Places in your house

3 Places in your house that you should clean every week!

Some places just seem like magnets for dirt and dust at home. It pays to know what those places are, so you can take a few extra minutes to make it dust-free.

Tackling the three most messy places in the house takes less than five minutes, but the payout is large. Have fun when cleaning.

1# The place where you enter your house most often

A logical place to clean: the main entrance is the space that everyone has to go through to get home (usually the front door). About 80 percent of the dirt that enters you comes through the front door. If you do not clean it regularly, you will find that your house becomes a lot dustier. Give the floor a good wave with the mop or vacuum cleaner regularly and don’t forget to shake the doormat.

2# The fridge

How often has a little spilled food got stuck in the fridge? It is important to remove that piece immediately, because after a while it starts to accumulate. Just with a cleaning cloth over it. For stubborn stains you can also mix half a teaspoon of detergent with two cups of water or add some baking powder.

Time your cleaning with the weekly shopping. Every time you have done your shopping, pull everything out of the fridge and clean the shelves quickly. Also move the older food forward so that fresher stuff is placed at the back of the fridge. By learning this habit, you may also reduce food waste faster.

3# The bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is also a magnet for dirt. Once a week it is wise to remove all your beauty and other care products from your bathroom furniture to wipe away all the dirt. You should also not forget the sink and mirror.

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