Single mom dating tips

Single mom dating tips

First, get to know someone at a distance.

As a mother you do not have the time to start dating regularly with a relatively unknown person, so first start a chat / app contact with him. Ask for explicit photos, invitations in someone’s own home, appointments that he does not fulfill and Facebook profiles full of women are all obvious signs on the wall that you better cut it off. And there is nothing with a bit of research, I think. Certainly if your time is scarce, you may set some requirements.

When someone botheres you, it usually is not right.

Date tip 2 is a very important one! How annoying is it when you feel you have to be accountable for where you are and what you are doing? As soon as someone starts it when you are not really together, you better stop it immediately. Your gut feeling is extra as a mother and you can now make good use of it! Does ‘something’ tell you that it is not right? Rather than prevent cure, I think myself.

Overloading with gifts is unnecessary

At least, this may be very personal, but I would really like to get to know someone. Gifts say nothing. You can drag me to the Eiffel Tower, give expensive bags or surprise you with a thick watch, but you do not buy anything for the long term. You just want a date with a nice man? He really does not need exorbitant gifts to convince you of his sparkling personality.

Pay a part of your first date

Why? Actually, the reason is very simple. You show him that you are able to fill your own beans, the date remains in balance (some men think they may have expectations after paying a date – no matter how eighteenth-century that is) and it has a surprise effect. Certainly because the majority of the women still do not pay or hardly pay during dates (if I can believe single friends at least, do not pin me down!)

Stick to the ninety days rule

Unfortunately, it works so evolutionarily that men prey on their prey and are basically ready as soon as they have it. In women the other way around. As soon as you postpone the first night of love, men will not only covet you, but also respect you more. Incidentally, I also know examples where a wild night resulted in a good relationship, but this is not the rule.

Do not expect this to be the date of your life

Maybe you will meet a new friend today for the rest of your life. You do not have to have a click, but you take this experience with you. Take this date tip to heart and therefore try not to be too nervous: you are a nice person and ‘the true’ wants to get to know them.

If this is not him or her, then better next time. To high expectations makes it scary, while it is precisely the intention that you will now experience a fun moment? And in the worst cases you can always append a friend with the request to come and rescue you now😉

Do not involve your child with your dates

An open door probably, but as said: this does not always apply to men. “Are we going to do something nice with three of us?” some suggested. I always found that enlightening: saved lost energy in the dating process with someone who put their own interests above that of my daughter. In short, after such a remark I immediately decided.

Only when you are sure of your case does your child come into the picture!

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