Summer nails idea 2019

5 summer nails idea 2019

What could be more fun than to experiment with the idea as a creative nail stylist? The following 10 ideas are predicted by international trend watchers. Which nails idea suit you which Summer nails trends are good for you?

Summer nails Idea 1: MIRROR, MIRROR ON YOUR HAND

Pinterest almost explodes with these mirroring trend nails. The Mirror Nail, or Chrome Nail, is a trend that took the spotlight years ago. According to data experts, according to data experts, the term ‘Chrome Nails’ has seen 570 percent more often than on other nailers. For the color palette you can think of silver, gray, rose gold, gold and bronze, but also blue, green and pink.

Summer nails Idea 2: sweet pastel shades

Summer nails idea 2019
During a sultry summer, the pastel trend should not be missed. Sweet, gentle and innocent. Choose baby blue or pink, peach, lilac or soft green.

Summer nails Idea 3: ombre

Summer Nails Idea 2019
A stay for the summer of 2019: the ombre look. For example, put a fading from the cuticle or the free edge and go for lovely pastels, bright neon colors or a combination.

Summer nails Idea 4: Color of the year -Green-

Summer Nails Idea 2019
Color of the year: Green

Pantone evokes green as the color of the year 2019. Think of apple green, lime green, but also the color of avocado, pear, peppers and grapes.

Summer nails Idea 5: Graphic minimalism

Summer nails 2019
Seen on the catwalk of fashion icon Balenciaga: graphic nails in a minimalistic way. You can think of a few simple lines, triangles or squares on a solid color. No round nail art shapes in 2019, but tight and straight.

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