna, fish preserves, marinated meat, minced meat, barbecue sausages, hamburgers, organ meats, game, pork, salami, smoked products, Bananas, fruit preserves, sauerkraut and other types of cabbage, tomatoes, spinach (frozen food is often possible), beets, rhubarb, beans, peppers, avocado, olives, ginger, coriander, anise, celery, vanilla, alcoholic drinks, especially wine and beer. Also limit the use of goat’s milk, nuts, game and fruit.

Eczema diet : What can you eat then?

A whole list. No worries! Fortunately, the good news is that there are enough goodies left to eat. Eat the following foods and chances are that you will get the eczema under your thumb:

  • Sardines, mackerel, halibut, whitefish
  • Eggs
  • Goat yogurt
  • Lentils
  • Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts
  • Pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries, raspberries, blackberries, apricots, mango, cherries
  • Endive, purslane, Brussels sprouts, chicory, carrots, star cherry, (raw) onion, (raw) garlic, sweet potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil.

There is really enough left over that will make your skin happy.

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Did you know that your avocado is also suitable as a beauty product?

Avocados are delicious. This fruit is delicious on toast, with a salad or as a guacamole. In addition to being tasty, avocados are also extremely healthy. They are rich in vitamins B, C, E and K, potassium, magnesium, copper, folic acid and iron.

That is precisely why these delicacies can also be used for beauty scenes. This food is good for your hair, skin and nails. Holy guacamole, how nice!

Avocado Beauty Tips

1# Silky soft hands

Thanks to the nourishing vitamin E, avocados guarantee silky soft hands. Puree half of the fruit together with a ripe banana. Coat your hands with the spread and your hands will feel great. Oh enne, the zinc in the fruit provides strong nails!

2# Nutrition for your lure

Yes, with this versatile fruit you can also make a mask for radiant locks! Puree half an avo together with a dash of olive oil. Coat your hair with the stuff and let it soak for 20 minutes. Rinse your locks well and wash your hair as usual.

3# Glossy skin

And this mask also pays off for your skin. That is, if you replace the olive oil with honey. Honey is antibacterial and avocados have a soothing and nourishing effect. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes for a shiny result.

4# Burn baby burn!

Of course you apply yourself well with sunscreen! But it can still go wrong. Do you come home as red as a lobster after a day at the beach? A bit of avocado puree soothes your burned skin.

5# Flaky scalp

Stir half an avo with two drops of tea tree oil and a dash of olive oil. Massage this on your scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing and washing as usual.

6# Dark circles

Do you suffer from dark circles under your eyes? Mix a few tablespoons of avocado with a dash of almond oil and spread it under your dark circles. Wash it off your face 20 minutes later and repeat this trick a few times a week.

7# Dry feet

Do you suffer from dry and cracked feet? Clean your feet, apply a mix of half an avo and a few tablespoons of coconut oil to the affected area and wash everything away after 15 minutes.

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What does it mean if you wake up at the same time every night?

You are super tired and only want one thing; to your bed! It is therefore not surprising that you fall asleep within one breath of breath. Still, you manage to wake up in the middle of the night. And this time around 2:45 am. How is this possible?

Provided it happens occasionally, it’s not strange that you wake up at night. Does this happen more often and usually around the same time? Then this can say the following about your health.

If You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night, This May Be Why

1# Insomnia

After hours of ceiling sessions you will finally fall asleep … To wake up in the middle of the night and repeat the tune from the beginning. Insomnia is no fun, read the symptoms + tips here!

2# Stomachache

It is precisely because you stop at night and do not eat that your stomach can react violently at the moment. Do you suffer from very pain and / or does the stomach ache disturb your sleep rhythm? Then call in a doctor!

3# Angst

Are you afraid of something? Do you walk around with fears? Or do you suffer from nightmares? Anxious feelings can disrupt your night’s sleep. Fortunately, there are many ways to relax your mind before you fall asleep, such as mediation and breathing exercises.

4# Bladder problems

Is the reason that you wake up a crowded bladder? Waking up at night to pee can indicate diabetes or bladder problems. A doctor’s visit can’t hurt!

5# Diabetes

People often wake up anyway in people with diabetes. Is this accompanied by thirst, hunger and faltering? Have a check-up with your doctor.

6# Sleep apnea

Sometimes waking up at night may be related to sleep apnea, or not breathing during your sleep. Sleep apnea is accompanied by a sleepy feeling, mood changes, loud snoring and gasping for breath. To get the diagnosis sleep apnea you need to see your doctor.

7# Alcohol

Granted; A nightcap is sometimes all you need to fall asleep. Nevertheless, an alcoholic snack does not always contribute to a good night’s sleep. Avoid alcohol about 3 hours before bedtime to get the most out of your beauty sleep!

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3 Things to deal with if you are married to a scorpio man

If your partner was born at the end of October or the beginning of November, you probably have hooked up an intense and emotional person. The scorpio man is known for their gravity, they are quiet but very powerful. It can be a challenge to gain and maintain their confidence.

Here are some tips on how you can best deal with your scorpio man:

1# Be introverted together

The scorpio man is often introverted, he has to charge after parties and parties, while you can continue as usual. Your partner likes to do things one on one with you. Therefore, do not expect him to jump when you propose all kinds of friends meetings. Scorpions prefer contact with one person at a time. Maybe that is why he is particularly happy to be alone with you.

2# Write love letters

Scorpions often have difficulty trusting people, the partner does not have to be an exception. It therefore often takes a little longer to win the love of this person. They are somewhat reserved and therefore you may have to do some extra sweet things. Consider, for example, a love letter (or sweet post-it’s ), these kind of sweet gestures make him more certain of his case.

3# Angry sleep

The moodiness that the scorpion can have is sometimes tiring. The only thing you can say to yourself in this case is “be patient and don’t care.” Give them time and let them cool. You will probably go to bed angry because the scorpio man is good at sustaining. But when you are awake, it has cooled down sufficiently to clear up and resolve the situation.

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7 Green flags to go for this relationship – relationship values

So much is written about red flags in love. Listen carefully to your alarm bells before entering into a relationship! But what about the green flags ? If you can check these 7 dots, it might still be worthwhile to go all the way together.

Relationship values

#1 You can be authentic

Everything about a relationship is easier if you can be 100% yourself and receive all the appreciation from your partner. Without apologizing, without having to fake something or work on yourself. With all your fears, all your sorrows and uncertainties. If someone thinks you should be or act differently, that person might need someone else by his side …

#2 Trust is not an issue

You just know that this person is behind you. You can count on each other and you don’t have the feeling that you have to be on your guard. You feel safe with the other person. Incidentally, the ‘not trusting’ may also be in you, due to a previous experience or uncertainty. It is also important that you feel safe enough to make it negotiable.

#3 Communicating is smooth

It’s so nice that everything you tell is heard by the other person. Everything is negotiable, you feel safe enough to touch on any topic that is close to your heart. Without effort you can express what you feel for the other. Even if those are less pleasant feelings, feelings for someone else or other things that you find difficult to tell.

4# You share the same values

We all grow up in different circumstances, with different norms and values. If someone shares the same values, you avoid conflicts about deep-rooted beliefs. Quarrels that you will never come out of, because you simply believe in other things. Shared values ​​are actually the basis of a pleasant relationship. It’s nice if you think the same about health, sexuality, friendships, upbringing and financial matters.

5# Compromise without conflict

You can never agree on anything. A relationship without conflict does not exist. Fortunately, because how much else can you be yourself? However, it is nice if compromise goes smoothly, without resentment. You like to adapt to the other person, because you know that he does the same for you. Moreover, you see it as a challenge to go along with the other person’s plan.

6# Laughter and lightness

You can be nice and stupid with each other, make jokes that only you understand. You have to laugh at the same videos, articles and stories from friends. If one of the two tells a weak story, luckily there is always one person in the room who has to laugh … Moreover, you are good at small bullying at each other and joking about the flaws of the other, without ending in a fight.

7# Embrace dark sides

Everyone has a dark side . Pain, fear, uncertainty. Some people stay with you even though you go through such a difficult period. Or if something bad happens in your life, such as a death or a setback. Even if an ugly side comes up or you need distance to process things on your own. The person who can give you all the space you need is a keeper.

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The Killer body diet: sample one day diet recipes

The Killer body diet is a book that was published in 2016 by fitness guru Fajah Lourens.

The purpose of the diet is to lower the fat percentage and increase muscle mass. You can achieve this by following the diet for 12 weeks and structurally taking in fewer carbohydrates and calories than your body needs. In addition, it is possible to follow a sports program.

Want to know more about what the Killerbody diet actually entails and its advantages and disadvantages? Then read this article.

If it is going to follow the Killerbody diet, what can you eat? We selected some meals to give you a good idea:


Vegetable smoothie , consisting of 150 grams of spinach, 30 grams of avocado, a small piece or pinch of turmeric, 250 ml of almond milk and a pinch of cinnamon. 72 calories.


Chicken salad , consisting of 200 g lamb’s lettuce, 1 half avocado, 2 cherry tomatoes, 250 g chicken fillet and 100 g mushrooms. Add pepper and salt to taste. 441 calories.
Shrimp salad with chicory , consisting of 2 shrubs of chicory, chopped, 2 large tomatoes, diced, 1 red onion, thinly sliced, 1/2 cucumber peeled, 1/2 lemon, pressed, 50 grams Apetina light, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 200 grams of shrimp. 264 calories.


1 apple and 2 Medjoul dates, 170 calories.


Penne with smoked trout, consisting of 100 g wholemeal penne, 1 leek, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 red pepper, 1 tomato, 100 ml crème fraîche, 150 g smoked trout and pumpkin seeds. 520 calories.
Vegetarian lasagna , consisting of 1 zucchini, 1 eggplant, 1 onion, 1 red pepper, olive oil, 2 tomatoes, 2 scoops of mozzarella, Italian herbs and tomato sauce. 388 calories.


Homemade healthy ginger nuts , consisting of: 200 g spelled flour or almond flour, 70 g organic honey, 60 g coconut oil, 2 tbsp gingerbread spices, pinch of salt, 2 tsp baking powder, 3 tbsp almond milk. 60 calories per 12 gingerbread cookies.

By making a combination between the above meals, your average calorie intake will be around 1250 calories. This is a good amount according to the Killerbody diet if your average consumption is a few hundred calories above this number.

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Losing weight after pregnancy – everything you want to know about it

Your body changes a lot during your pregnancy. Depending on your BMI you will probably gain between 5 and 20 pounds during your pregnancy. You automatically lose a large part of this weight during the first 9 months after the birth .

If you want to speed up this process at some point, these are the things you need to know.

Before you start reading it is important to know that there is also a high chance that your pregnancy will leave permanent marks and your body will look different. You may have to get used to this but try to see it positively: be proud of the top performance that your body has delivered and look at beautiful baby that your pregnancy has delivered.

Changed body

Abdominal muscles and skin stretch during pregnancy to make room for the growing baby. In addition, your body stores extra fluid and fat to be able to feed your baby after giving birth. It is therefore not strange that the body looks different after the birth of the baby. Yet for women it takes some getting used to seeing this changed body in the mirror and new mothers often want their own body back as quickly as possible. Realize that your pregnancy lasted nine months and therefore it also takes about nine months for your body to become deprived. So getting back into shape is very gradual and happens through a combination of a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and a good dose of patience.

Sports after delivery

The first time after the birthwill mainly focus on recovery after delivery and getting used to your life with the baby. However, you will often lose a lot of pounds in these first days because after the weight of the baby, the placenta and amniotic fluid, the excess fluid that your body retained is slowly drained away. It is important to gradually resume your daily activities without forcing the body. Especially when pelvic instability is (or has been) there, healing is easier if movement is built up very calmly.

Once the daily activities have been resumed and you have had your checkup with the midwife, you can also start exercising quietly after four to six weeks. You can build up cardio and strength training slowly, only abdominal exercises and running are best left out.

Pick up abdominal exercises

Approximately six weeks after a vaginal delivery and eight weeks after a caesarean section, abdominal exercises can be included in the training program again. The reason that the abdominal muscles need rest during the first few weeks after giving birth is to give the stretched muscles time to grow back together. During pregnancy there is space between the straight abdominal muscles, this is called diastasis.

If the exercises are built up too quickly or intensively, there is a great risk that the diastasis will be strengthened instead of decreasing. If you start abdominal exercises again after six to eight weeks, it is therefore important to build it up again.

Be careful with losing weight

If you are bottle-feeding, you can easily adjust the diet to lose excess kilos. The most responsible and effective way is to eat healthy products from the five-by-five slice and reduce a maximum of 500 kcal per day. On average you lose half a kilo a week. Make sure you have enough energy to take care of your baby. If you are breastfeeding, a diet can have an impact on milk production and waste products can end up in the milk.

It is advisable not to follow a diet during the breastfeeding period but to maintain a healthy diet. It is generally assumed that you need an extra 300-500 kcal per day if you are breast-feeding. Once the production is well underway and you know how much you should eat to stay on weight, you can slowly start exercising more and eating healthily. In this way you lose the excess weight slowly and responsibly.

Back in shape

So it’s good to know that being back in shape doesn’t always mean that your body is the same as before pregnancy. It is normal if you hold some fat in other places than before, your belly is less flat and your skin is a bit weaker here and there. Fortunately, you can also feel comfortable in yourself and be a great partner and mother in your changed body. You can be proud of yourself and your body!

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10 Lemon beauty hacks every girl must know

slice of lemon makes your drink a lot fresher. And some dishes also taste a touch of lemon juice. But did you know that lemons are also suitable outside the kitchen? When life gives you lemons you…

When life gives you lemons: 10 x beauty hacks with Lemon

1# cleansing lotion

Lemons have strong antibacterial properties, making them perfect for removing bacteria. The substances in coconuts moisturize your skin Add a few drops of lemon juice to a glass of coconut water et voila. You have your own cleansing lotion.

2# Pigmentvlekjes

Lemons are packed with vitamin C; an ingredient that makes the skin lighter. Do you suffer from pigmentation spots? Or dark spots on your knees or elbows? Rub it with a slice of lemon and you will see that your skin gets lighter.

3# Blackheads

It may sound too good to be true, but lemons help you treat blackheads. Lemons contain a certain type of acid that clears your pores. After cleansing your face, rub a slice of lemon over the black dots for an even skin.

4# White teeth

Do you dream of a radiant white smile? Mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply it to your teeth. Leave it on for a while and then brush your teeth well to scrub the mixture off. The only thing left is to thoroughly rinse and laugh like never before. Say cheese!

5# Firm skin

Lemons are rich in antioxidants that stimulate collagen production. That’s why lemons make your skin shine! You can simply mix a few drops of lemon juice into your face lotion!

6# Oily skin

Do you suffer from oily skin? The citric acid in lemon juice acts as a natural astringent. Clean your face as usual. Then catch a few drops of lemon juice with a cotton pad and gently rub your face. Bye oily skin!

7# Kissable lips

Mix a little lemon juice with some brown sugar to make your own lip scrub. The ingredients in the lemon juice release dead skin cells and the sugar softens your skin. Your lips can be kissed in no time!

8# Nail amplifier

Do you suffer from weak nails? Mix a dash of olive oil with lemon juice and soak your nails in the stuff. Dry and brittle nails are now a thing of the past.

9# Shaded effect

Can your blonde hair be a little lighter? To create the ombré effect, apply some lemon juice to the ends of your locks. With some sunlight, your hair will get a completely different color.

10# Fresh breath

Did you eat a little too much garlic last night? Lemon juice refreshes your breath and fights the bacteria in your mouth. That is why it is the perfect mouthwash, especially just before a date .

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Black toothpaste that whitens your teeth? Watch it out!

Toothpaste that not only cleans your teeth, but also whiter it. And the color is black! Have you ever tried it? The black toothpaste is a whitener toothpaste , it makes your teeth a shade lighter – at least that’s promised.

black toothpaste whitening

The strange color and the whitener effect is caused by one ingredient: active charcoal. Active charcoal is seen as a good alternative to the peroxide that is also used for teeth whitening, for example. Yet research shows that the black stuff can also be harmful to your teeth.

Investigate whitener toothpaste

The research was published in the British Dental Journalist. For the research, researchers from the University of Manchester examined 50 different charcoal toothpastes. What turned out to be? Most toothpastes with charcoal would cause tooth decay in the long term.

It also turned out that the toothpaste does not whiten your teeth, but rather darkens it! According to the scientists, this is due to the abrasive effect of the charcoal powder in this type of toothpaste.

This abrasive effect ensures that stubborn dirt disappears from your teeth, but you actually boar too hard. As a result, the enamel on your teeth can be affected and the layer underneath will be exposed, and this layer is darker. In turn, damaged tooth enamel can cause sensitive teeth and that can cause you to get cavities faster.

It is recommended not to use the black toothpaste more than once a month unless the powder is extra fine.

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Why do you get so tired of swimming?

Are you going for recreational swimming with the whole family every so often? Or do you occasionally dive into the water with your bestie to swim laps? Swimming can be a wonderful form of relaxation. Literally and figuratively, that is. Because whether you’ve been swimming for half an hour or an entire afternoon, you are always tired afterwards!

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Muscle strength

With cycling, skating and running the focus is mainly on training your legs. As well as in the gym, where it is ‘legday’ or ‘abs day’. Most workouts focus on collaboration between a certain muscle group and your core. But while swimming you train all the muscles in your body.

This form of exercise guarantees cardio, strength and technique training. You use your abs, biceps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. It’s no wonder your body gets so tired!


Because swimming is relaxing for many people, we forget that swimming laps is equivalent to an intense workout. Your heart rate will rise – just like with fitness, cycling and running -. You may not get out of breath when you lie in the water, but as soon as you fall down on the couch you feel that your heart has had a boost.


Have you ever made ‘swimming movements’ outside the water? That’s apple egg. However, the water provides the right resistance that our muscles put to work. Your body also uses a lot of energy to warm up again after swimming in cold water.

Did you swim in warm water? Then there is a good chance that you have become slightly pink. All in all, swimming is not only the perfect workout, but also the perfect sleeping aid!

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6 bizarre things that happen to your body when you watch a horror movie

Whether you prefer a horror movie or a romcom , there are certain things that happen to your body when you watch a horror movie. And this one.

1. Your body is prepared to flee

Watching a horror movie ensures that your body is in a fight-or-flight mode. The stress hormones in your brain automatically ensure that your body is ready to take action at any time. Fortunately the creeps are only on the silver screen. But it’s a nice thought that your body responds well in scary situations.

2. You burn calories

The stress hormones ensure that you are ready to fight for your life. Because of this your body sends blood and oxygen to your muscles, so you start pumping faster. Sometimes the heart rate can increase to such an extent that it looks like you’re doing a light workout. For example, one horror film can ensure that you burn no less than 113 calories. If you dare to take it off!

3. Your senses become sharper

When a creepy clown is the main character, your body can react as if that clown is actually in the room. And not just on the screen. You feel like a prey, so that your senses are in focus. You are startled by the smallest sounds and the film suddenly becomes a lot more colorful. Your mind focuses on all sensory details within your environment and, as it were, prepares itself to recognize threat. Freaky!

4. You become nauseous

Do you ever have problems with your intestines and / or stomach while watching a horror movie? This is actually an aid from nature. Centuries ago, when our ancestors were threatened by predators, vomiting was a resort. Once your body gets rid of excess waste you can run away more easily and quickly. Thanks to the vomiting, they were able to escape faster. Dirty , but handy!

5. Your immune system runs overtime

Watching horror movies causes your body to produce more white blood cells, suggesting that your immune system works extremely hard to protect your body against anxiety and stress.

6. Dopamine is released

After all that anxiety, stress and adrenaline, dopamine is released automatically, so you can feel blurred for a while. But in addition to a blurred feeling, there is also a psychological benefit to extra dopamine. Everything that you normally experience as ‘scary’ or ‘risky’ now fails. Have you always wanted to bungee jump or do you want to ask your boss for a salary increase? This is your ultimate opportunity!

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How to Prep Your Skin for Summer Sun – summer tips

Although a sun kissed skin makes us shine, we now know that the sun is not too healthy for our skin. That is why it is extra important to prepare your skin well for a nice beach day, a barbecue in the garden or a pool party. You also prepare your skin well for the warm, sunny summer days!

This way you prepare your skin well for the sun

1# The right hydration

Without hydration, your skin loses elasticity, making your skin more vulnerable to damage such as UV rays and pollution. The more moisture your skin retains, the better your skin can stand the sun. Therefore, make sure that you shower as little as possible, use as little hot water as possible, and ignore cosmetic products that contain a lot of perfume. Always provide your skin with a good layer of moisturizing lotion after showering.

2# Scrubbing is key

It is of course always nice if you have a nice tan after a day at the beach! That is why it is essential to exfoliate your skin. Do not do this on the day itself, but a maximum of one day before you lie in the sun. Use a mild scrub that fits your skin and try not to rub too hard. A slight movement is sufficient to remove all dead skin cells. In this way the brown complexion penetrates deeper into your skin. And your skin naturally feels silky smooth. That’s nice!

3# Hair removal

Although body hair is natural, most women enjoy removing hair before wearing revealing clothing. Are you going for a method other than shaving, such as epilation, waxing or waxing? Then your skin needs at least three days to recover. Heat, perfumed care products and scrub can cause irritations. So plan your treatment well in advance and otherwise go for it with a razor blade, preferably one day before tanning!

4# Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate

It cannot be said often enough, but it is SUPER important to protect your skin from the sun. Therefore provide your beach bag with a bottle of sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type. Don’t forget to put on ‘sneaky spots’, such as your scalp and lips. There are also special lip balms on the market that protect your lips from UV radiation. As well as sun creams that are only suitable for your sensitive face. After sunbathing, of course, take a good run of aftersun to properly hydrate your skin!

Also important: Pay close attention to the expiry date of your sunscreen!

5# Provide your bag with this essential

Last but not least: don’t forget water. Hydration is not only important from the outside, but also from the inside. Therefore, make sure you have enough bottles of water to hand and keep drinking enough during the day.

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6 Benefits Of Taking Cold Shower

You probably shouldn’t think about it, but showering with cold water is very healthy! In addition to the fact that a cold water splash immediately shakes you up, these are also good reasons to close your shower with a cold jet from now on.

1# After workout

Have you had an intense workout and are you barely climbing the stairs? A cold shower reduces your muscle aches. It is even better to step into a cold shower immediately after your workout. Athletes don’t do this for nothing …

2# A healthy heart

Cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict for a moment and then dilate again. In this way you stimulate your blood circulation and thus the health of your cardiovascular system. Cellulite also prevents optimal blood circulation!

3# A radiant look

Hot water dries out your hair and skin, causing the natural oils to be lost. Therefore, wash your hair with cold water. Your locks will shine like never before! And your skin looks smooth and tight. Ideal!

4# Immune booster

Cold water provides more flexibility in your lymph vessels. These ensure the removal of waste in your body and protects you against ailments. Do you have a weak immune system? Then you know what to do.

5# Vet burner

You have white and brown fat. White fat makes for armbands, brown fat keeps your body warm. When you step into the cold shower, the brown fat is activated, giving you more energy and burning calories to keep your body warm. Kiss that gym goodbye!

6# Happy feelings

Cold showers train your nervous system, so that you can handle stressful situations better. Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you have a cool deadline? Get under the cold shower!

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10 Best food for flat belly

You can work up a sweat every week or even daily in the gym, usually that is not enough to really get that tight stomach you want. Nutrition also plays a major role in this and also ensures that you feel comfortable. Because such a bloated feeling is not pleasant and is often caused by gas formation due to the wrong diet.

We have selected for you what kind of food helps you to get that flat (er) belly, which is also super tasty and healthy. So only benefits. Eat these beauty foods as a snack in between, or simply incorporate them into your meals.

Best food for flat belly


Almonds help the muscle in your body and contain healthy fats that are good for anything and everything. They have a positive effect on the prevention of heart failure, high blood pressure and cancer, but also help when you go for that flat stomach. Take a few in between as a snack, a little different from that bowl of chips, and really just as tasty.


Eggs are a source of protein and protein. This stimulates muscle building and ensures that you will not get hungry the rest of the day. Throw the egg in the pan tomorrow morning!


Fish contains a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids, which has many health benefits. In addition, it speeds up the metabolism, so you lose weight faster. Salmon is a very fatty fish, so it may sound illogical to eat if you want to get rid of a tummy, but fatty fish is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. It also helps to combat inflammation in the intestines, which helps you get rid of bloating.


Quinoa has been known as superfood for a while and that is no coincidence. It contains a lot of fiber and potassium, making your food easier to digest. As a result, you feel less likely to be bloated and your stomach becomes flatter. Extra fun: it contributes to a glowing skin.


Oatmeal porridge is also a good way to start the day. Oats are rich in fiber and antioxidants, which reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and at the same time gives you the energy you need in the morning. When you have breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal porridge, you certainly do not have any cravings until at least lunch, because you get very full of fiber. These fibers also ensure the proper functioning of your intestines, so: a flatter stomach.


Nice to add to your oatmeal porridge: red fruit, such as raspberries or strawberries. Really tasty and super healthy. We already knew that fruit is generally healthy, but red fruit specifically improves digestion and bowel movements. So a less bloated feeling, which can also be seen on your stomach.


If you are not a fan of oatmeal, you can of course mix fruit with a bowl of yogurt. Yogurt contains probiotics and these are bacteria that help with digestion and therefore help you feel bloated.


Not surprising that this pink fruit helps you to get a tighter, flat stomach: it consists of about 93% water. And drinking a lot of water is very important, because you ‘rinse’ your body. Because the fruit is full of moisture and low in calories, you will get saturated but no belly fat will be stored. With the summer almost approaching, it is not bad at all to enjoy this delicious fruit.


Garlic is a great seasoning that fortunately is used in many dishes. And an additional benefit: garlic helps to reduce fat in your liver and reduces that bloated feeling if you experience this. This is due to the substance allicin that it contains: it kills bacteria that cause excess gas.


Avocado is really one of our favs. It fits almost everywhere and you can eat it at any time of the day. So it is only an additional advantage that the good fats in avocado ensure a higher fat burning. And as if that wasn’t enough: avocado also gives you more energy.

This list of ingredients proves that you really don’t have to start a boring diet if you want a flatter stomach. Because a breakfast with salmon, egg and avocado is just great enjoyment, right?

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20 easy ways to burning fat for women

This way you stimulate your fat burning so that it goes faster.

1. Mustard

One teaspoon of mustard can increase your metabolism by 20%, according to the Oxford Polytechnic Institute .

2. Row your rotten

Research from Duke University showed that test subjects who did cardio exercise 30% less, but dropped as much as those who only did weights.

3. Chew gum

Sugar-free gum after your meal suppresses your urge to snack for up to three hours, according to Glasgow Caledonian University .

4. Hot stuff

Take a capsaicin supplement with your breakfast. Research from the University of Maryland shows that it increases your adrenaline level, which helps to burn fat.

5. Call for rye

In a study by Georgia State University , a rye bread sandwich with chicken fillet, lettuce, and olive oil helped athletes lose more body fat.

6. Acid solution

Drink 1 liter of water with 2 teaspoons of vinegar and you store less fat. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

7. All hands up

Go to a festival or concert. Calorie trackers show that with an hour you wave your hands in the air ( like you just don’t care ) you burn 360 kcal.

8. Liquid lunch

Slurping a well blended soup in gives a more saturated feeling than eating a thick stew. Consume consommé, reports a study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

9. Acid bomb

A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that diets rich in fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and miso, can reduce belly fat by 5% in 12 weeks.

10. The referee is a …

Let your emotions go when your favorite team makes a mess of it and jump up and down. Sitting for a long time encourages your body to produce fat cells faster, according to Cell Physiology .

11. Vitamin C

Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and help lower your insulin level. Take an orange as a snack, Scripps Science Research Clinic recommends .

12. Pub games

You burn 191 kcal with an hour of pooling or darts – just as much as in a large pint of beer, say researchers at the University of South Carolina .

13. ZZZ

With 7 to 8 hours of sleep you double your fat burning if you follow a diet. Chicago University

14. Waterworker

Go for a swimming session once a week. Water offers 1,000 times more resistance than air, so if you carry a lot of weight, this is better for your joints and you can keep it full longer. Indiana University

15. Earthy

Eat strawberries three times a week. Scientific journal Circulation reveals that the flavonoids in strawberries dilate your veins and help remove accumulated fat.

16. Go together

Couples who train together are 34% more likely to last. Also nice: you can admire yourself in lycra. Journal of Clinical Nutrition

17. Skip it

Replace jumping rope for 5 minutes of your workout. Researchers at Illinois University say that with 10 minutes of jumping you burn as many calories as with 15 minutes of running.

18. Be it

Add beetroot to your burger to inhibit the absorption of ‘bad’ fats. Make a beet salad or put some slices of beet on the meat. University of Aberdeen

19. Go out

Going out with your measurements will keep you in shape. Researchers at Ohio University say that social men are 50% fitter than house sparrows. Tell that to your girlfriend.

20. Go outside

Train outside in the winter. It stimulates brown fat, so that you produce heat and your fat rolls burn 60% faster.

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5 Single mom dating tips

Some women consciously choose to stay alone after a divorce. This applies equally to single mothers. They no longer feel like doing that with men and they choose to throw themselves into their children.

The lack of faith in love or just a lack of time. It can all be reasons not to date a single mother anymore. Yet there are also plenty of women, who are also single mothers , who would prefer to be with a man. For this group we have a number of tips for when you are dating.

Dating as a single mother

1# Go out

Don’t you like dating apps? Then go out with friends. Make sure you meet men. This can of course also be just on a birthday. Make sure you are among the people. Arrange a babysitter or plan your outings if you don’t have the children.

2# Present yourself as a woman

This sounds pretty logical, but we are quickly placed in the single mother’s box. We are also single mothers, but in the first place you are yourself. A woman who is also a mother. You can introduce yourself as a single mother, but it is better to present yourself as an independent, tough, sexy or whatever for a woman who also has children.

Make work of yourself. Choose a nice outfit during the date , tutor yourself and enjoy the exciting anticipation.

3# Date in a nice location

Choosing a location where you feel comfortable makes you feel more relaxed. Certainly if you haven’t dated for a long time, it can be a bit awkward. Even though you got to know each other during some party; meeting together for the first time can be very exciting. So choose a place that you feel comfortable with.

4# Be honest

You can tell the first night that you have children, if he doesn’t already know. Is so honest and tidy. Does he not want that? A pity, but that is true. You deserve someone who is open to your children, even if they are not his. You may not be looking for a replacement father for your children, but that man may one day have to deal with your children. He must want this and you must find it worth it!

By the way, be careful not to burn your ex completely, even though your ex is really a loser because of all that weird behavior. Be dosed honestly. If you immediately tell everything open and uncovered it may come across to him differently than you mean. That would be a waste.

5# Take it easy

Your life has changed. You are usually busy with work and the children. As a result, you soon have less time than women without children. Try to get your benefits out of this. It is rarely a good idea to rush into a relationship. Take advantage of the situation and take the time to get to know each other. Wait to introduce your children until you have more certainty that your relationship has a good chance of success.

Above all, enjoy the time together before you fully integrate it into your family life. No one can determine when it is time to introduce him to your children, but some caution is advisable for your children.

Go and enjoy this exciting time. Who knows, you might meet him and have a great time together. Lots of fun!

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8 surprising reasons for learning a foreign language

When you walk through the romantic alleys of the French capital with your beret and a baguette in your hand, you feel like a real Parisienne. The only thing missing is the language . You can just order a red wine without the waiter looking at you in a weird way, but it stays there. Well, you shouldn’t have dropped Frans once you had the opportunity to do so.

You have been dreaming for years now to speak this language fluently. But hey! It is never too late to learn something new. So why don’t you venture into a foreign language ? In addition to the fact that it is great fun to familiarize yourself in a foreign country, learning a foreign language has surprising benefits!

1. Brain

Research shows that learning a foreign language can improve your thinking ability. Being bilingual has a positive effect on your cognitive functions – perception, thinking, awareness, memory, attention, recording and processing knowledge. Studying is the perfect way to train your brain!

2. Multitask

Although it is often assumed that women can do two things at the same time, this does not apply to every woman. If you have trouble having a conversation while the television is on, learning a foreign language can change this. Research shows that multilingual people are better multitaskers!

3. Focus

A study shows that people who have more languages ​​are better at observing their environment. This means that multilingual people are better at focusing on relevant information and filtering out irrelevant things. Do you speak more languages? Then you recognize misleading information in no time!

4. Native language

Studying a foreign language helps you to master your own language even better. It is precisely because you analyze and compare both languages ​​that you are constantly working on your mother tongue. Handy!

5. No choice stress

Studies show that people who speak two (or more) languages ​​can make more rational decisions. Each language contains different complications in its vocabulary that unconsciously influence your final choice. Bilingual speakers are also more likely to reconsider their choice in a second language, which ensures confidence in their final choice.

6. Career

Within our international society it is not wrong to speak two languages. It can even give your career a huge boost! Maybe you have always dreamed of opening a café in France, traveling a lot for work or studying in another continent. The world – in terms of work – is open to you!

7. Traveling

Your holidays are guaranteed to be more fun, because the threshold to speak the language of the country is becoming blurred. You discover the authentic side of the country or continent and you experience the adventure of your life!

8. Self-confidence

As soon as you master a new language, your self-confidence grows enormously. You can have a chat with more people, understand films and series without subtitles and you can help tourists when they ask you the way. All compliments and the admiration for your new skill naturally also lend a hand.

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30 things you can do with your children when it rains

In our cold little country it sometimes rains with trays from heaven. These are the kind of days you like to stay inside with the little ones. Are you looking for some inspiration for these rainy days? Then read on.

These are the 30 things you can do with your children when it rains:

  1. Make your own mucus . Because the little ones love this!
  2. Camping inside. Set up a tent, add flashlights, and tell some exciting stories.
  3. Make your own marshmallows. These also do great during the indoor camping session!
  4. Create a play paradise (such as: a climbing paradise) at home. Try to copy the Ballorig park!
  5. Bake cookies . Because baking cookies is always a good idea. For example, make these gluten-free chocolate coconut cookies , because they are delicious.
  6. Make a paper machine dish. Nice crea bea with the kids;).
  7. Hold a film marathon.Cozy cozy and warm on couch. Read also: From Frozen to Alladin: from this date you can stream Disney movies with the kids via Disney + in the Netherlands .
  8. Make a fidget spinner yourself. Because they themselves are also very interesting.
  9. Go to a museum. Educational and fun at the same time.
  10. Go treasure hunt indoors. You would have loved this yourself in your youth.
  11. Performing a play. From Romeo & Juliet to Shrek, everything is possible!
  12. Make mini pizzas. This is a fun and cozy job with the kids. For example, make these small mini pizzas from eggplant .
  13. Go to an indoor skate park.For the tough little men (and girls).
  14. Craft a DIY thing. We have enough fun DIY things in our archive! Such as: DIY Squishy: 4 easy and fast ways to make a squishy yourself .
  15. Bullying (the card game). This makes people happy.
  16. Go out for lunch. And in particular to places where you normally do not come.
  17. Make your own moon sand. Children still find this fantastic.
  18. Organize a tea party. Combined with tasty snacks and pastries of course. These delicious chocolate brownie bites will taste great.
  19. 19. Get started with play dough. This never bores.
  20. Organize a dance party. The children from the neighborhood can also participate nicely in this.
  21. Have a (board) games afternoon. Cozy as always. Also read: Family evening! The best board games for children of all ages .
  22. Go bowling. If your child is old enough for this, of course.
  23. Read a book. This is wonderfully cozy while it rains.
  24. Make Oreos yourself. Because these cookies are even tastier than normal cookies. Make: Recipe: Oreo cheesecake truffles (2 ingredients, so delicious) .
  25. String the bracelets. Girls in particular are fans.
  26. Give a fancy dress party. Collect as many outfits as possible and make your effort.
  27. Making paper planes. And let the whole room fly through.
  28. Play hide and seek. An old but fun game!
  29. Create a unicorn recipe. Because everyone is a fan of unicorns.
  30. Go badminton with inflated balloons. You can do this for hours.
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Is your girlfriend getting divorced? You shouldn’t say this to her

If your girlfriend breaks her marriage , there are a number of sentences she is not waiting for. You probably mean only the very best, but it can turn out to be totally wrong.

Instead, play it safe and avoid the following sentences:

“I’ve always hated him”

If someone says this to you, it’s like that person says, “I’ve always known he’s a nasty guy, told you so .” And this is not exactly helping for the person with the broken relationship. Be there for the other. Talk about feelings and emotions, but rather keep these kinds of statements for you.

“You are so handsome, you have someone else in no time”

Almost nobody should immediately think of that after a break-up. Breaking a relationship hurts, you are not after all with that person. So think of someone else right away? No, thanks . For the time being, most of us are not yet doing that. And that has nothing to do with our looks.

“I saw … in the supermarket today”

Uh okay? Nice. What should you do with this information? He does his shopping, just like everyone else. Nobody is waiting for these kinds of unnecessary reminders. You have nothing, except that you have to think about him again ..

“Let me know if I can do something for you”

When people experience something, most are inclined to withdraw. They do not always indicate that they need something. So be the girlfriend who takes them in tow. Give them the extra set they need, because they themselves are often too vulnerable for this.

“Let’s go out and go to the hole”

Perhaps the other person does not feel like engaging and feeling even lonely the next day. Alcohol does not serve as medication for a relationship breakdown ..

“I know what you’re going through”

No break-up can be compared because no relationship can be compared. So you don’t know what the other person is going through. Maybe your girlfriend saw him as the love of her life, this is not a free-range as you know them. So be sparing with your well-meant words.