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The summer is coming! These weight loss tips come in handy

Summer is coming again! The heat on your skin, long summer evenings and (hopefully) many sunny days. This summer you feel comfortable and you have energy for ten. Especially if you follow the weight loss tips below.

These weight loss tips come in handy

1# Replace rice and pasta with quinoa

Many people eat white rice and / or pasta every day, mainly because you can vary it endlessly and it is therefore nice and easy. They only contain a lot of ‘fast’ carbohydrates, the main cause of a kilo too much. In addition, pasta contains gluten, which can stimulate fat storage if your body cannot actually handle it unnoticed.

There is not much wrong with carbohydrates and we certainly need them, but choose carbohydrates that will keep you saturated for a long time and thus keep your blood sugar level stable and prefer products without gluten. A healthy and delicious alternative is quinoa , for example , these white seeds look a bit like couscous, but do not contain any gluten. Quinoa is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is available in every supermarket or health food store.

2# Eat more protein

Instead of bread, opt for a piece of meat or fish with some vegetables or with a green salad. That is a much healthier alternative to a carbohydrate and sugar-rich traditional bread lunch. For example, make a green salad with a few slices of roast beef or carpaccio, or a piece of fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel.

If you are going to eat more protein and less carbohydrates you will be saturated for much longer, the proteins also help to develop muscles and burn fat. You will really see that with such a lunch you will feel saturated for much longer, so you will have less tendency to snack unhealthy later in the afternoon!

3# Do two exercises in the morning!

The reason why soldiers in the army often have to do push-ups and knee bends in the morning is that this triggers the metabolism. This stimulates fat burning and you can start your day full of energy. Therefore, before you jump in the shower, do one or more sets of push-ups and squats. That way you give your body a good kickstart. You can also replace your training sessions or sports sessions with so-called HIIT training sessions (High-intensity Interval Training), short training sessions with high intensity and a short rest between exercises.

Scientific studies have shown that this type of training is the most effective way to burn fat and lose weight. Moreover, it would give more and faster results than aerobic training, and that in a shorter time (for example, in twenty minutes per session). According to research, the metabolism is increased by 24 hours after such a training. The muscles are busy recovering and replenishing energy and that demands something from the body. For example, you can do HIIT training with a Kettlebell weight.

Enjoy the summer!

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