Relationship goals

Relationship goals – A clean house means more sex, according to research

A clean house means a clean head, we don’t have to tell you that. Moreover, it is also just nice if everything looks fresh and fruity. We come with another good reason to have a nice clean. A clean house could cause you to feel more like sex, research shows!

Sounds crazy, right? Yet there is a logical explanation. The research specifically looked at the relationship between sex and a clean house. And the results are very interesting.

Relationship goals

Clean house and your relationship

1000 people were interviewed for the study. 44% of those participants indicated that they prefer a clean house to sex ( no joke ). They indicated that a clean house is more important to their relationship than sex. And that’s not all. Half of the participants indicated that they would rather live with their parents again than live in a messy house.

Oops, a messy house could well cause a break-up, although it sounds unlikely. Yet 40% indicated that it could really be a decisive factor in breaking the relationship.

Influence on your sex life

Now the question remains: does a messy house really influence your sex life? In addition to the fact that you might be annoyed by your partner, it is strange to imagine that your libido may decrease. However, the study showed that half of the participants felt more attracted to their partner when he or she checked off the household task list. A tidy bedroom is even better: 60% of the participants indicated that they would probably feel more like sex.

Why is (no) clutter so important?

It is now clear that an uncluttered house can have an impact on your relationship. But why do we care so much about it? It’s very simple: we automatically focus on it. Our brain automatically sees junk and dirt, so we can’t help it.

It simply demands our attention and distracts us from the things we actually want to do, from being creative to sex. In addition, clutter triggers stress: it can feel overwhelming, cause fears and cause a higher stress hormone. If your head is unconsciously distracted by the mess and stressed by the environment, it becomes more difficult to automatically enjoy your ‘normal activities’ because you feel it is too much going on around you. It gives a feeling of not enough space, time and energy. There you will have fun during sex ..

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