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Are you not comfortable? Our 6 nutrition tips will help you!

You know it: you are not comfortable with yourself. Then the comfort food is so packed. Bad sugars, less good fats: they go in as a sweet cake! The beginning of a vicious circle has been made. What we eat has an effect on how we think and how we feel. Feel better with these six easy food tips – even if it is against it!

6 nutrition tips will help you:

Tip 1: Eat good fats

Omega 3 plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the brain. These fats can help with depression. Omega 3 is very good and healthy as a supplement to swallow, because we get enough omega 3 through our daily diet.

Tip 2: Use more tryptophan

5-HTP (5-Hydroxy L-Tryptophan) is a naturally occurring amino acid that is the precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is known as the feel good substance in your brain. Foods that increase serotonin production in your brain would also improve your mood.

Tip 3: Vitamin D

Vitamin D supports the health of your bones, but is also very important for the production of tryptophan and serotonin. So look for the sun!

Tip 4: Vitamin B

Low levels of vitamin B can lead to depressive feelings. You can take this vitamin as a supplement, but it is better to get it from your diet by eating healthy and varied.

Tip 5: Do not take too much sugar!

Do you know the feeling you have after eating sugar? You actually feel worse! The well-known sugar dip. You can not use it right now. Occasionally eating sugar is not bad, but if you do not feel well, try to hold back. You think it does you good, and it does it for a while, but then you feel even worse!

Tip 6: Drink water

Water is the elixir of the moment. It is essential for the trillions of chemical reactions that give us energy during the day. Drinking insufficient water can cause fatigue and irritation. Water is really the best you can drink to stay hydrated.

Use these foods every day for optimal health

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15 Best Foods for a Flat Stomach

Abs are made in the kitchen. That’s how it is! You can get a proper stuffy belly of carbonated drinks, big plates of spaghetti and more unhealthy. You keep your belly nicely flat by eating the following food:

Flat Stomach food list

#1. Green tea

The antioxidants in green tea help prevent the absorption of fat. If you regularly drink green tea, it can also speed up your metabolism and speed up weight loss. A nice and nice drink!

#2. Lemon

Lemon juice is very healthy (and especially in hot water). It helps with the removal of waste, but also with the digestion. This is a fine twist to control your bloating.

#3. Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium, the dust that can excrete excess water from our body. The less moisture you hold, the lighter you will feel. A banana a day, keeps the belly okay =).

#4. Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in potassium, just like bananas. It is not intended that you richly buttered with butter or sour cream. But eating potatoes can be safe now and then. They are particularly good for digestion when you save the skin.

#5. Fibers

Fibers prevent constipation and ensure that bowel movements are maintained. When your bowel movement stays out, your stomach can expand considerably. Fibers in flaxseed, for example, speed up the process.

#6. Olive oil

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties and protects against high cholesterol levels. It is therefore advisable to richly decorate your salads here. Rather, so dip in bread!

#7. Kefir

Kefir is rich in protein but also in healthy bacteria. And let the latter be perfect for our digestion. Kefir looks a bit like yogurt and buttermilk in taste. You can easily replace your previous dairy products here.

#8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are mostly water and they work diuretic. Excess water weight can thus be lost by eating cucumbers very often. Your belly is very happy here.

#9. Quinoa

This is really the alternative for all those grains. Quinoa is gluten-free and also very rich in fiber, which greatly helps digestion. For example, you eat this instead of rice, pasta, bulgur and other cereals.

#10. Pure chocolate

Yes, dark chocolate is allowed! Obviously, you should not eat chunks of it, but a little delicious dark chocolate is good for metabolism. And in addition, you will of course be very happy, not unimportantly;).

11. Blue berries

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that counter belly fat. You can eat this delicious at breakfast, snack or serve as a dessert. This type of fruit is one of the best fruits because there are so many good things in it.

#12. Asparagus

What applies to the cucumber also applies to the asparagus. This vegetable acts as a diuretic and makes your stomach free of excess water weight. This applies to both green and white asparagus.

#13. Salmon

This oily fish works well, accelerates metabolism and also reduces inflammation in the body. More often a piece of salmon is not really a bad idea! And besides, it is of course very tasty.

#14. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are always a good idea, but spinach is already very healthy! There are a lot of antioxidants in it, and spinach is rich in various vitamins: A, C, E and K. Which all counteract belly fat!

#15. Avocado

This green fruit helps prevent inflammation in our body, and it ensures that our blood sugar level stays in balance. This can contribute to a nice flat stomach and no bloated stomach, because of a body that is out of balance.

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3 tips for a tighter stomach

Belly fat, almost all women and also men have a small roll of fat on the belly that you might prefer to lose. An ultimate tight stomach does not necessarily have to, but that belly is sometimes in the way. And you want to get rid of it. But you do not know what to do? Do you have to eat fewer calories? Running? Or not? We give you 3 tips that really help to get a tighter stomach.

With the right tips & tricks you can really do it.tighter stomach

Tip 1: RELAX!

Did you know that your ‘stress’ promotes fat storage on the stomach? When your body experiences stress – both mental stress and physical stress – it makes glucose out of your reserves to give you the energy you need to survive this stress. This is the case with physical stress, but in long times of mental stress your body does not use the fuel and your blood sugar level will be constantly out of balance. To keep the blood sugar in check your body will produce insulin.

Too much insulin production ensures that the glucose is not converted into energy, but is stored as fat. Mainly in the abdominal area. So it is very important that you relax, make time for yourself, talk about things and enjoy nothing at all.

Tip 2: Train hard, but not too long

Exercise and strength training, you get a nice belly. It is important that you get enough exercise daily; the more exercise, the higher the heart rate and the more fat you burn. Yet it is important that you look closely at your training. Long-term cardio workouts are not good for your hormone management. Your body goes into the low-energy mode after one hour and recognizes the efforts as stress. Again you get a disturbed blood sugar level and you increase the capacity for abdominal fat storage. Training up to an hour is therefore more than enough. In addition, strength training of the large muscle groups is very important.

Trained muscles provide 24-hour combustion with optimal fat burning. The training of your individual abdominal muscles hardly puts anything on the dike, go for the big work, because that gives you a tight stomach.

Tip 3: Do not fat and eat fat

Numerous studies show that eating healthy fats stimulates fat burning and makes your skin and hair shine. Look at the Mediterranean cuisine; full of oils and fats of olives, fresh cheeses, fish, avocados and nuts, resulting in; flat bellies.

Following a carbohydrate-rich diet results in the opposite; the fat just stores itself in the abdominal area. So limit your intake of carbohydrates. Then that belly can still go on vacation!

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tips for a healthy carnival

Carnival is imminent in the south of the country! For most, carnival means a big party! But how nice and nice would it be if you came through the carnival healthy and well? With our tips, “healthy parties” is possible!

Did you know that Carnival used to be a food festival, just before the Lent began? Nowadays, the snacks and drinks are still well represented, but no one is known for fasting. The result is that the kilos fly faster than you can hossen them off.

And probably your carnival clothing is just not completely winter proof, so the cold or a flu is extra in the limelight. But in order not to spoil the party mood immediately, with the following measures after the festive week you can return to work, study or school!

Tips for a healthy carnival


  • Vitamin C – is very important for your health and prevents illnesses and viruses. Especially in autumn and winter, vitamin C is an excellent addition to maintain your resistance.
  • Zinc – dispels and prevents colds. It gives the immune system a boost, prevents bacilli from ending up in the nose through the mucous membrane and reduces the multiplication of bacteria.
  • Vitamin D – to support the immune system. Most people also need additional vitamin D from October to April because little or no vitamin D is produced in the skin during that period.
  • Echinacea – is a popular and age-old herbal remedy for influenza and colds and stimulates the immune system.


Drink enough water in between. Drinking alcohol removes moisture from your body and this causes headaches. Therefore, drink 2 large glasses of water before you go to sleep to be able to better dispose of the waste. Also the next morning it is important to drink enough.


Try to sleep 7 hours a night. A good night’s rest is necessary for recovery of your body. Sleep shortage not only reduces energy, but can also lead to all sorts of physical complaints.


Take a healthy and nourishing breakfast before you start. For example, choose a tasty green smoothie with protein powder, a banana-egg pancake, or an omelette with avocado on spelled bread. Tip: bananas are an easy and healthy carnival snack on the go. They calm the stomach and provide good soil thanks to starches and sugars.


Keep moving especially! One beer equals about 11 minutes of jogging. So grab all the festive opportunities to move around: The procession, big hossen, the polonaise, and wild dance moves, everything is possible during the carnival. And besides, you do not have to go to the gym right after the party!

Still a little hangover? Rest assured, then we also have a nice recipe for an anti-hangover juice! Do not have these ingredients in your home? Then take a cup of hot green tea (reduces the smell of alcohol) and a good breakfast (your metabolism starts)! Then you can quickly put on your carnival outfit again!

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Keto calculator

Keto calculator tools give theoretical values, both the Keto calculator and the BMI calculator. That means that the values will work for most people, but not for a group of people. Every body, metabolism and food intake is unique, so it can react differently to the values from the calculator below.




Weightstones lbs

Heightfeet inches

Activity Level

Body fat%

Net carbsgrams

Specify the amount of daily net carbs you'd like to consume. Typically, 20-30 grams is recommended to start with.



Maintenance level is the level at which your weight remains stable.

Your BMR is:1536kcal
Calories to consume:2027kcal
Your fat intake should be:184grams
Net CarbsProteinFat


Below is a range of calorie deficits to help you lose weight. For best results, it is recommended that you opt for a moderate calorie deficit of 10-20%.

Small calorie deficit (11%)

Calories to consume:1804kcal
Your fat intake should be:159grams
Net CarbsProteinFat

Moderate calorie deficit (22%)

Calories to consume:1581kcal
Your fat intake should be:134grams
Net CarbsProteinFat

Large calorie deficit (33%)

Calories to consume:1358kcal
Your fat intake should be:109grams
Net CarbsProteinFat

How to deal with Keto calculator the results

These values are an indication. You do not have to get exactly these values every day. A little variation in calories or fats and proteins is better than every day the same. Obviously not too far above the ideal amount of carbohydrates.

This calculator therefore takes your own values into account and if you fill it in as completely and correctly as possible, you can use the given macros to work on the ketogenic diet in the best possible and responsible way, so that your body from glucose burning to fat burning.

Explanation values

You eat more fats, enough proteins and hardly any carbohydrates. Because of the fats, your calorie intake will not fall out very low so that there is enough fuel for the body. You can not only eat too much, but too little, and that does not promote weight loss because you can get into the low-energy mode and get too little nutrients. For more information read our KHARMA page.

The results of the tool vary per person. Your age, height and other factors such as your calorie consumption are taken into account.

This is also determined by the extent to which you are active or less active every day and how many grams of carbohydrates you want to eat. Of course you can not and do not have to fill in every day if the level of activity has changed, it is ultimately about the average in a week. We keep the carbohydrates at the start, between 20 and 30, the best in ketosis.

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Difficulty losing weight? Keto diet to lose weight can help you!

Most diets cost a lot of time, money and energy. And perhaps the most annoying: they usually do not get much results. Yet there is one age-old directly that after all these years still proves effective.

Keto diet to lose weight

In the medical world, the keto diet has been known for a long time. It was then used, among other things, in children with epilepsy and as an antidote to type 2 diabetes. The ketodieet had a positive influence on blood values, neurological problems, sleep problems and … .. people turned out to lose weight! That made sure that the diet became popular outside the medical world.


What makes the keto diet different from other diets is the use of ketosis. This is another name for the metabolic state of your body if you do not use glucose but fats for energy. You achieve this by eating a lot of fats and minimizing carbohydrates. By avoiding carbohydrates, there is less glucose in your blood. In response, your liver will break down fat cells so that they can be used for energy.

Strict proportions

The ketogenic diet is very strict when it comes to the intake of carbohydrates and other foods. A small deviation can already counteract the diet. Especially the first period to get into ketosis is the hardest. This assumes a ratio of 80% fats and 20% proteins of the total number of calories per day. Once you have become “in ketosis”, you can use a keto calculator to change the ratios to for example 65% fat, 30% proteins and 5% carbohydrates.

Health benefits

Despite the strictness, the diet has many advantages. It has been shown to be effective for weight loss and has demonstrable effects on epilepsy, type 2 diabetes and other conditions. Some of the most important advantages at a glance:

  • Weight loss and fat burning
  • Lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol
  • Less triglycerides
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved concentration
  • Less hunger
  • Better mood, less fear

Keto diet Tips to lose weight

If you want to follow the Keto diet, there are a number of useful tips.

      Buy stock and plan what you are going to eat. You will eat a lot of products such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, oil and avocado. Get enough at home, plan your meals and avoid the temptation of carbohydrates.
      Measure regularly whether you are in ketosis and keep track of your progress. You can not assume that once you are in ketosis, you can start eating more carbohydrates again. Regular measuring is knowing.
      Make sure you eat enough vegetables. During the ketogenic diet it is more important than normal to eat vegetables, preferably even more than normal. The small amount of carbohydrates that you consume has to come from vegetables to a large extent.
      Take a supplement if necessary. If you find it difficult to maintain the right proportions in the diet, then you can try a supplement to quickly get some extra fats. This can be done, for example, in the form of MCT oil or coconut oil.

The 28-Day Keto Challenge? click here

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5 summer nails idea 2019

What could be more fun than to experiment with the idea as a creative nail stylist? The following 10 ideas are predicted by international trend watchers. Which nails idea suit you which Summer nails trends are good for you?

Summer nails Idea 1: MIRROR, MIRROR ON YOUR HAND

Pinterest almost explodes with these mirroring trend nails. The Mirror Nail, or Chrome Nail, is a trend that took the spotlight years ago. According to data experts, according to data experts, the term ‘Chrome Nails’ has seen 570 percent more often than on other nailers. For the color palette you can think of silver, gray, rose gold, gold and bronze, but also blue, green and pink.

Summer nails Idea 2: sweet pastel shades

Summer nails idea 2019
During a sultry summer, the pastel trend should not be missed. Sweet, gentle and innocent. Choose baby blue or pink, peach, lilac or soft green.

Summer nails Idea 3: ombre

Summer Nails Idea 2019
A stay for the summer of 2019: the ombre look. For example, put a fading from the cuticle or the free edge and go for lovely pastels, bright neon colors or a combination.

Summer nails Idea 4: Color of the year -Green-

Summer Nails Idea 2019
Color of the year: Green

Pantone evokes green as the color of the year 2019. Think of apple green, lime green, but also the color of avocado, pear, peppers and grapes.

Summer nails Idea 5: Graphic minimalism

Summer nails 2019
Seen on the catwalk of fashion icon Balenciaga: graphic nails in a minimalistic way. You can think of a few simple lines, triangles or squares on a solid color. No round nail art shapes in 2019, but tight and straight.


How you treat Horror messages and ‘Momo Challenge’ as a parent?

The ‘Momo Challenge’ has been running on the internet since last year, but now the bizarre and dangerous trend is also making its appearance in Flanders. Young people and children receive spooky messages that threaten them and incite them to assignments.

In Russia, more than a hundred young people would have died after they had participated in the notorious ‘Momo Challenge’, but now the horror messages via the Netherlands are blowing to Flanders. Through WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat, young people, usually between 9 and 12 years old, get spooky messages that continue to circulate as a kind of chain letter.

The young people are sent scary images with ominous messages. For example, bad things would happen if the young people did not carry out certain tasks. And now the Momo Challenge would also infiltrate children’s films on YouTube and in Fortnite. In this way, the challenges would escape the control of parents more often.

Old children are usually playful with the messages, but especially for young children the assignments are dangerous. The Computer Crime Unit of the federal police is currently investigating some fifteen cases and Mediawijs, the Flemish Knowledge Center for Media Literacy, makes an appeal to parents to talk to their children.

This is how you deal with it as a parent

Parents of young children do well to ask their child if he / she has ever received such a message. Pressure them on the heart that they do not have to be afraid and that those messages mean nothing. Then explain to your children that they are not allowed to forward the messages, because otherwise they also scare other children.

It is also important to ensure a trust environment and tell them that you will not take the smartphone

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Best St Patricks day gifts day

Celebrate the luck of the Irish in 2019 with unique Irish gifts, customized St. Patrick’s apparel, and other gifts for Saint Patrick’s Day. For Saint Patrick’s gift inspiration, choose from a full selection of Irish presents, including Claddagh rings, Celtic Knot necklaces, and personalized St. Patrick’s Day frames. Don’t forget to select green clothes and personalized beer mugs for St. Patty’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Green & Black with Shamrock Novelty Glasses

 St. Patrick's day gifts
During parade, people wear glasses because it makes them look cool. If your friend is a geek, he’ll forget his boring glasses once he put this on.

Details :

– Green & Black Colour
– Shamrock
– Novelty Glasses
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Quiet Man The Irish Designed Green Herringbone Designed Flat Cap

St. Patrick's day gifts

Flat caps in green color can add more beauty to the festive celebration. Best for Dads and uncles who likes to wear vintage clothing.

Details :

  • Quiet Man Range
  • Irish Designed Flat Caps
  • Come In Different Sizes
  • Green Colour

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Personalized Whiskey Decanter Lead Free Whisky Bottle

St. Patrick's day gifts

Details :

  • FREE PERSONALIZATION – We laser engrave every decanter to order (up to 12 characters) at no extra charge. That means this is a one-of-a-kind gift, made just for you!
  • QUALITY HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN – This personalized liquor decanter is topped with a square glass stopper. Unlike many lightweight glass decanters you’ll find, this guy has a heavy, solid base and weighs in at almost 3lbs. It will also hold 28oz (850ml) of his finest malted beverage.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Whether you’re in the market for Groomsmen gifts, something special for your significant other, a unique gift for dad, or just a little something to revamp your liquor storage situation. Personalized with the name of your choice, this custom whiskey decanter will be displayed with pride for years to come.
  • GIFT BOX INCLUDED – Each Personalized Decanter is shipped in a beautiful, gold, Swanky Badger branded Gift Box, making it the perfect presentation piece for your gifting occasion.
  • FAST SHIPPING – as this product is made to order, it is not currently eligible for Amazon Prime, however, we process all orders within 3 business days so the vast majority of US orders are received within a week of ordering.

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Custom Jersey Style St Patrick’s Day T Shirts – Saint Pattys Tee & Irish Outfits Green

St Patricks day gifts

Details :

  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyester Soft Fleece
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN St. Patricks Day costume with your name and number
  • JERSEY STYLE design on the back makes your outfit unique at St Patty’s Day
  • Click CUSTOMIZE NOW to personalize your clothes and pick your size
  • UNISEX FIT hoodies bring you comfort and softness with silky material | Super soft hoodies are versatile and flatter every body type
  • HIGH QUALITY Irish outfits are durable for machine washing | Absolutely no peeling or cracking | Wash inside out and dry on low heat (natural air drying recommended)

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Custom Jersey Style St Patrick’s Day T Shirts – Saint Pattys Tee & Irish Outfits Green

St Patricks day gifts

Details :

  • STUNNING designs and etching makes the perfect gift for any occasion from birthdays to Christmas to everything in between!
  • PERSONALIZE your mug with our designs created by our in-house professional graphic designer. We offer the best designs on Amazon so you can give an exceptional, one-of-a-kind gift to the beer-lover in your life.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY + UNIQUE: This expertly etched, sturdy beer mug is created just for you to fit your specifications. Click “Customize Now” to get started!
  • UNIQUE GIFT for the beer lover in your life. Pair these with personalized growler to complete the set.

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Hottest Summer Nails Colors 2019

The Gothic style

Summer nails - summer nails
Summer nails colors- Gothic nails

Suitable for ladies with a dramatic way. This black, aubergine, dark burgundy, green or plum colors. To give nogotochkami special charm stylists propose to add to this manicure design with gold or silver.

Monochrome glitter nail polish

summer nails colors
monochrome nail polish – Summer nail

If you want a little bling and glitter should try to patch a trendy manicure pebbles or shiny foil. It is easy, you can cut all the numbers and give a shine to the most conservative shade of nail polish.

All shades and shades of white.

Summer nails Idea
Starting with the pearl and matte finish. Nails with this manicure turns a girl elegant and airy. You can also experiment with shimmering white tones and the creamy texture of the nail polish.

Classic red nail polish

Summer nails colors
Classic red nail polish

The question will always be strong women, clear and confident. Because of the saturation, such a choice must suit the clothing. This only applies to a light red tint. However, other variants of the red color also remain in the trend.

Some of summer nails colors Ideas 2019

Deep dark blue color loved by fashionistas of this summer.

However, in summer 2019, dark blue color nail polish is also popular, but on a slightly different interpretation. This color reminds us of sky and space or the beginning of wonderful summer and also is extremely suitable for the hot weather. If you play with the shape and length of the nail, this manicure will be appropriate not only for relaxation, but also in the office.

Summer Nails Idea
Blue color nail polish / Summer Nails

Summer Nails
Summer nails 2019
Which color nail polish is in fashion 2019?

Beige color nail polish – Summer nails

Creamy creamy, warm and opaque the color look cute on your nails oval. So for this shadow of the nail polish is allowed free fat length. This color fits all skin tones should be extended, warm and completely opaque.

Summer nails
Beige color nail polish – Summer nails

Summer nails
Beige color nail polish – Summer nails
Summer nails
Beige color nail polish – Summer nails

Gray coal nails polish

Absolute favorite on fashion this summer. Fits a variety of clothing. Looks great on the oval on the short and medium nails.

summer nails
Grey color nail polish online – summer nails colors
summer nails
Grey color nail polish – summer nails colors

Metallic silver summer nails color polish

The fashion trend of this season, looks great on short nails. Take those who like discreet shine, metallic shade.

Summer nails colors
metallic silver nail polish – Summer nails colors

Summer nails colors
metallic silver nail polish – Summer nails colors

Celadon Green Nail Polish

Popular in the warm season. The purest shadow mix of blue sky and green grass reminds us of the summer. Looks good for a short natural and long square nogotochki.

Summer nails 2019
Celadon Green Nail Polish – summer nails 2019

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Single mom dating tips on Tinder – Mission possible

“But I do not have time to date anyway!” I sigh, when a friend suggests that it might be exactly what I need. I also find myself very busy with the education and enjoyment of Emma’s princesses, three days in paid employment, my own company and sport. Old Sophie would have said: “That is excuses, you make it a story!” And to be fair, in some important things Sophie was really a lot better than new Sophie. Like stress-free living, enjoying the moment, being loving, not condemning, etc. Old Sophie was a hippie, but it’s quite useful skills for a happy life. And old Sophie would go dating on Tinder now, so okay, mom Tinder goes .

single mom dating tips and advices

Create a tinder profile

If you are dating on Tinder, you must create a profile. You can select a number of photos and write a text about who you are. Here I have put some things about myself in key words. You can of course choose not to mention that you are mommy, but I have used it. Nice and open and transparent. Do not like it, fine! We both continue a little further 😉.

First impression

The first impressions on this meat inspection platform were a bit “meh”. I was a bit too old in Sophie style. Give everyone a chance. Try not to judge on appearance, tattoos, training, etcetera. Soon I learned that a number of road mark criteria apply to me as a swiping mum on Tinder and that I should not be too open-minded.

Serious dating way it’s:

  • Naked upper body selfies, especially those with a toilet in the background (the picture in your swimsuit in the sea by someone else is still possible);
  • More than one photo with alcohol;
  • Photos on purpose to show tattoos / piercings;
  • Anyone who is “between jobs” or “director at self-employed”;
  • Only party photos;
  • Men who put photos of their children on Tinder, because hello … privacy of your child? Never thought about it? Nothing for Sophie, gone.
  • Men who make sexist jokes in their text or simply indicated only to do some physical interaction;
  • Men who clearly state that they want to have a child, because I’m not really that fast yet and then I will really feel like a brooder / tool;
  • And the last thing I’m least proud of: if I’m not at least a bit attractive … Also gone.

Road, road, road, road … I probably miss someone who is nice because of these criteria, but it saves a lot of time. Because all those matches are going to talk to you too!

Dating on Tinder: the Matches

If you like each other (swipe right), you have a match. A big advantage is that since I have used the strict criteria as above, nobody immediately starts talking about sex. So I can really recommend them! Except of course if that would be exactly what you are looking for. Then make your own criteria to delete. That makes dating on Tinder a lot easier.

Perhaps you now think that at most one man will remain after all these criteria, if you are lucky. But nothing is less true! There are just a lot of men on Tinder, and before I knew it I already knew about 200 matches. And the nice thing is, they are actually mainly intelligent people with whom you can really have a conversation.

It is only a bit of an overkill to date them all too. But really, I can recommend all single moms. In any case, a little chat with a mountain of matches at Tinder is already very pleasant. But seeing what is out there can not hurt either 😛. And to be honest, the evenings can sometimes be a bit lonely when the house is ready and you do not have to work.

Dating on Tinder: the conversations

I mentioned it already, you will then address each other. If you are not going to talk to your matches, you are mainly collecting a few profiles. Despite my intention to talk to everyone, it is perhaps possible to imagine that talking with 200 matches takes a lot of time. So I also guessed that I did not speak to anyone. I was pretty business-like. As soon as I got the “nah” feeling, I indicated this and removed the match. Easy.

But what do you say to each other? What is your opening sentence on Tinder? When I started a conversation, I usually asked a question about something from the profile. And I thought it was the best conversations when they did that to me. The question “How are you?” Or something to that effect, I find quite a buster if you do not know each other yet. I had a lot of very nice conversations! So that is why it is really recommended!

The first date

Now I have had my first date on Sunday, after weeks of apping! Okay, he was not as divinely handsome as on the pictures I had seen 100 times. But much better and more charming than I expected about the app. So all in all, there will certainly be a second date, if at least it’s me.

The side effect of dating on Tinder or other dating sites
It may sound a bit crazy, but I really bloom since I date again. Not as if I was so incredibly unhappy or lonely, but I was just very little concerned with myself. And dating is also a way to get to know yourself a bit better. Men ask you questions, which you yourself do not just have an answer to and so you start thinking about it.

Now that I know more about myself, I can work on taking back the good things of old Sophie, and combining them with the new (and therefore for Emma) caring things for the new Sophie.

What Tinder may not be good for 😉. Oh and I will definitely keep you informed about a possible second date. Any tips for dating moms? Anyone?

Dating and Relationships Venus

Single mom dating tips

First, get to know someone at a distance.

As a mother you do not have the time to start dating regularly with a relatively unknown person, so first start a chat / app contact with him. Ask for explicit photos, invitations in someone’s own home, appointments that he does not fulfill and Facebook profiles full of women are all obvious signs on the wall that you better cut it off. And there is nothing with a bit of research, I think. Certainly if your time is scarce, you may set some requirements.

When someone botheres you, it usually is not right.

Date tip 2 is a very important one! How annoying is it when you feel you have to be accountable for where you are and what you are doing? As soon as someone starts it when you are not really together, you better stop it immediately. Your gut feeling is extra as a mother and you can now make good use of it! Does ‘something’ tell you that it is not right? Rather than prevent cure, I think myself.

Overloading with gifts is unnecessary

At least, this may be very personal, but I would really like to get to know someone. Gifts say nothing. You can drag me to the Eiffel Tower, give expensive bags or surprise you with a thick watch, but you do not buy anything for the long term. You just want a date with a nice man? He really does not need exorbitant gifts to convince you of his sparkling personality.

Pay a part of your first date

Why? Actually, the reason is very simple. You show him that you are able to fill your own beans, the date remains in balance (some men think they may have expectations after paying a date – no matter how eighteenth-century that is) and it has a surprise effect. Certainly because the majority of the women still do not pay or hardly pay during dates (if I can believe single friends at least, do not pin me down!)

Stick to the ninety days rule

Unfortunately, it works so evolutionarily that men prey on their prey and are basically ready as soon as they have it. In women the other way around. As soon as you postpone the first night of love, men will not only covet you, but also respect you more. Incidentally, I also know examples where a wild night resulted in a good relationship, but this is not the rule.

Do not expect this to be the date of your life

Maybe you will meet a new friend today for the rest of your life. You do not have to have a click, but you take this experience with you. Take this date tip to heart and therefore try not to be too nervous: you are a nice person and ‘the true’ wants to get to know them.

If this is not him or her, then better next time. To high expectations makes it scary, while it is precisely the intention that you will now experience a fun moment? And in the worst cases you can always append a friend with the request to come and rescue you now😉

Do not involve your child with your dates

An open door probably, but as said: this does not always apply to men. “Are we going to do something nice with three of us?” some suggested. I always found that enlightening: saved lost energy in the dating process with someone who put their own interests above that of my daughter. In short, after such a remark I immediately decided.

Only when you are sure of your case does your child come into the picture!

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Dating on Facebook: how it works and what you can expect!

The popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is unprecedented. The possibilities for dating through social media websites obviously also increase accordingly.

But how do you handle that, dating via social media? When you want to start dating on Facebook, the emphasis is mainly on making and maintaining social contacts. And through your social contacts you might meet someone who is also single like you.

Dating on Facebook

Building a social network via Facebook

Once you have created an account on Facebook, you can search for friends, acquaintances, colleagues, club members, etc. who also have a Facebook account. Through a friendship request you can then make your friends on Facebook.

But also someone who meets you somewhere and clicks with it, you can now ask if he or she has a Facebook account, so that your Facebook can become friends and stay in touch with each other.

On Facebook you can search for things that interest you. Imagine, you like to drive a motorcycle and you are crazy about a certain brand of motorcycle, then you will undoubtedly find people and groups on Facebook who have the same interests as you. And by talking to these people about your common interest in actively participating in discussions in various groups, you will also get to know a lot of people and make a lot of friendships on Facebook.

The great thing about working on your social network via Facebook is that with every friendship you make, you also have direct access to the social network of the person with whom you make that friendship. The conclusion of one friendship, you can therefore just dozens of other potential contacts.

Dating through your social network has its advantages

So when you are actively working on Facebook, your social network can expand rapidly. And as you may know, most love relationships still occur most often between two people who have come to know each other through mutual friends.

And precisely from that fact you can make optimal use when you want to date via Facebook. When you meet someone you like via the social network of one of your Facebook friends, you might ask your friend to introduce her to you. Or you could send a message to the person you like with the question of how she got to know your friend and how she could get in touch with her. And if it clicks, a proposal to go dating is obviously done quickly.

Facebook offers excellent opportunities for dating. And when dating via Facebook, the emphasis will also be less on dating. This is in contrast to dating via traditional dating sites, on which people register with usually only one goal: dating and finding a friend.

As a result, the emphasis is more than once on the hope of finding a relationship, instead of making acquaintance with each other, spending time together and seeing where it ends.

This is an important advantage and can actually increase the chance of success. Because just ask around your family and friends about how they got to know each other. In nine out of ten it would not have been love at first sight, but something would automatically arise as they saw and spoke to each other more often.

And it is precisely this fact that you should always keep in mind when networking and dating via Facebook.

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10 tips to think positive

Every girl is sometimes not so comfortable in her skin. You feel bad about your appearance or your bad grade at school. It is then difficult to think positively. Yet you can come a long way with these easy tips. Smile!

It is easy to focus on the negative things, but it is of course much better to focus on things that are going well. For example, on that eyeliner that is perfectly successful today, or on the weekend in which you are going to do nice things. It can also help to write these things down. Then make a list of what went well today and what you have experienced positively. For example: I was at school on time, I had a good breakfast, I had a nice shower, etc.

Especially not for yourself. Nobody is perfect and everyone sometimes gets a less good grade or sometimes pays off. This is very human, but not very useful. Everybody is different. You may be strict for yourself from time to time, but only if that helps you to improve your behavior, not to punish yourself. Otherwise you will have a lot of trouble with positive thinking.

It can help you catch yourself on your negativity. Or let BFF catch you on negative statements. If you find yourself doing this, immediately change it to a positive one! Do you have a girlfriend who is doing very negative? Then it is wise to tell her about it. You yourself are also dragged along by her example and that is not the intention.

Laughter is healthy and of course much more enjoyable than being grumpy. Be the sun in the house! Did you know that laughing is also good for your body? You become relaxed, it reduces anxiety and stress and it produces happy hormones. Perfect if you have a dip.

If you are anxious, you will be stressed more quickly. Tension and fear are in your way, so relax! Release the negative energy and go for a walk to clear your head. Trust yourself and have confidence in the future.

As you could read above, it is good to laugh. Give yourself the assignment to laugh at everyone. Your brain then thinks that something is going on and that automatically improves your mood.

You are wrong. But why? And how long? And can you do something about it? It’s smart to think carefully about why you actually feel so negative. Often you find out that it is a problem that you can solve.

Do you often suffer from negative thoughts? Then it can help to do mindfulness. There are all kinds of courses for this, but you can also look up a video on YouTube. Give yourself the time to master this.

There are girls who wake up with stressful thoughts. They think of everything they need to do that day and panic. Your body responds to it, causing you to rush out the door. It is much smarter to give yourself the time to have breakfast and start the day with a positive thought.

Do you take too much hay on your fork? Not smart, because this often causes stress. If someone asks you something, that does not mean that you have to say yes, you may also occasionally say no. That way you give yourself the space for other things and you do not have to make appointments that you actually can not come up with at all.

These were our tips for positive thinking. Will you be able to think positively / positively?

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What your sleeping position says about you?

You can derive a lot about a person’s personality by analyzing how he or she sleeps. It is a question of observing if you have that possibility if you want to know more about yourself without being able to ask.

The way you lie in your sleep can say a lot about your personality, your habits and even what you are worried about. There are many different ways to lie when you are asleep. Find out in this article what your sleeping position tells you about yourself.

What does our sleeping position say about us?

When you sleep, your body benefits from the peace and your mind recovers and refreshes itself. While it is true that there are as many attitudes as there are people in the world, it is true that there are six basic attitudes to identify (with a few variants for each).

After much research, the relationship between the position in which people lie during their sleep and their personality became known. Body language is used at all times and is also present during your sleep. Every attitude also affects your health.

The six sleeping positions

#1 foetal position

This is sleeping on your side, curled up, with your knees to your chest and the arms crossed or close to your legs. It is so called because it is the way babies lie in the womb of the mother. Sometimes an arm can lie under a pillow. It is the most common attitude people take when they go to sleep. In the aforementioned study, 41% of the 1,000 people who were examined chose this attitude.

Twice as many women as men chose this position. There are different variants with regard to personality. For example, the “curling up” in sleep is related to the sensitivity and emotions, as well as the tendency towards closer relationships. People who sleep in this position may appear shy when they meet someone, but then they will relax. They are very kind, caring and are afraid of being emotionally hurt.

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Yoga as a remedy for depression

Yoga is becoming more popular by the day and can help prevent depression.

Yoga is seen as a very effective remedy for depression. It helps you to slow down and work on your personal balance. Believe it or not, yoga can help with the most common mental illnesses such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress

It is not just the latest craze. For thousands of years, yoga offers various benefits on an emotional level.

What is depression?

Depression is a condition characterized by:

a deep sense of sadness
a lack of interest in other people and the environment
the inability to enjoy nice experiences
Depression often takes a long time and is not related to a particular personality or personal weakness. The lives of people suffering from it are drastically influenced by it, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The benefits of yoga as a remedy for depression

The problem with depression is that it gets worse when someone experiences other difficulties, such as stress, anxiety, insomnia or fatigue. This allows the person to get into a negative spiral where he or she finds it difficult.

It is therefore important to continue to actively fight against depression, to find your balance and to beat it. With yoga you train both body and mind through special postures (asanas), breathing and meditation (pranayama). So with yoga you put energy around.

Within the discipline of yoga, it is believed that energy is the cause of many blockages and illnesses.
Doing yoga on a regular basis therefore aims to find internal balance and bring you closer to overall well-being.
By bringing energy into harmony with your body, you achieve this overall well-being. In addition, yoga helps you to get to know yourself better and to strengthen your experience of the present, the here and now.

Someone who can achieve a peaceful state of mind has the right means to combat certain forms of depression.

Stop depression – yoga as a treatment for depression

Yoga can be a fantastic remedy for depression. It can also be very helpful with:

Stress. Yoga lowers your cortisol value. Cortisol can also cause other diseases. Your body gives it off in response to stress.
Yoga also helps to lower your heart rate, a sign that your body can deal more flexibly with stressful situations.
Insomnia and a bad mood. Medical research seems to show that yoga helps to regulate your serotonin levels. This hormone is related to a good mood and enthusiasm and regulates your sleep rhythm.
Yoga postures as a means against depression
The many different yoga postures regulate and activate the life energy of your body, improve the balance between body and mind and revitalize the nervous system.

These postures are a natural remedy that you treat holistically as a whole. In fact, many yoga postures are specially designed to remedy certain emotions or to provide a certain relief.

Standing postures and stretching exercises, when combined with proper relaxation and breathing techniques, activate the nervous system that provides energy to your body.

It can therefore help you to discuss your situation with a yoga guide or yogi who can guide your exercises and ensure that you achieve satisfying results.

Does it really work?is yoga good for anxiety

It really works
In short: yes. Yoga can be very effective in the fight against depression because it promotes both the elimination of toxins and tension. Unleashing yourself from those unpleasant thoughts is essential. Doing yoga helps you with this. With yoga your negative thoughts can disappear.

Yoga helps you to focus on your posture and breathing, which teaches you to focus on your emotions and thoughts. Yoga offers clarity.

Go a step further

The benefits of yoga to treat depression and other mental complaints are beyond dispute. You can not say, however, that yoga cures every depression. In some cases, more is needed.

Yoga starts with the idea that man is one whole. Restoring your energy and creating a balance helps you to gradually improve your habits and mood. Yoga gives you energy so that you can take the steps to recovery.

One step that you can at least make for a healthier life is to surround yourself with relationships and activities that make you feel good. Taking that first step is the most important thing.

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How to get a guy to like you more? Dating tips

You often hear your friends flirting and how they come into contact with nice boys. You want that too! Only you are very shy … How do you flirt if you are a shy girl? Check here 10 tips that can help you on your way

How to get a guy to like you more


It is often much easier to flirt through the phone or computer, especially in the beginning if you do not know someone that well. You are nice and anonymous and you can think quietly before you answer. You can not do that in real life, if you do not know what to say back. It is a good way to take your first steps in the field of flirting. You soon start to feel more comfy and then you can finally flirt face-to-face.


You want to take the first step, but do not want to come across as desperate. There is a simple move that even the most shy girls dare to face. It is ideal if you want to take the first step with flirting. Make eye contact with your crush, but do not try to look away immediately. Make eye contact for a few seconds, smile at him and then look away. That’s it! The smile makes it clear that you want to flirt and talk with him.


Yes, you finally managed to get started with your crush! But you have read everywhere that you should touch your crush “subtly” during your conversation. But do you know how difficult it is for a shy girl? You can also flirt with that cute boy without having to touch him. Do not worry about it and just talk to him without worrying about things you should ‘have’.


Talking to your crush with a friend may give you more confidence. She gives you support and that makes talking easier. Moreover, it feels less like flirting, so you feel less pressure. Make sure you know BFF that you want to flirt with your crush so that she can help you.


An easy way to start a conversation and flirt is to ask questions. Most boys like to talk about themselves. So he will love it if you ask him questions. You can listen to him and respond to him. And you do not have to chat extremely much yourself. For example, ask him questions about his hobbies or friends.


You would like to stay yourself, even if you are very nervous. Try to talk about topics that you like. Because if you start talking about something you do not understand, you fall through the basket like that. And otherwise you can always talk about school, his friends or, if need be, the weather.


You’re a bit shy and will probably never become an exuberant flirty girl who screams you everywhere. And that is not bad at all, the most important thing is that you remain yourself. Shy girls can also flirt in their own way.


Laughing together is one of the best ways to flirt. Tell him, for example, a joke or something funny that you have experienced. By laughing you will soon feel comfortable and comfy.


As soon as you realize that the conversation is a bit stuck, it is wise to walk away. Say, for example, that you enjoyed chatting with him, but that you really have to leave and talk to him again soon. This way you keep the possibilities open for a subsequent conversation. And by leaving on time as soon as the conversation comes to a halt, you avoid awkward situations. The next time you will probably have enough conversation!

# 10. SMILE!

Smiling is very important when flirting. If you do not laugh and you look a little bit sip, you’ll soon feel as if you are not interested in him. You do not have to have an exaggerated smile on your face all the time, but be aware of your facial expressions.

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Tips for beautiful breasts

Do you want to improve the shape or size of your breasts in a natural way? Then try some of our tips to get beautiful breasts!

Having strong, voluptuous and beautiful breasts is a wish many women have.

It may seem impulsive, but behind this wish is often a profound need. The need to recover a body that has been lost by:

  • Old age
  • Breastfeeding
  • The consequences of menopause
  • Sharp weight loss

There are also women who have always been unhappy with the shape or size of their breasts.

Ultimately, there is no feeling as nice as being able to look in the mirror and to keep the image that you see in your reflection.

Naturally get beautiful breasts

Your breasts can be helped in a natural way
It is possible to obtain beautiful breasts in a natural way. Therefore, there is no harm in following a few tips. A combination of physical effort, natural resources and some old-fashioned advice can undoubtedly help to get nicer breasts.

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Homemade remedies to moisturize your nails

Read more about the best homemade remedies to moisturize your nails and make them look great, without neglecting the skin around them. Read below!

Hydrating your nails is a must and is not only meant to make them look beautiful. It usually involves taking care of them to avoid discomfort in the short, medium and long term. After all, who does not feel uncomfortable when the nails are in a bad condition?

Regardless of the lifestyle and hygiene habits that each person has, you must always remember to take good care of your nails. Your nails reveal the status of your health just like:

  • the skin
  • the hair
  • other body parts

The importance of nail care

Nails are located on a very visible part of the body: the limbs. Manicured hands therefore not only represent a person with good hygiene, but also show certain personality traits such as:

  • Careful
  • Attentive
  • Extrovert or shy
  • Self-assured
  • Strong or weak
  • Expressive
  • Quiet

In other words, nails are one of the body parts that are clearly visible when you meet someone.

Nails are not only an accessory, they are also part of your immune system against threats from the environment. This is why it is important to hydrate and take care of them so that they can be healthy.

Some very interesting homemade remedies : How to Moisturize Your Nails

The following remedies are some homemade remedies and natural products that can be used to make nails look healthy, even if there is no nail polish on it.


Crush a clove of garlic to make a paste. Then massage it directly onto your nails. Additional judgment is that garlic is an excellent antibacterial agent.

Olive oil

Olive oil is perfect for hydrating fragile nails or fungal contaminated nails. In fact, the warmer it is, the better. All you have to do is apply it to your nails with a cotton ball.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice mixed with sugar produces a nutritious and strengthening mask that you can apply to your nails and then rinse with warm water after a few minutes.


If you put your nails in a cup of white vinegar for a few minutes, they will shine. It will also whiten your nails at the same time.

These are some of the most recommended products that not only hydrate the nails, but also feed, clean, whiten and strengthen them, making them healthy.

Protection against various substances

ointment to moisturize nails
It is a good idea to care for your nails and protect them from constant humidity or exposure to cleaning products, so do household chores with gloves.

General care tips

  • Cut your nails carefully and file them in one direction to prevent them from breaking.
  • You also need to care for and remove cuticles every week before every treatment or manicure.
  • You should not sand your nails along a rough surface that can damage them.
  • Do not use them as a tool to loosen things or open bottles, because these actions weaken them.
  • The following recommendations apply when using nail polish.
  • You must carefully remove nail polish.
  • Use acetone-free nail polish removers of good quality.

Essential nutrients to hydrate nails

purple liquid for the nails
Despite the above, it is important to include foods rich in protein and vitamins in your diet, in particular:

  • Vitamin A, B, C, D, E
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3 fatty acids

They help keep your body and nails healthy and make them strong and clear.

Nail care is not a matter of your gender, so not something that only women should do.

Times have changed and what was once considered a taboo is no longer there. One of these problems, a product of human evolution, is that men take good care of their bodies.

Men now know how to hydrate their skin and which creams to use. They use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. They also care for their hands and moisturize their nails and lips just like women.

If you want to project a professional image in any environment, you have to take care of yourself. It is important to remember that if you take care of your body, you can also lead a healthy lifestyle.

Hydrating your nails does not take long and does not require any sacrifices. It is about caring for them and maintaining certain habits to keep them healthy and strong.

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Best Natural remedies to reduce cellulite

Cellulite is a metabolic disorder that mainly affects women. This condition does not necessarily have to be associated with overweight, it also occurs in slender women.

In this article we will give some remedies to reduce cellulite naturally. The health risks of cellulite are not serious, but it can cause other problems in some cases. It is primarily an aesthetic problem that can influence self-esteem.

What causes cellulite?

Causes of cellulite

Your skin ensures that your body maintains the right temperature. It protects the body against external attacks.

It is composed of three layers, each with its own specific functions:

  • epidermis
  • dermis
  • hypodermis

The last layer mentioned is the one that contains the cells that generate fat, called adipocytes. These collect fat to regulate body temperature.

When the fats are not regularly drained and you become heavier, the fat cells push against your skin and form small lumps or bulges. You can see this on the outside of your skin.

Cellulite is formed by:

  • Bad circulation
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of physical exercise and a sedentary lifestyle
  • Hereditary factors

Types of cellulite

General cellulite

cellulite is common in women who suffer from obesity
This form is common in women who suffer from obesity and have unhealthy dietary habits. It starts in childhood and gets worse in adulthood.

It causes aesthetic changes, mainly on you:

  • Hips
  • belly
  • thighs
  • legs
  • Localized cellulite

    This type of cellulite is characterized by the presence of intense pain in a specific part of the body, making it more complicated. It mainly occurs in the abdomen, back, buttocks and arms.

    Soft cellulite

    This is a form of cellulite that causes the skin to loosen and become gelatinous. It is clearly visible and can be accompanied by fatigue and a feeling of weakness. It can cause other problems such as insomnia and varicose veins.

    Edema cellulite

    This type has the same symptoms as the other types of cellulite, but also comes with a high fluid retention. This is also called edema. This means that your body will retain a lot of fluid. It can occur in women of all ages.

    Hard cellulite

    This type of cellulite makes your skin more consistent and harder. It usually occurs in young women and athletes, whose tissues are firm and well defined.

    The cellulite forms gradually and must be treated as soon as it appears. Over time it evolves and it gets harder and harder to get it away.

    Keep in mind that an unbalanced diet with a lot of calories will increase your weight.
    The number of fat cells increases with cellulite.
    A balanced diet and plenty of water helps you to remove toxins and reduce cellulite.
    To eliminate cellulite, you must always remember what the cause is. Do not just look at the symptoms.

    Natural remedies to reduce cellulite

    There are various homemade, natural remedies for the treatment and reduction of cellulite. These can help with stubborn cellulitis if you feel that you can not reduce or eliminate it.


    Avocados are fruits that are rich in nutrients that hydrate your skin.


    • 1/2 avocado
    • 2 tablespoons of oats (30 g)
    • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (32 g)

    Preparation method

    • Wash the avocado well and cut it in half.
    • Then use a spoon to scoop the flesh from the peel and the kernel.
    • Put everything in a bowl and puree until it forms a paste.
    • Add the oats and olive oil and mix well until you have a homogeneous paste.
    • Apply it to the parts of your body where you have cellulitis. Gently massage with your fingers and then sit for 20 minutes. Then remove it and wash the skin with cold water.
    • You can repeat this treatment three times a week to achieve good results.


    natural remedy to reduce cellulite
    Caffeine is one of the best products to combat cellulite. Coffee can be used for a simple treatment that is very effective.


    • 1/2 cup of ground coffee beans (100 g)
    • 2 tablespoons sugar (30 g)
    • 2 tablespoons of salt (30 g)
    • 1/4 cup of almond oil (50 g)
    • 1/4 cup of olive oil (50 g)

    Preparation method

    • Mix all ingredients in a bowl and form a homogeneous paste.
    • Then apply the pasta every day to the cellulite areas.
    • You can apply this while you take a bath or something.

    Seaweed bath

    seaweed is good for your skin
    Seaweed is a great product to combat cellulite due to its regenerative properties for your skin.


    • 50 g of dried seaweed
    • Water (enough to fill a bathtub to halfway)

    What to do

    • First add hot water to the bath until it is half full.
    • Then add the seaweed and let it soak for 3 minutes.
    • Then lie in the bath for 15-20 minutes. This ensures a gradual decrease of your cellulite problem.
    • Take a seaweed bath twice a week.

    Lemon extract

    Lemon juice bomb cellulite counter

    • The skin of 2 lemons, preferably organic
    • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (100 g)

    Preparation method

    • Wash and peel the lemons.
    • Then cut the shells into small pieces and put them in a small clean pot.
    • Then add the extra virgin olive oil.
    • Then close the pot well and leave it in a cold, dark place for 10 days.
    • After 10 days screen and dilute with a similar amount of olive oil.
    • This extract should only be used at night, because the citric acid can cause sunburn if your skin is exposed to the sun.

    Papaya cream

    Papaya also offers a natural remedy to reduce cellulite. The sugar granules exfoliate your skin and the papaya stimulates the production of collagen and eliminates dead cells.


    • 2 tablespoons brown sugar (30 g)
    • 1 cup of fresh papaya (200 g)

    Preparation method

    • Wash and peel the papaya and then puree it into a paste.
    • Add the brown sugar and mix well with each other.
    • Apply it immediately or save it for another time. Do not forget to cover the pot well after use to prevent it from coming into contact with air.
    • Then gently massage the cellulite area with circular motions and let it rest for 20 minutes.
    • You can repeat this process 3 times a week.

    Dry brushing

    Dry brushing is good for the skin

    Brush the area where you have cellulite to improve blood circulation. This helps you to open the pores and eliminates toxins in your body that can cause cellulite.

    • Perform this procedure when your skin is dry. Do this before you take a shower or take a bath.
    • Make long, upward movements in the direction of your heart.
    • You can also make soft, circular movements to not irritate your skin.

    The brush should preferably be made of natural bristles, be somewhat stiff and have a handle to make brushing easier.

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    Home remedies against fungal nails

    In addition to being well-suited for treating fungal nails, baking soda also has an exfoliating effect. It can also serve as a whitener to counter the yellow color that your nails get through the infection.

    Fungal nails, also known as Onychomycosis, are one of the most common fungal infections in the world. Many people therefore look for home remedies for fungal nails.

    Your toenails are most susceptible to it. This is because they are exposed to a more humid environment, by wearing socks or shoes. Among the most common symptoms of fungal nails are:

    – Brittle, keratinized or distorted nails
    – Yellowed or broken nails
    – The complete loss of a nail

    It is important to consult a doctor as soon as these symptoms arise. The timely treatment can first of all help to prevent you from losing a nail.

    Normally this happens only in the more advanced stages of an infection. This article offers you at least some home remedies against fungal nails.

    Home remedies against fungal nails

    Apple cider vinegar

    Home remedies against fungal nails
    Credit : hallmarkchannel

    Apple cider vinegar has various properties
    A fungal nail infection is caused by the balance of the pH values ​​of the skin surrounding the infection. This creates a more basic environment, in which fungi thrive. The acid in apple vinegar therefore makes the environment more fungible for fungi.


    • 125 ml apple vinegar (half a cup)
    • 1.5 liters of water (6 cups)


    • A big bowl or bowl to wash your feet


    • First pour the water into the bowl. The idea is that you should be able to immerse your feet easily.
    • Then add the apple vinegar.
    • So, then, soak your feet in the solution for about half an hour.
    • Then rinse your feet with clean water and do not forget to dry your nails properly.
    • Repeat this every morning and evening until the infection is gone.

    Lemon juice

    Home remedies against fungal nails
    Benefits of lemon

    Lemon is one of the most effective natural products against infections. This is because it has natural antibiotic, antiseptic and antifungal properties. The high concentration of citric acid in lemon juice makes it a powerful tool to bring your pH values ​​back into balance.


    • Rub your nails directly with the lemon and let it work for about 15 minutes. Rinse it with plenty of water and dry your nails well again.
    • You can also put a little lemon juice on a cotton ball and apply it to the nail with a little tape.
    • Then let this work in for about 20 minutes, remove the cotton ball, rinse your nails and dry them thoroughly.


    Home remedies against fungal nails
    Garlic has antibacterial properties

    Garlic has many applications when cooking. Did you know that it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties? This is because garlic contains ajoen and allicin. Both are very effective in treating a fungal nail infection. In addition, these natural properties prevent the fungus from spreading to other nails.


    • Cut a clove of garlic in half before going to bed.
    • Then rub one half over the affected nail.
    • Allow it to soak overnight and wash the nail with soap and water when standing up.

    You can, instead, mix the garlic with olive oil and use it like that. Use the following recipe:


    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 15 grams of olive oil (1 tablespoon)


    • First crush the garlic and mix it with the olive oil.
    • Apply this mixture to the affected nails.

    Baking soda

    Home remedies against fungal nails
    Baking soda has many unique qualities

    Baking soda has one of the highest concentrations of basic and antiseptic properties among the natural treatments. This makes it well suited to regulate the pH values ​​in your body. Use it for your nails and it becomes a powerful weapon against fungal nails.

    It is also a natural exfoliant. This makes it suitable to remove dead skin cells around the affected nail. Baking soda also works as a whitener. This helps to get the yellow color that nail fungus entails.

    Discover more:
    Natural remedies with baking soda


    • 45 ml water (3 tablespoons)
    • 9 grams of baking soda (1 tablespoon)


  • First pour the water into a bowl and add the baking soda.
  • Then mix this until it forms a paste. Add more baking soda if necessary.
  • Apply this mixture to the affected nail in the evening and then wash it off again in the morning.
  • Finally, repeat this process for 15 days.
  • These were our home remedies against fungal nails. Which do you think you are going to use?

    Health & care Venus

    Five natural remedies for heavy periods

    In addition to an uncomfortable feeling for women who suffer, heavy period can lead to other problems, such as constant weakness or anemia due to a lack of iron.

    There are five natural remedies that can help if you suffer from heavy menstruation. The medical term is menorrhagia, and it is characterized by an excessive amount of menstrual fluids. It is one of the most common problems with menstruation.

    This uncomfortable medical condition regularly prevents many women from their daily activities. And it can sometimes result in moodiness. This is partly due to the uncertainty about the risk of leaks or stains.

    If women have a heavy bleeding for a long time, it can happen that anemia develops. In addition, physical weakness can be experienced and other negative effects. This does not benefit their health.

    Be aware that there are several natural remedies for heavy periods that you can try. They may help to keep your symptoms under control. This can prevent your medication from having to be used.

    Natural remedies for heavy menstruation or heavy periods

    1. Apple cider vinegar

    natural remedies for heavy periods
    Credit : hallmarkchannel

    Because of the high content of nutrients, apple cider vinegar is one of the best ingredients for remedies for combating the negative effects of heavy menstruation.

    It can have a beneficial effect on reducing hormonal imbalance and swelling. At the same time, the purifying properties can greatly improve your overall health.

    • 15 ml of organic apple vinegar
    • 250 ml of warm water


    • Put the water in a cup and then mix the apple vinegar through it.


    • Drink 2 to 3 cups at least 3 times a week.
    • Drink the tea every day before your period.

    2. Cinnamon tea

    Natural remedies for heavy periods
    Cinnamon Tea

    Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices for the woman. Consuming cinnamon can help to balance the hormones and reduce menstrual problems.
    Often cinnamon naturally helps against inflammation and cramps. It also affects the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and helps to prevent it.


    • 3 gr ground cinnamon
    • 250 ml of boiling water


    • Put the boiling water in a cup and then add the cinnamon.
    • Cover the drink and allow it to cool for 10 minutes.
    • If you pour the tea through a fine sieve, you can enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

    Drink two cups a day during the week before your period.

    3. Raspberry leaf tea

    natural remedies for heavy periods
    Credit :

    The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of raspberry leaves are great for treating some of the problems that result from heavy menstruation. The high content of tannins is good for the muscles of the uterus. They can reduce menstrual pain and bloating.


    • 15 gr dried raspberry leaf
    • 250 ml of boiling water


    • Put the raspberry leaves in a pan with the boiling water.
    • Then let the tea with the lid on the pan, cook gently on a low heat for 3 minutes.
    • Then turn off the heat and let it continue for another 10 minutes.
    • Strain the tea before use.


    • Drink 2 to 3 cups daily.
    • Start 5 days before your period.

    4. Bach flower remedies

    Natural remedies for heavy periods
    Buy from Amazon

    Bach flower remedies are not only a natural remedy for heavy periods, but by taking these extracts, the sensitivity of women during menstruation can greatly decrease. Often they also help to prevent mood swings.



    • Dissolve the Bach Flower extract in warm water and then drink this mixture.


    • Take twice a day before and after your period.

    5. Licorice tea with honey

    Licorice contains active ingredients that help regulate estrogen levels in the body. This can help to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding. Combining liquorice with honey creates a relaxing and anti-inflammatory agent.

    This tea has a beneficial effect on the bloating, which will decrease. The pain caused by menstruation can also be weakened by it.


    • 5 gr liquorice
    • 250 ml of water
    • 25 gr honey


    • First put the liquorice with the water in a pan and then bring this mixture to the boil.
    • Then turn the heat down when the water is boiling and let the tea simmer for 3 minutes.
    • Turn off the heat after 3 minutes and let the tea continue for another 10 – 15 minutes.
    • Strain the tea and then you can add the honey.


    • Drink the tea halfway through the morning and again a cup in the course of the afternoon.
    • Drink the tea 3 to 5 days before your period.

    Try one of these natural remedies for heavy menstruation if you suffer from this. The result of these remedies may differ per person, as this depends on the hormonal activity. The hormonal balance is different for every woman. All remedies listed above generally have a calming effect on the body.

    Health & care Lose weight & fitness Venus

    Learn best mental tricks and tips to lose weight

    The use of mental tricks can be a good way to regulate your meals and how much you eat successfully. That’s why we want to share some mental tricks to help you lose weight effectively and healthily.

    Using mental tricks can be a good way to successfully regulate your meals and control how much you eat. That’s why we want to share some mental tricks for weight loss that are both effective and healthy.

    Mental tricks to lose weight

    1. Use smaller plates and larger glasses

    Mental tricks and tips to lose weight

    If you use large plates, you unknowingly create more food on your plate. The human brain is quickly fooled by changes in perspective, when it comes to optical deception like this. By using this, you can make sure you eat less, without denying yourself things.

    So size really does matter when it comes to your plate. Before you have found the right size board, however, you have to ask yourself something: what am I going to do on my plate? We often think about how much meat, chicken or fish you will serve. So we mainly focus on the proteins.

    Salad with tomatoes
    Here you can use the mental tricks to lose weight. If you start focusing on the vegetables, your meals will automatically become healthier.

    Do not forget that your brain can easily be fooled. If you eat something that tastes sweet but does not contain sugar, such as dietary sweeteners, your brain will no longer crave something sweet and this will make it easier not to fall into the trap of sugar.

    2. Count how often you chew

    mental tricks and tips to lose weight
    Credit : pixabay

    The second of these mental tricks for weight loss is a kind of game to help you enjoy your food and pay more attention to what you eat. Count the number of times you chew and try to increase that number with each bite.

    This way you avoid eating more than you need and feel more satisfied and fuller without feeling that you are about to burst. This also helps you to make healthier choices about your meals and lose weight.

    Eat more slowly to appreciate what is on your plate. It is important to have real respect for your food and a way to do this is to enjoy it more carefully.

    3. Measure your portions before serving the food

    mental tricks and tips to lose weight
    If you eat directly from the pack, you sometimes lose control of your portion size. You will probably eat more than you need. That is why it is always best to first measure the quantities and never eat directly from the pack.

    Do you remember the trick of using smaller plates? Well, you can do the same thing when serving. Use a smaller spoon when serving. You serve yourself a smaller portion so unconsciously.

    4. Divide large packages over smaller packages

    When people eat from large packs, they generally consume 70% more of that food. That means they also get more calories. With smaller portions, however, we can feel as satisfied and full as with larger portions.

    The fourth of our mental tricks for weight loss is to keep your food in smaller packages, such as plastic bags or Tupperware containers. This will help you to feel that you have eaten a whole pack and to satisfy your brain.

    mental tricks and tips to lose weight
    Pistachio nuts in a bowl – Credit:

    For example, divide a bag with mixed nuts into smaller bags. If you fancy something tasty or a snack, just pack a small bag. Do not forget that you do not have to eat straight from the package! Serve it in a small plate or bowl.

    5. Put the most healthy food in the best view

    Learn best mental tricks and tips to lose weight
    Photo Credit –

    The brain will always choose the closest food within reach. If you ensure that healthy food is always clearly visible and easy to handle, you make better decisions.

    Therefore, put fruit and vegetables clearly in sight where you can easily grab them and hide all the food that will not help you. You can also put them out of reach.

    Finally, if you want to stop fighting yourself, try your willpower once in the supermarket. Do not try to buy ultra-processed food or ready-to-eat meals.

    With all these tricks to lose weight you have a much healthier diet without giving in to the desire that prevents you from losing weight.

    Dating and Relationships

    How do you find lasting love in a relationship?

    venusMag: How do you find lasting love in a relationship?
    Lasting love begins with learning to love yourself. Self-esteem is the basis of solid and mature relationships that last a lifetime.
    We are all looking for someone who fits us perfectly. Someone with whom we could share a lasting love. Love, as we know, is often more complicated than at first glance.

    Establishing meaningful and lasting relationships is not easy. The emotional, physical and psychological aspects are so complex that they make it difficult to put good intentions into practice. Moreover, we rarely have control over those aspects.

    Sometimes you think it is only a matter of luck. That everything is determined by fate, or the people we meet. In reality, however, everything starts with you.

    Tips to find lasting love

    1. Love yourself

    How do you find lasting love in a relationship?

    Some psychologists believe that when we feel that we need a long-term relationship, we are probably dealing with a different problem. And that problem is too low a self-esteem.

    If we are desperately looking for someone who really loves us, the problem can come from within.

    In these cases, it is best to take a critical look at your worldview. Ask yourself what you really need before making decisions under pressure. If you are confronted with a low self-esteem, then you are not actually ready for a stable relationship.

    On the other hand, people with a high self-esteem do not constantly think about finding someone. They do not always need someone to love themselves.

    2. Do not idealize love

    Do not idealize love
    In addition, the way we look at love can be another obstacle when it comes to finding lasting love. There are many preconceived ideas, prejudices and misguided cultural doctrines about what a relationship should look like.

    • “Find your prince on the white horse!”
    • “They lived happily ever after.”
    • “You are the only one for me!”

    These are just some of the expressions that show this problem. The worst thing is, however, that sometimes we base our emotions on these stereotypes.

    Unfortunately, in many cases and status it does not work that way. Every person has a different and unique perspective.

    The dynamics of interpersonal relationships are also much more complicated than those we read in fairy tales.

    3. Your partner is not an object

    How do you find lasting love in a relationship?
    Images: Pixabay

    Your partner is not a thing
    The combination of low self-esteem and infatuation almost always turns into an unhealthy emotion: jealousy. There are people who tend to think that a serious relationship means that they do everything their partner wants. That is of course not true:

    In reality, building a relationship does not mean that someone is your possession. No man is someone else’s property.
    every person is free even in a relationship, independent to make his or her own decisions.

    one of uncontrollable factors that destroyed many relationships that you can imagine is jealousy. A sustainable relationship means that you learn to mediate and negotiate, so that everyone feels free, respected and loved.

    4. Learn to deal with crisis moments

    How do you find lasting love in a relationship?
    Credit: Pixabay

    Long-lasting love has many stages. That means that not everything will go perfectly.

    Sexual attraction, being in love and starting a relationship are just a summary of everything that happens when two people are together.

    People who have had long relationships will certainly confirm this. Crisis moments are an important part of every relationship, because you can emerge stronger from that crisis.

    Staying together after a crisis creates a deep bond between you and your partner and makes the relationship stronger and stronger.

    In order to get through a crisis, however, the solution can not simply be based on what only one person wants. Before you focus on what you want from your ‘other half’, you have to wonder what you can do to make everything better.

    Lasting love is a kind of love that makes you better
    It is easier to enter into a relationship and fall in love with the beginning of the relationship. We are influenced by intense hormones and high expectations. However, it is difficult to continue the same intensity over the years.

    Persistent relationships are those in which love is nurtured as the years go on. Stay tender, show understanding, and demonstrate your affection regularly.

    A lasting love requires a balance between pleasure and discipline.

    Another way to feed love is to learn to move yourself in the other person. Avoid unnecessary quarrels. Choose active negotiations instead.

    No one claimed that everything would go naturally

    Finally, you must remember that it will not be easy to meet someone. Let alone that you marry him or her straight away or start a long-term relationship.

    So you have to pay attention to a number of vital aspects:

    • Psychological
    • Emotionally
    • Spiritual
    • Morale
    • Sexual
    • Social

    That does not mean, however, that lasting love is impossible to find. If you work hard then it pays a lot. Fortunately, it is all worth it if you can find the right person.

    After that, however, the real work begins: learn to understand each other’s differences and build on your relationship.

    Fashion & beauty Venus

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    The best day for express how do you really feel about your friends or boyfriends is valentine’s invite them or maybe send them some cute gifts to show them how they are special for you…
    sometimes you have a hart time to show them your feelings! to help you with funny way VenusMag collects for you some of Valentine’s Day memes it might be help you .

    Valentine’s Day memes

    1# You must be the speed of light

    2# Will you be my valentine?

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    3# Savage answer !!

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    4# We shall be married in the morning

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    5# I deleted tinder

    6# Significant otters

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    7# Puff puff!!

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    8# impressive …

    9# Hug someone, its valentine’s day!

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    10# Thank you!!

    11# Happy valentine’s day…

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    12# Yes …

    13# I love you … This much

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    14# heey

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    15# so creative

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    16# Finds cute puppy and gives it to girlfriend on valentine’s day

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    17# How about a date ?

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    18# NO, You are love!

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    19# haha yes sure!

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    20# Box of chocolates , best valentine gift

    15+ of Valentine’s Day memes

    Health & care Lose weight & fitness

    How to lose weight without working out?

    VenusMag : Lose weight without exercising, is it possible to lose weight without exercise ?

    Sports is not for everyone. Sometimes you don’t have time or you suffer from a long-term injury. This allows you to arrive again. For people who can not work due to circumstances and people who do not want to exercise, I therefore have this best tips to lose weight without exercising or working out.

    The advantage is that only exercise is often not enough to lose weight, so you do not have to feel guilty. It is even said that sports is only 20 percent of the process to lose weight and that for 80 percent nutrition is decisive in the success of losing weight. Nutrition is about clean food and fewer calories. By eating clean you almost automatically have fewer calories in your diet and you will lose weight.

    Lose weight without working out

    To help you with lose weight without working out I’ll give these top women tips for losing wight. First I will discuss what you can drink and how to make sure you lose weight, then I’ll go into nutrition and then our behavior, which has nothing to do with sports or exercise.

    Lose weight by drinking differently

    By drinking you often get unnoticed many calories. A lump of sugar in the coffee or tea, a glass of cola or a glass of wine at a party. Delicious fruit juice from a pack in the supermarket and you just have all sorts of annoying sugars, glucose syrup and other added sugars worked inside. Usually your body does not know what to do about it and so it becomes fat.

    Tip 1: Drink more water

    Drink more water
    When are you actually going to eat? Most people get a signal from their bodies that they are thirsty, but interpret this as hunger or hunger. Actually, you first have to drink a large glass of water. This prevents dehydration because water has no calories, you do not get fat. Moreover, it helps your bowel movements.

    To drink enough water, I always have a one and a half liter bottle on my desk. I then set myself the goal that I must have before my workday is over. That way I also prevent extra cups of coffee that I do not need.

    Tip 2: Let soda stand

    Cola, Sinas, Sprite all soft drinks are wonderfully refreshing, but there is so much sugar in it. And not even the right sugar, but often a kind of fructose corn syrup. This is a substance that your body can not do anything with and therefore it is stored as fat. By leaving the soda or replacing it for something that does not have all those harmful substances you prevent that fat storage continues and you get fewer calories, so your body in resting position is also due to fat burning.

    Tip 3: Only drink fresh fruit juice

    Diet without exercise
    Fruit juice from the supermarket is delicious, but often also misleading. Note the ingredients and added sugars. All those anti-oxidants in the juice can not withstand manufactured sugars. Then you better drink a glass of water.

    What you can also do is drink fresh orange juice or any other fruit juice that you see is freshly prepared. In some supermarkets you can squeeze your orange juice yourself. Pay attention, even in fresh fruit juice, sugars are no more than three glasses a day!

    Tip 4: Green tea

    is it possible to lose weight without exercise
    Green tea is known to help you lose weight. This is because green tea speeds up your metabolism so that your body burns all the fresh sugars faster and is more likely to burn fat. This of course only works if you do not suddenly start to eat more because your body indicates to start burning fat.

    Thai research has shown that you lose green tea if you drink at least three cups a day. With more than 5 cups green tea can cause kidney stones, so keep it at up to five cups a day.

    Tip 5: Let alcohol stand

    is it possible to lose weight without exercise
    Alcohol is a major culprit when it comes to arriving. There are calories in alcohol that you can not do anything with. Vodka, for example, is made from sugar, potatoes and alcohol. Beer is also a big culprit, the term ‘beer belly’ does not exist for nothing. This is because alcohol consists of fat and acetate a kind of acetic acid. As soon as this comes into your system, the fat is stored and the acetic acid is burnt, even with wine. For people who still drink a glass of extra: keep it with two glasses and stop drinking on weekdays.

    Lose weight by eating differently

    Nutrition is one of the most important influences on your body besides drinking. You get important ingredients from your diet for the proper functioning of your body, nerves and bowel movements. If you eat too much of this, the excess energy is stored as fat. Therefore tips on food that you can leave better and which snacks you can replace for a healthy version.

    Tip 6: No bread

    is it possible to lose weight without exercise
    One way to get fewer carbohydrates, which are converted into sugars or fat, is by eating less or no more bread. I told a friend of mine that this was a good way to lose weight and she lost 8 kilos with that tip, and other tips, without intensive exercise in half a year. Because you replace this bread with something else, such as proteins. You get less sugar inside. Proteins are used by your body as a combustion substance and are necessary for building your cells. Super useful!

    Tip 7: No gluten

    is it possible to lose weight without exercise
    A tip that connects with no to less bread is to leave gluten. Gluten are nutrients that have been in our system for only a few thousand years. As a result, our body finds it difficult to process gluten. Research shows that 5 to 10 percent of people have a form of gluten intolerance. In one this is also more serious than in the other.

    You fall off by avoiding gluten because gluten are often contained in processed nutrients. There are usually many calories in processed nutrients. These include, for example, salad dressings, ready meals and sauces. By allowing it to stand up you get fewer calories.

    Tip 8: No meat

    Do you eat a piece of meat every day? Try this once every day or even go for a full vegetarian diet. You will see that you are going to lose weight. This is because meat often has a lot of fats and a high number of calories. Meat is sometimes seen as supporting weight loss, but that is always in combination with sport. That’s because meat helps restore your muscles after an intense sports session. If you do not sport you can leave it better.

    Tip 9: No dairy

    Once I was zapping and stayed with Phil docter because there was a man who was suffering from morbid overweight despite his vegetarian diet. What turned out? He ate many and far too many dairy products. Dairy products are especially necessary when you are in growth, after that you can finish with a glass of milk or a portion of cheese per day. So are you a real cheese head and can not you stay away from it? Then that may be the reason why you do not have the body you want. By letting milk and cheese stand, you can mark off those calories from your list.

    Tip 10: No paste

    In the extension of no bread is also an advice to delete pasta from your diet. Pastes have a lot of carbohydrates that you really only need if you do intensive workouts and do a lot of endurance sports, such as 50 kilometers of cycling or running for an hour. In the case of losing weight without exercising, this is far too much of a good thing. When you read a book you really do not burn as much as when running.

    Fashion & beauty

    4 mistakes that you often make when choosing an outfit

    In this article we help you to pick out the mistakes that you can make when choosing an outfit. We also tell you how to prevent them. Venus Do not miss these tips!

    You can make all sorts of mistakes when you have to make the choice of an outfit. These choices do not help you and your appearance in any way.

    No, we’re not talking about a fashion disaster here. We only mean that you have to follow the golden rule: balance and harmony.

    In general, these mistakes in choosing an outfit are a direct consequence of the fact that you do not know your own body. There is always a solution for this.

    Spend some time in front of the mirror. Decide what you like the most. That way you can emphasize these zones.

    At the other extreme of the spectrum you determine the zones that you do not like. You can then try to hide them a bit. Or you can also learn to live better with it.

    In this article we show you what mistakes you may make when you have to dress up. We also show you how to beat them.

    Common mistakes when choosing an outfit

    1# Be too strict for yourself

    This is the first and most common mistake people make when choosing an outfit. We are always harder for ourselves. We often punish ourselves because we do not look like an Instagram model. We are always our own hardest critics.

    This self-sabotage can actually even go so far that you constantly feel bad about yourself. You will never come up with constructive ideas.

    Yet you can avoid this happening. It is very important that you emphasize what you like about yourself. If you still do not know what that might be, take the time to discover it.

    You do not get a positive and realistic self-image from one day to the next. It will also not run in a straight line. However, we can say with certainty that it is worthwhile to take this route. Eventually and on the road you will enjoy a good feeling and radiant happiness.

    2# Attach more value to the opinion of others than to your own opinion

    We move on to the next point. Another mistake you can make when choosing an outfit is that you value the opinion of other people more than your own opinion.

    So be careful! It is one thing to admit to everything that other people say about you. However, it is different when you never allow anyone to say anything. You do not have to go to extremes.

    What you have to do, however, is to set healthy limits. Allow constructive criticism. Learn how to analyze it in a way so that you ultimately change the things that you find necessary.

    The point is that you do not simply set aside your own opinions because of the vision of others. Being happy with yourself is ultimately the most important thing.

    3# Apply all trends simultaneously

    Yet another mistake that we often make when choosing an outfit is when we are a victim of fashion. Maybe you think you should go all the way with all the trends to get the approval of other people.

    Your ability to make a selection through the trends then fails. You also fail to adapt them to your style and your body.

    You may also exaggerate on a fashion level. It certainly will not make you look like a model.

    How can you avoid falling into this pitfall? Let some trends pass you by. Not all trends work with you. Learn to distinguish between the trends that make you look good and give you a good feeling and which you do not.

    We already mentioned it. It is a process of trying and failing. Moreover, it also requires patience.

    4# ‘Save’ your favorite pieces for special occasions

    It makes no sense to keep your favorite items of clothing or accessories for ‘special occasions’. Usually it is also those pieces that make you look fantastic and give a fantastic feeling. Often the time goes by and you never wear them.

    Dress for yourself. Wear the clothes that make you happy every day and not just on certain days.

    Fashion & beauty

    5 facial masks for a smooth and youthful skin

    Do you want a smooth and hydrated skin that looks young? Discover these 5 wonderful facial masks. They will make sure that you will look great. Moreover, you will not have to spend a lot of money.

    You do not have to resort to expensive treatments to get a smooth and youthful skin. There are, after all, many very effective beauty tricks. You can find them in recipes made with natural resources.

    The great advantage of using natural ingredients is that they are not harmful to the different skin types (dry, oily or combined skin). Except of course in cases of an allergy to one of these ingredients.

    In this article we present you some facial masks. No matter how old you are, you can choose any mask from this list for healthy, radiant, smooth and youthful skin. We guarantee that they all have very beneficial effects. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of money. All you have to do is open your closet or go to the supermarket.

    Let’s take a look at some great opportunities!

    Best facial masks for a smooth and youthful skin

    1. A face mask with yogurt and banana

    face mask with yogurt and banana
    Yogurt and banana

    A face mask with yogurt and banana
    Banana is an ingredient that is highly recommended and used to soften the skin. That is because it contains large amounts of potassium. That element helps to delay the aging of the skin. It also keeps the skin healthy.


    • 1 banana
    • 1 tablespoon of honey
    • 15 ml of plain yogurt

    Preparation and application

    • First make a puree from the ripe banana.
    • Then add the yogurt and the honey.
    • Mix all ingredients well.
    • put the mask on a dry and clean face.
    • Then let it work for 15 minutes.
    • Then remove the face mask with water. Enjoy your smooth and shiny skin now.
    • For better results you can apply the mask twice a week.

    2. A mask with cucumber for smooth and hydrated skin

    mask with cucumber
    A mask with cucumber for smooth and hydrated skin
    This face mask will ensure that your skin looks extra radiant. Cucumber is highly regarded because it contains a large amount of water and a high concentration of vitamin C. It moisturizes and cleanses the skin. In addition, it gives shine to the skin.


    • 1/2 cucumber
    • 1 jar of plain or Greek yogurt
      • Preparation and application

        • First peel the cucumber. Then cut the vegetables into slices.
        • Then mix the cucumber pieces with the yogurt.
        • Then apply the face mask and let it work for 15 minutes.
        • Rinse the mask with water and dry your face.
        • You can apply this mask once a week.

        3. A facial mask with yogurt, oatmeal and royal jelly

        mask with yogurt, oatmeal and royal jelly
        A face mask with yogurt, oatmeal and royal jelly
        This face mask helps you get smooth skin. Royal jelly has moisturizing properties. They are very beneficial for the mature skin.


        • 1 tablespoon powder of royal jelly
        • 1 tablespoon of oatmeal
        • 100 ml of plain or Greek yogurt

        Preparation and application

        • First mix all ingredients and make an even paste.
        • Then apply the face mask.
        • Let it work for 15 to 20 minutes.
        • You can apply this mask once a week before you exfoliate the skin.

        4. A mask with apple, milk and honey for smooth skin

        mask with apple, milk and honey
        A mask with apple milk and honey for a smooth skin
        You can prevent wrinkles by applying this face mask. Honey is very often used in beauty products. That is because it has moisturizing, astringent and soothing properties.

        This mask is therefore perfect for treating skin spots. In addition, apples also contain a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene. These ingredients help you to acquire a radiant, smooth and youthful skin.


        • 1 green apple
        • 1/2 cup of skimmed milk
        • 2 tablespoons of honey

        Preparation and application

        • First peel the apple and cut it into pieces.
        • Then crush the apple pieces.
        • Add the milk and the honey to the puree.
        • Then mix all the ingredients together well.
        • Apply it to the face and neck.
        • Then let it work for 15 to 20 minutes.
        • Then rinse the mask with warm water.
        • You can apply this face mask 2 or 2 times a week. You will notice how smooth and radiant your skin will look like.

        5. A face mask with orange and white of egg

        face mask with orange and white of egg
        A facial mask with orange and white egg
        This face mask has a rejuvenating effect. Oranges have firming properties that combat aging. They also help to make the skin firmer and provide greater elasticity. On the other hand, the egg white contains many proteins and minerals.


        • 1 white of an egg
        • 1 tablespoon of lime juice
        • 2-3 drops of almond oil
        • 2 tablespoons of orange juice

        Preparation and application

        • First put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.
        • Then put the mask to your face and neck.
        • Let it work for 20 minutes.
        • Then rinse it with warm water.
        • You can apply this mask once a week.

        To take care of the skin, you can apply facial masks that you made yourself, then use the chemical masks. The face masks in this article contain very beneficial natural ingredients. So they will help you and provide you with radiant, smooth and youthful skin.

    Health & care

    Drinking wine every day is healthy

    It is often recommended to drink a glass of red wine every day, because it is good for health. Why exactly red wine? Here you find the answer.

    some doctors advise their patients to drink a glass of red wine a day because it is good for their health. Many people carefully follow this advice, but they do not always know the real reasons why a doctor recommends this. They just follow it because their doctor has said it. Learn here the benefits of drinking this alcoholic drink every day.

    Why Drinking wine every day is healthy?

    A glass a day: the special recipe

    Wine is good for you if you drink the right amounts of it, which according to experts is one glass a day. But be careful, because it is not just wine, it must be red wine. It is also not a matter of drinking whenever you want. It must be during dinner or lunch (the first option is better, because it is easiest.) Drinking wine at work is generally not a success.)

    Several studies have already concluded this information. They confirm that one glass of red wine a day helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases in both men and women. It can also be used to treat diseases and conditions such as diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis.

    Although wine is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, its benefits were only discovered a while ago. Previously it was only drunk to have fun, to relax, with meals or to drink something else.

    The benefits of drinking wine every day

    These are some of the confirmed benefits of drinking one glass of red wine per day:

  • Reduces or cut down the risk of various causes of death: In Europe, studies confirm that drinking between 22 and 32 grams of alcohol a day has a “protective” effect on your health because it prevents many causes of death. In Denmark, France and England it is better than beer or other alcoholic drinks.
  • Reduces the effects of cigarettes: Wine can regulate the damage that tobacco causes in the blood vessels by allowing them to relax or by means of vasodilation. In addition, it has a positive effect on the endothelium, a layer of cells that reduces the friction between lymphatic vessels and blood vessels, but especially on the heart.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease: This is one of the best known effects of red wine. If you drink it regularly and to the right degree. Scientists say that red wine reduces the possibility of getting coronary diseases, by reducing the production of “bad” cholesterol and raising the “good” kind.
  • Blood thinning and anti-coagulation effects: This is achieved not only by drinking wine every day, but they have also discovered that sporadic drinkers have fewer amounts of fibrinogen protein, which promotes the formation of blood clots.
  • Postive properties

    this is some of the advantages of the “national drink of France”:

    • Prevents dementia.
    • Reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
    • Prevents flu and colds.
    • Reduces the risk of throat cancer.
    • Wine and Water
    • Helps you stay awake and alert.
    • Useful for digestion.
    • Improves blood circulation.
    • Reduces the risk of getting diabetes.
    • Prevents premature aging of memory cells.
    • Improves varicose veins.
    • Prevents prostate cancer.
    • Helps protein assimilation.
    • Improves the skin.
    • Helps vision and prevents diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.
    • Reduces pain and discomfort in hemorrhoids.
    • Reduces allergies because of its antihistaminic properties.
    • Prevents blood clots.

    Why red wine?

    Many people will wonder why it is red wine and no other kind (rosé, white, sparkling). There are many reasons. So it is good to know a bit more about this drink. It is made from the juice of red grapes that are picked from the vines in a process called “the harvest”.

    The bunches can be picked by hand, with scissors or with construction machines. Some wines are prepared in a more manual way at home through a process that can vary from the planting and care of the vine, collecting, transporting and preparing the wine.

    The preparation of the wine includes the process of soaking, compression, fermentation, decanting, filtration and bottling.

    Red wine
    Another reason why this drink is good for health is the amount of polyphenols that it contains (which comes from the skin and seeds of the grape) and that have the function of protecting the heart. How? By eliminating free radicals.

    For example, white wine is prepared with only the pulp and therefore it does not contain the same substances as red wine. The number of polyphenols in the wine depends on the type of grape, the amount of sun, the land on which the bunches were grown and on the alcohol concentration.

    Fashion & beauty

    5 makeup mistakes that women with small eyes often make

    Each of us has unique physical characteristics. If you have small eyes, check out these makeup mistakes that are often made. That way you can prevent them.

    Makeup is a way in which people emphasize their best qualities. In this article we are going to talk about the makeup mistakes that women with small eyes make the most.

    Each person has his own physical characteristics: small eyes, big eyes, thin lips, thick lips, protruding cheekbones, round cheeks … We can continue to supplement this list. You may be looking for a way to use eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara. You want to ensure that your eyes look bigger.

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    However, it may happen that you do not know how to use these tools in the right way. Then you can make make-up mistakes and not get the desired effect.

    Do you want your eyes to look incredible? Then be sure to read on and discover some useful tips.

    5 Makeup mistake that people with small eyes often make

    You think you have small eyes. Then you try to use make-up to make them look bigger. So look at these tips. The specific shape of your eye plays a big role.

    You need good technique and skills to apply make-up in the right way. Online manuals often give the idea that it is easy. However, you should not get frustrated if the result is not good the first time.

    It requires time, patience and quality cosmetics to achieve good results.

    Makeup mistake N°1: use eyeliner on the inner edge of your eye

    Aligning the inner edges of your eyes actually makes the eyes look smaller. It also gives your eyes a ‘harder’ appearance. However, if you only draw a line on the outer edge, you will immediately make your eyes look bigger.

    Also do not use colors that are too dark. You better use lighter colors. That way you let your eyes shine (which also helps to make the eyes look bigger).

    Makeup mistakes N°2: give your eyebrows a too thin shape

    Your eyebrows frame your eyes. So if you have small eyes, then you should pay attention to the appearance of your eyebrows. After all, you want thicker and well-defined eyebrows.

    Do not overdo it with epilation or waxing. Thin eyebrows will not make your eyes look bigger. Moreover, they also do not focus on the eyes.

    If necessary, you can supplement the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Choose a pencil with the same color as your hair. In this way you create the illusion of fatness.

    Makeup mistake N°3: using camouflage creams

    You better use a liquid concealer (cosmetic agent to camouflage). It spreads evenly over your face. In addition, it reduces fine lines.

    Makeup mistake N°4: Using eyeshadow in a wrong way

    Eyeshadow is a double-edged sword. It can help or destroy your make-up. If you use dark eyeshadow, you will make your eyes look smaller.

    We suggest that you also use more than one color. Ideally, you use the best complementary colors. Always apply a lighter color to the inside of your eyelid, close to the tear ducts. On the outside you use a dark color to create depth and dimension.

    Makeup mistake N°5: use mascara of an inferior quality

    It is frustrating to apply mascara and then see chunks and notice how the eyelashes stick together. That is why you choose best cosmetics for good quality. Chunks and overly thick eyelashes make your eyes look smaller.

    makeup Tips and other makeup mistakes that we often make

    Finally, we have compiled a list of some other make-up errors.

    • Use too much eyeshadow and exaggerate with the smokey eyes. The result will be that the eyes will look even smaller.
    • Generally apply too much makeup. Do not overdo with foundation, eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick, false eyelashes, and so on. ‘Less is more’ is still the current rule that is best followed.
    • Pull lines down. Make sure that all lines go up to a certain extent. If you do not do this, you can look sad.
    • Apply eyeliner too thick. This can even be counter-productive. Try to apply it as thinly and elegantly as possible.
    • Use light colors without combining them with darker colors. Additional colors are better and that applies not only to your out-fit, but also to your make-up.

    So remember these tips on make-up mistakes. Your eye makeup will then be perfect. Do not forget to look for make-up of a high quality. The health of your skin and your eyes depends on this quality.

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    However, it may happen that you do not know how to use these tools in the right way. Then you can make make-up mistakes and not get the desired effect.