benefits of pets

8 x why growing up with pets is important! the benefits of pets

In addition to the fact that growing up with pets is super fun, pets also have a positive impact on your child’s upbringing.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, but even ladybugs and walking branches, just try to remember how much fascination you used to have as a child . There are a number of advantages to growing up with pets.

1. Children with pets are less anxious and withdrawn

When children cry or feel overwhelmed, pets often lie with them. Children who receive support from their pets seem to be less anxious and withdrawn.

2. They teach children to be responsible

If you have a pet, children actually learn how to handle responsibility for more than just themselves. This way you can give tasks to your children who are dealing with your pet. Giving positive feedback on completed tasks provides a boost in self-confidence.

3. Pets are good for your health

Various studies into the effect of pets on people with mental and / or physical problems have shown that people with pets feel happier and healthier. It also appears that children with animals are less sensitive to indoor allergens such as dust mites.

4. They help develop social skills

Just like humans, animals need attention and affection. By learning to deal with pets, children can learn to deal with strangers and other children.

5. They help children to be patient

Pets can demand a lot from your patience. Scratching, chewing, and destroying pets can teach children to restrain themselves and not punish the dog for something the beast does not realize how bad it is.

6. Motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Walking pets does not only teach your child leadership qualities, but also ensures a healthy lifestyle. For example, people with a dog walk an average of 300 minutes a week, while people without a dog walk only 168 minutes a week.

7. They ensure binding

A pet is often the focus of families doing activities together. For example, everyone takes the dog for a walk, lays down on the floor and plays and takes care of the pet too.

8. Pets are your best friend

Pets are always there for you, loyal, enthusiastic and offer unconditional love where you always want to come home.

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