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10 signals that you are a strong woman

#1 You are brave

If you are a strong woman, you can take on any challenge, no matter how difficult it is. Even if you think in advance that it is too heavy for you and you do not know how to proceed, you still continue. A strong woman also has the courage to walk away from a situation that isn’t good for her. You feel the fear, but you continue and that makes you so strong.

#2 You love yourself no matter what happens

If you love yourself despite the mistakes you make and the weaknesses you have, then you are a strong woman. Self love needs a lot of time and work to grow and only the strongest women know how to love themselves.

#3 You are not dependent on anyone else No matter

what happens, you know that you can fall back on yourself. You are strong enough to continue. You have confidence in yourself, you have weathered violent storms and you are proud of the woman you are.

#4 You are sweet and have compassion for others

Strong women are not bitches! They like its not weakness; no they help others and give others self-confidence rather than bringing them down. Strong women do not use their power for bad things, but for good things. They see others as equal and give everyone the best.

#5 You follow your intuition

Strong women are open to advice but ultimately listen to themselves. They know that they can be guided by their intuition. Nobody else knows better what you need than you do.

#6 Others come to you for advice or a listening ear

Other women and men come to you for advice or just to chat. They like being close to you because you radiate peace, wisdom and strength.

#7 You know how to determine your own happiness

Strong women are not dependent on others for their happiness; they create it themselves. You know what makes you happy, what your hobbies are and where your passion lies. And you certainly will not be made unhappy by the pessimistic attitude of others.

#8 You are not afraid to show your emotions

Strong women are not afraid to show their emotions and do not mind if others show their emotions. They know that if you keep your emotions in, this can cause more problems. Running away from or ignoring your emotions is not healthy. They speak out (without knowingly hurting others), shed a tear and go on again and do not get stuck in their emotions.

#9 You believe in yourself

By believing in yourself you can achieve a lot in life and a strong woman knows this. By having faith in yourself and your skills you can create a life that you want.

#10 You show others your love and support

By giving others your love and support you can help other women and men to become strong. Others draw strength from the trust and support they receive from you.

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